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Last Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Instant Indian Home Remedy For Constipation

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Dr. Aarti KulkarniAyurvedic Doctor • 15 Years Exp.MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
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Majority of the people around us consider this problem of constipation a condition to laugh at or make joke about it but you should know that this condition is a very troubling situation and this issue needs to be solved as soon as possible and should not be left untreated and none else knows the downside or the problems created by this condition of constipation other than the person who suffers from this. This condition of constipation is usually very annoying and in certain conditions it can become painful as well and there are some cases in which this condition of constipation is accompanied with other problems as well which are usually said to be gas and pain in your abdominal region.

This condition of constipation is considered very common and is known to be affecting all the age groups and to get rid of this problem you can adopt certain simple but effective lifestyle modifications which are very helpful in relieving the person from the symptoms that are caused because of this condition of constipation. People have been using various home remedies to get past this problem of constipation, its management and relieving the symptoms for a very long time now. Even this condition is not considered much serious but there are some cases of constipation in which this condition is considered as a sign for an underlying severe condition. People usually feel embarrassed to talk about this condition of constipation so you must visit a doctor for the treatment when your problem has become bad or the symptoms you are experiencing do not improve at all.

Cause of constipation

You should know that when you are experiencing that your stool is very hard, dry and it has become difficult to let it pass you are going through this condition of constipation and some of the most common causes of this condition are listed below: 

  • When your water intake is insufficient
  • When you are in the habit of using excessive laxatives
  • When the fiber content in your diet is insufficient
  • Because of pregnancy
  • When you lack sufficient amount of physical activity
  • Because of the consumption of certain medications for instance painkillers and iron tablets
  • When you are undoing your stress
  • When you in the habit of neglecting your urge of passing the stool
  • When there is a sudden change of your surrounding environment
  • When you suffer from digestive disorders for example irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), coeliac disease and diverticulitis (a kind of colon disease)
  • Various health conditions like thyroid disorders, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis (MS)

In case of toddlers they suffer from this condition of constipation when they start to eat solid form of food and in the case of older children they suffer from this condition when they start to hold their bowel movements.

Symptoms of constipation

There are some signs or symptoms that you might experience and when you experience them they are an indication that you might be suffering from this medical condition of constipation and some of the symptoms are mentioned below: 

  • You are passing the bowel less often
  • The movement of your bowels has been painful
  • You try to strain away from the bowel movement 
  • You have started to sit on your toilet for more than usual time
  • You have a feeling of bloating
  • After you have come out of the toilet you feel that your bowel has not been completely emptied
  • You start to suffer and experience abdominal pain
  • You are noticing that you have dry and hard stools
  • You will have a feeling of gas

Home remedies for constipation

  • Guava: This fruit of guava is known as amrood in hindi and it is very commonly found in the common households of India and this fruit has proved to be very effective with a lot of health benefits. It is mostly used because of the great amount of nutrients present in it and it also acts as a laxative (which helps in the bowel movement) and this will also help you to ease up your problem of constipation significantly.
  • Dates: When you start taking this fruit, your digestive system will strengthen a lot and this will also help you to get relieved of the problem of constipation. You can take this in the morning and you can take about five to six dates which are fresh and along with this you can take black pepper powder and ghee. After you have taken this you need to drink a glass of lukewarm water and this will help you to get rid of constipation very easily.
  • Betel leaf: These leaves will prove to be of so much help in the process of digestion and will also facilitate the secretion of various digestive juices that helps to get rid of gas and bloating. These leaves will also provide relief from this condition of constipation and to get rid of this problem you need to chew a few leaves of betel after you have taken your meal and this is how your digestion is improved and your constipation is relieved.
  • Bottle gourd: There are laxative properties found in the leaves of this plant which is also known as dudhi and you need to use the fresh leaves of the bottle gourd which will help you to get relieved of the problem of constipation or you can prepare a chutney from the leaves and you can consume this prepared chutney along with your food.
  • Increase the amount of water intake: You must drink an adequate amount of water which will help you to ease the movement of your bowels and it will also prevent the condition of formation of dry stools. Apart from drinking water you can increase the intake of juices which are made of fruits or vegetables or you can simply drink various vegetable juices. When you start to drink a sufficient amount of beverage and water then you will be staying away from this problem of constipation and can avoid dehydration as well but in cases where a person is suffering from this problem of constipation he can get relieved from it if he drinks enough water. 


This condition of constipation is very common and it may interfere a lot with your day to day life and other activities but you can manage this problem of yours by following and applying some easily available and very effective home remedies and certain lifestyle changes and get your symptoms relieved. Some common ingredients which are present in your kitchen like dates, black gram, guava, bay leaf and castor could be brought under application as a natural remedy for the problem of constipation. You should increase your fluid and fiber intake and along with this you should exercise on a regular basis as they are considered to be very effective methods to help you get through this condition of constipation. 

If your symptoms are not all that important and you face a problem in passing down your bowel movements for a period of three consecutive days then you should immediately contact your health provider. In certain cases, the condition of constipation is also considered as an indication of a serious underlying health issue which requires medical attention and this is why seeking for immediate medical attention from a professional health provider is important rather than treating it on its by following some home remedies when you are experiencing this problem of constipation.

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