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Vital Vitamins For Musculoskeletal Health!

Vital Vitamins For Musculoskeletal Health!

When you think about a healthy diet, you wonder how much carbohydrate, protein, fats and minerals you need to stay fit. However, are you neglecting the importance of vitamins in your daily diet? Research suggests that vitamins play a crucial role in muscle building and bone health.

Here is a look at the different vitamins that will help you enhance your muscles and bones using vitamins.

1. Vitamin D-

You may have heard about the importance of calcium for proper bone health. However, only consuming calcium-rich foods will not help you develop stronger bones. If you do not have enough vitamin D in your body, you will not be able to use the excess calcium for bone health. Vitamin D helps your body utilize the calcium for bone growth and enhancement.

Apart from strengthening your bones, vitamin D also works wonders for your muscles. It helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus, both of which are essential elements in the production of adenosine triphosphate or ATP. ATP is the only form of energy that your muscles can use during movements and activities.

Best sources for vitamin D are cheese, egg yolk, certain fatty fish, shrimp, mushrooms, soya milk, orange juice and cereals.

2. Vitamin K2-

Vitamin K2, also known as menaquinone, improves your cardiovascular health. Vitamin K2 is also a coenzyme that helps your bone use proteins. Additionally, a study performed in 2013 revealed that vitamin K2 improves bone metabolism in post-menopausal women. At such an age, women’s bone health starts to deteriorate and osteoporosis sets in. Therefore, vitamin K2 becomes all the more important for women at such an age.

Best sources of vitamin K2 are butter, cheese, egg yolk, dark chicken meat, and fermented soy.

3. Vitamin C-

Vitamin C is a great choice if you work out regularly. A powerful antioxidant, it helps your body metabolise proteins in the body, leading to muscle growth. Additionally, vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron, which is an essential component of blood.

Best food sources for vitamin C are citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons and more. Additionally, green capsicum, broccoli, and blackcurrants also provide ample amounts of vitamin C to your body.

Even though vitamins have a role to play in building stronger bones and muscles, the only diet will not be enough for a fit body. You need to start exercising along with eating a balanced diet if you want to stay healthy. Furthermore, exercising helps improve your musculoskeletal health.

Body Building With Ayurveda - Know The Secret!

Body Building With Ayurveda - Know The Secret!

Stealing a sneak peek of your favourite body-builder on Instagram while your room is full of posters featuring the wrestlers from WWE - trust us, you ain’t the only one craving for that toned physique and body. It is always flattering to have yourself complimented for an attractive appearance - a big part of which comes in exchange for your efforts that you put in for staying healthy and toned. But when you look at the glamour that comes with the whole deal of a glistening body, toned to the core of flexes, it is seldom that you’re able to see through the extent people go to achieve it - plenty of times, a few measures taken are not even good for the body. So with this article, we are excited to walk you through the basics of a sustainable and natural way of body-building with Ayurveda.

Is Ayurveda Really An Effective Approach For Body Building?

For ages, we’ve been corrupted to believe that all good things come from a multi-million dollar franchise while we remain ignorant about the thousands of years worth legacy that we are entrusted with our heritage in the form of Ayurveda. Be it the health, mind or beauty, we’ve been blessed with million dollar worth of medicinal scriptures and formulations that boost our body without developing any side effects as a consequence - a factor which is hugely missing in the other forms of medicines filled with steroids and synthetic compounds.

So when it comes to bodybuilding, we wonder why the world ever headed towards the unbearably toxic steroidal formulations if not for short term results and long term harm healthwise. 

How To Use Ayurveda To Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted?

Having come this far, it’s important that we take you through the power of Ayurveda to use it to your benefit of bodybuilding and physical health. Since Ayurveda always emphasises on a natural alternative, you might be amazed to know that herbs like Ashwagandha, Safed Musli and Shatavari not only helps the body to gain the much-needed muscle growth naturally but also strengthens it from within for sustainable health. 

More specifically speaking, Ashwagandha helps the body to boost the lower cortisol levels while improving on the testosterone production needed for a mature body. Safed Musli, on the other hand, is the magic ingredient that helps the body with an increased level of human growth hormone necessary for tissue repair and muscle growth. Shatavari, too, assists with the testosterone along with having a high level of asparagine that assists with protein synthesis.

