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3T MRI Scan - Arthrogram Test

3T MRI Scan - Arthrogram Test

3T MRI Arthrogram helps the doctor to analyze the joints on the shoulder, through the detailed pictures from the MRI scan. This scan is usually examined to highlight the joint structures and to identify the following:

  • Presence of cysts or any abnormal growth.
  • Adhesive capsulitis, disorder of biceps tendon, rotator cuff tears, and tears of rotator intervals

After you visit the lab, the lab technician might review your medical history provided by your doctor and you can also ask any questions that you have regarding this scan. If you are currently suffering from anxiety or claustrophobia, then you may have to check with your doctor for being sedated before the MRI scan.

You might also asked to not to have any fluids for at least 2 hours before the scan. You are not allowed to wear any ornaments or metallic ornaments, hairpins, and other ornaments. Make sure you wear a comfortable attire for the scan.

In case if you have done any other scans, X-rays, or MRI in a different lab and you are doing this test in a different lab, then make sure you take all the reports along with you.

After the scan, you can resume with your normal activities. You can eat and drink as per your regular diet. You may experience discomfort or swelling in the area where the scan is performed, because of the gadolinium injection. This is the normal symptom and it disappears after 24 hours. Using the report, the doctor analyses the issue over the joints and then prescription is provided accordingly. The report might indicate the total percentage of the tendon tears or labral tears. The prescription provided by the doctor may depend upon the report.

The scanning process comprises two parts. The first part is done using the X-ray machine called the C- arm. You are provided with a local anesthesia in the joint area that requires the scan. The lab technician then injects a small amount of contrast agent called the gadolinium on the joint area. After that, you will be sent to the MR room to perform the scan. The second part is the scanning and the lab technician takes the clear images of your joints. You can relax and sit as per your wish, because the machine does not touch you any time during the scan.

Rs 3000- Rs 4500

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