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X-Ray Lumbar Spine (Both OBL View) Test

X-Ray Lumbar Spine (Both OBL View) Test

A lumbosacral spine X-Ray or lumbar spine X-Ray is an imaging test which gives the physician a view of the anatomy of the lower back X-Ray is an imaging technique that uses small amounts of radiation to view the body’s bones. When the X-Ray is focussed on the lower spine area, it can help detect various abnormalities of bone, injuries and diseases on the bone. The lumbar spine X-Ray helps understand the cause for chronic back ache and also see the effects of injuries, disease or infection. Other imaging tests may also be ordered along with an X-Ray like MRI scan, Ultrasound and CT scan.

Taking an X-Ray is a routine procedure which does not require much preparation. You are recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothing. You may be asked to change into the hospital gown for the test. Remove any jewellery and other metallic items from your body before the X-Ray is taken. Inform your doctor in prior if you have any metal implants in your body from prior surgeries. Sometimes you may be asked to intake a contrast material or contrast dye before the X-Ray. This substance helps improve the quality of the X-Ray images. The substance may be injected into your body or via a liquid that you have to swallow or as an enema before the test.

An X-Ray is useful to test for many conditions. A lumbar spine X-Ray may be used to diagnose Birth defects that may affect the spine structure Injury or fractures of the lower spine Chronic lower back pain Osteoarthritis

The X-Ray is performed by an X-Ray technologist or radiologist in the hospital’s radiology department. It may also be performed in a dentist’s office or clinic that specializes in diagnostic procedures.

Once you are ready wearing comfortable clothing, the X-Ray technician will inform you how to position your body to get clear images of the body part that is to be X-Rayed. You may be asked to lie down, sit or stand in several procedures during the test. You are required to stay still while the images are being taken to improve clarity of the images obtained. After the test, you are free to change back into your regular clothes and go about your day. The X-Ray images taken will be analysed by the doctor and radiologist.

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