It is important to note that a regular work-out is no doubt an essential part of a toned body and it is a no brainer that the body needs an additional supplement to overcome the requirements for a glistening body - Ayurveda is one way you can be absolutely sure that these supplements prove to be a boon for your body and not the bane which many bodybuilding products in the market tend to become. 


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How to eat flax seeds?

How to eat flax seeds?

Here are the best ways to eat flax seeds:

There are multiple health benefits of flaxseed if it can be involved in the daily diet.

  • Flax seeds can be mixed with yogurt: Few amounts of flax seeds or ground flaxseeds can be sprinkled into yogurt thus making it a protein-packed bowl of yogurt as it is useful for muscles building.
  • Mixed with breadcrumbs to coat chicken or other food items: Flax seeds have a nutty flavour which gives amazing flavour and it is healthy and delicious. Flax seeds also protect from cancer, boosts immunity and keeps the body healthy.
  • Flax seeds salads, dips and sandwiches can be made: A little crunch of flax seeds can be added into salads dips, soups , french toast and sandwiches making food tasty and giving it a pleasant crunch. Adding flaxseed in you daily diet keeps you away from many diseases.
  • Healthy pumpkin bread: Adding flax seeds into pumpkin bread is again a wonderful substitute for eating it and staying healthy.

Flaxseed nutrition

Flax seeds are full of nutrition and are very healthy for the body. One tbsp or one gram of flax seeds nutrition content are as follows:

  • Calories: 55
  • Water: 7%
  • Sugar: 0.2 grams
  • Fat: 4.3 grams
  • Fiber: 2.8 grams
  • Crabs: 3 grams
  • Proteins: 1.9 grams

Can we eat flax seeds on an empty stomach?

Flax seeds have good source of dietary fibre and omega 3 fatty acids and if we eat flax seeds before food it will make us feel less hungry and thus not letting us eat it. This flax seed must be eaten after food.

How to eat flax seeds to reduce tummy?

Flax seeds contain high amounts of polyphenol antioxidants, omega-3s, and fibre which helps you to stay slim as it cuts down the belly fat slowly and makes you thin. By eating flax seeds you can get a flat tummy in a week. Flax seeds are also ideal for boosting metabolism. It also cuts down cholesterol and increases metabolism thus giving you the desired shape.

How to eat flax seeds raw or roasted?

Flax seeds can be eaten in both the forms that are raw or roasted. But flax seeds must be roasted on the low flam to keep the nutrients intact. Both the forms are full of benefits and eating it every day keeps many diseases away.

How to eat flax seeds for weight loss?

Flax seeds can be eaten in many forms for losing the weight, but most importantly it should be kept in mind that whole flaxseed should not be consumed if you want to lose weight else it must be eaten in the powder form. The grounded flax seeds can be kept in the freezer for a few minutes before grinding them as it keeps all the essential oils and nutrients intact. After grinding, flax seeds can be used in porridge, chapati, bread, vegetables, curries, soups, smoothies, etc.

Benefits of flax seeds for hair growth:

Flax seeds are very beneficial for hair growth and improve the quality of your hair very fast. It can be used in the form of hair gel, oil or spray to give nourishment to the hair. Flax seeds give natural spa treatment to the hair without any use of chemicals.

Flax seeds use for skin:

Flax seeds are very useful for the skin as it brings a glow to the skin, adds moisture and removes lines and wrinkles from the face. As flax seeds are rich in omega -3 fatty acids, lignins and antioxidants it plays a vital role in fighting against ageing. If you want to flax seeds directly on skin then you can use flaxseed oil and rub it on the skin which nourishes and makes your skin healthy and beautiful.

How to eat flax seeds with water?

These are the ways in which you can drink flax seeds with water:

  • You can soak flax seeds in water and drink that water
  • You can grind flax seeds and take it with water
  • You can mix ground flaxseeds with different drinks as well
  • You can blend flaxseed into smoothies and shakes

How to grind flax seed?

Flax seeds can be ground with the help of handheld mill, traditional spice grinder or with the help of a grinder. You only need flax seeds and put them in a grinder and grind it for 5-10 mins. After grinding keep it in an airtight container for keeping it fresh for a longer time. Flax seeds if eaten in powder form gives more benefits to the body rather than eating it as a whole.

What are the best flax seeds recipes?

These are the best recipes made with flax seeds:

  1. Smoothie swirls
  2. Granola
  3. Bread
  4. Meaty substitutes
  5. Salad dressings
  6. Healthy spreads
  7. Soups
  8. Sprinkles on top
  9. Chutneys
  10. Khakhras
  11. Mukhwas
  12. Raita
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6 Quick Fixes To Ensure Healthy Fulfilling Life!

6 Quick Fixes To Ensure Healthy Fulfilling Life!

"Health is wealth” is not just a proverb, but a truly time-tested principle of life. The concern is that of late health and wellness have acquired a commercial tone. Companies manufacturing various health and wellness products are promoting various health benefits of their products in television and print media. Claims and counterclaims by various companies have cluttered the perspective. People need to cut out the clutter and behold some quick fixes that would ensure healthy, fulfilling lives.

  1. Exercising Enough -
    The importance of exercise cannot be overemphasized at any point. One needs to exercise regularly in order to stay healthy. But how much exercise is enough for anybody to stay healthy?

    The Department of Health and Human Services has recommended the following exercise patterns:
    1. Aerobic Activity -
      If a person is doing aerobics, he/she needs to continue it for at least 2 and a half hours at a moderate pace or 1 hour 15 minutes at a vigorous pace in a week. The doubtful point is that one needs to spread out the activity through the week and follow a daily routine, but do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Moderate aerobics may include swimming, brisk walking, mowing the lawn, etc., while vigorous aerobics may include running, aerobic dancing, etc.
    2. Strength Training 
      Strength training exercises train the muscles. One can do this at least twice a week. It includes weight training as well as resistance training. The best thing is to do both alternatively.​
  2. Quitting Smoking -
    The importance of quitting smoking has been stressed by physicians and health care practitioners time and again. Quitting smoking surely has an influence on health. It has been observed that around 20 minutes after smoking the last cigarette, the blood pressure and pulse come back to normal. The hands and feet also warm up to natural degrees of heat. After about 8 hours, half of the nicotine and carbon monoxide that the person had inhaled is gone.
  3. Eating More Fruits and Vegetables -
    Fruits and vitamins contain a bouquet of vitamins and minerals that the body needs to perform various functions. They also contain fibres and antioxidants that help the body get rid of toxins and help the system. Since the environmental toxin is a significant part of our regular intake, everybody needs to have fruits and vegetables.
  4. Eating less junk and fatty food items -
    Junk and fatty food items add to body fat and toxic waste. While fat weighs heavy on metabolic activities and lessens different ailments, junk food may load the body with toxins and reduce fat deposits too.
  5. Worrying less -
    Never-ending worry tells of health. It may affect appetite, sleep, lifestyle, relationships, etc. All of these can affect the health and emotions in a variety of ways.
  6. Getting enough sleep -
    One needs to have enough sleep to stay healthy. But how much sleep is enough? A healthy adult needs about 8 hours of sleep every day to stay healthy.

All of the above is pretty easy to do and can have a significant positive effect on health as well as life.

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Natural Supplement For Bodybuilding!

While most of us have been actively seeking a good physique, it’s imperatively easy for us to fall in for fast-paced unnatural additives and supplements to help our urge for bodybuilding. Though it seems easy and less time consuming, a short-cut to body-building through steroids, synthetic hormones and unnatural diet supplements can cause your health to deteriorate and have long term implications which can be life-threatening. So, how can you help your body?

The Need For A Natural Supplement

Your body needs a natural boost and not toxic, fast-paced steroids to gain an additional muscle for a healthy physique. And a healthy physique always seeks for natural supplements in addition to a planned gym work-outs. Though it’s easy and far more tempting to use a short-cut for a nice and attractive physique, we tell you how frightening it can be for your overall health. Don’t even get us started on the side effects!

Fit India Movement - A Way To Contribute Towards Fit Tomorrow!

Fit India Movement - A Way To Contribute Towards Fit Tomorrow!

PM Narendra Modi has launched the Fit India Movement at 10 am in the Indira Gandhi Complex, New Delhi. The aim of this campaign is to encourage people of all age groups to make sports and physical activity a constant in their lives. It is expected that the PM will address a large gathering of people to administer a pledge of fitness. 

What the PM is doing, is actually the need of the hour. Our current lifestyles, where we lead sedentary lifestyles largely and our inclination for eating almost anything unhealthy has had a devastating impact on our lives. 

But all is not lost, we can still improve our bodies and regain our health by making small changes to our lifestyles. Let’s look at some of the changes we can implement with minimum hassle – 

  1. Start taking the stairs.
    This adage has been around for years now. Climbing the stairs may appear very simple, but the effect it has on your body, particularly your heart, can parallel the effects of exercises such as running. It can also boost your lung capacity.
  2. Cut down on sugar.
    Refined white sugar or processed sugar is not your friend. Not even in small amounts. Sugar consumption has been linked to diabetes, obesity, and heart problems. In fact, sugar can also create problems for the digestive system.
  3. Don’t sit for long periods.
    A majority of us have 10-7 desk jobs, where we sit in front of the computer for hours on end. And this does not exactly do great things for your body. Your spine and bones, in particular, are the most affected. From constantly sitting, your posture tends to deteriorate with time, this can put pressure on the spine and weaken key muscles like the hip muscles. Later in life, this may make you prone to arthritis.
    So in every one or two hours, get up from your chair and walk around for a few minutes.
  4. Stay active.
    Last but not least, stay active whenever possible. For example – if it’s a Sunday then don’t stay at home overusing gadgets. Do something that requires you to keep moving. You can visit parks and lakes for walks, or even go for a run.

To wrap it up, fitness is not something you should take lightly. Your health is your biggest asset, so pay attention to it and care for it. 

How Body Fat Affects Men's & Women's Health Differently?

How Body Fat Affects Men's & Women's Health Differently?


Body fat or adipose tissue is a constituent of the human body. Its primary function is to provide energy to the body. Body fat builds up differently in men and women. Recent studies explore the health consequences ensuing from these differences.

Usually, men have an ‘apple-shaped’ body. This is because men accumulate visceral fat – fat that is stored in the abdominal cavity – around the belly. Women, on the other hand, depict a ‘pear-shaped’ body because they have more fat deposits around the hips. Visceral fat is extremely dangerous because it affects the internal organs of your body, including the liver, intestines, and pancreas.

Body Fat Percentage in Men and Women

To evaluate your health, it is essential that you know your body fat percentage (BFP). A healthy body fat percentage depends on a number of variables such as age, body type, gender etc. For example, BFP range tends to be higher in women than in men because women require more body fat. The average BFP of females falls in between 25% and 31%.

What is a good body fat percentage?

Ideally, for men between ages 20-40, healthy BFP ranges from 8%-19%; between ages 41-60, normal BFP ranges from 11%-22%; between ages 61-79, the normal should be between 13%-25%. For women aged between 20-40 years, healthy BFP ranges from 21%-33%; between ages 41-60, normal BFP ranges from 23%-25%; between ages 61-79, the normal should be between 24%-36%.

What body fat percentage is unhealthy?

Body fat percentage below or above the normal range (as stated above) is considered unhealthy. For instance, if the BFP of a woman aged between 20-40 years is more than 30%, then it is considered overweight. Similarly, if a 50-year-old man has BFP below 11%, he is deemed underweight. Nevertheless, there are several ways to maintain a good body fat percentage.

How to Lose Body Fat Percentage?

Many people come up with questions like – Is it hard to lose body fat percentage? Certainly not, unless you have a serious underlying condition (obesity or PCOD). You can reduce your BFP by following the pointers below-

• Follow a protein-rich diet – It will decrease your appetite, reduce calorie intake, and preserve muscle mass. Good protein sources include dairy products, meat, eggs, legumes, seafood etc. • Add vinegar to your diet – Induces a sense of feeling full, lowers body fat, and reduces calorie intake

• Eat more healthy fats – Helps you burn fat quickly. Coconut oil, olive oil, and avocados are good sources.

• Reduce carb intake – Cutting down on refined carbohydrates like white bread/rice, pasta, snacks, cereals etc. can help you shed that extra flab.

Besides following a healthy diet, you should also engage in physical activities to bring down your body fat percentage to its normal range. Exercise more often – begin strength training to get rid of belly fat and build muscle mass. You can also lose fat by consuming these natural fat burners:

• Caffeine – boosts metabolism and helps you burn more fat as fuel

• Green tea extracts

• Protein powder/supplements – boosts metabolism and reduces appetite

• Soluble fibre

Having a healthy body fat percentage is the key to staying fit and steering away from a host of ailments. Therefore, maintaining a balanced diet along with moderate exercise and routine check-ups is extremely important.

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Bone Health & Osteoporosis - What Should You Know?

Bone Health & Osteoporosis - What Should You Know?

Bones are similar to a porous framework which is filled with minerals that make it hard and strong. With age, there is gradual degradation and the mineralized portion is lost, thereby leading to thinning of the bone. The word osteoporosisliterally translates to porous bones, which is due to the gradual demineralisation. In addition to the natural ageing process, there are other diseases that can accelerate the demineralization process.

Women are more prone to demineralisation, and after the age of 40, they should take extra precaution to slow down the onset of the condition. The following are some ways to improve bone health and halt osteoporosis in the long run-

  1. Diet: Ensure that your diet has sufficient amounts of vitamin D and calcium. Though calcium is the essential mineral for bone formation, vitamin D is required for the absorption of calcium, and therefore both these elements play a vital role in maintaining the quality of the bones in our body. Most people require about 1,000 mg of calcium and about 500 units of vitamin D for optimal bone health. This requirement goes up slightly in postmenopausal women.

  2. Sun Exposure: In most people, exposure to the sun allows the body to make vitamin D, but careful sun protection prevents this from happening. Also, with age, the body’s ability to form intrinsic vitamin D also declines. The body, therefore, relies on supplements. Most dairy products are good sources of calcium. In addition, spinach, salmon, turnips, and broccoli are some calcium-rich foods. Supplements of calcium carbonate or calcium citrate can be taken if your diet is lacking in calcium. Vitamin D also should be included in the supplementation. The treatment for osteoporosis is incomplete without these two supplements.

  3. Exercise With Weights: The constructive tension that exercise puts on the body helps in bone building, whatever the age may be, which prevents the onset of osteoporosis. Any exercise which improves muscle mass strengthens the bones, and puts stress on the bones is advisable. Since the fractured area due to osteoporosis mainly includes the spine, lower back exercises, yoga, tai chi, and abdominal exercises all work wonders. Pick any of these and do them for 30 minutes three times a week.

  4. Quit Smoking: Continuing to smoke while taking osteoporosis medications is completely useless. Nicotine negates all the effects which defeat the purpose of taking the medication and is as good as taking no medication at all. So if you want the bone thinning to stop, stop smoking.

  5. Alcohol Consumption: While a drink or two per week is permissible, more than this can harm the bones significantly.

  6. Constant Health Watch: Talk to a doctor about how other routine medications (if any) can affect your bone health. Also, identify how frequently you should check your bone mineral density and stick to the schedule.

Bone health and osteoporosis can be managed with some conscious efforts.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Bathe Regularly!

Top Reasons Why You Should Bathe Regularly!

While many of us wish we could stay under the shower all day in the summers, winters and lazy Sundays find many of us making excuses to skip a shower. However, having a shower not only keeps you clean, but also plays an important part in keeping you healthy and fit. According to Ayurveda, a morning shower is an essential part of the daily routine and is considered as a therapeutic activity.

Here are a few reasons you should never skip a morning shower.

  1. Calms your muscles: A shower reduces tension in your muscles and can help relax sore muscles. It also helps increase flexibility and muscle elasticity. If you’ve slept awkwardly and woken up with a stiff neck, a shower can help ease the stress and make you more comfortable. Thus, a simple shower could save you a visit to the physiotherapist.
  2. Boosts blood circulation: Showering with warm water increases blood circulation and ensures that even cells in your extremities receive nutrition. Increased blood circulation also reduces pressure on your heart and protects you against a number of cardiovascular ailments.
  3. Boosts the immune system: The core function of taking a shower is to clean the body. This reduces the number of bacteria and fungal cells that can infect you. A cold shower also stimulates the vascular and lymph system and promotes the production of white blood cells that fight infections. Showering also helps eliminate toxins that are released along with sweat.
  4. Elevates the mood: If you’re feeling blue, a shower may be what you need. Having a cold water shower activates the nervous system and increases the amount of chemicals such as beta-endorphins and noradrenaline in the blood. These chemicals help fight depression and elevate the mood. Additionally, a cold water shower also sends electrical impulses that have an anti-depressive effect from the brain.
  5. Improves lung functionality: When you put your head under water, you are forced to breathe differently. Showering makes you take a deep breath and hold it in for a few seconds before exhaling. This action opens up your lungs and increases your oxygen intake.
  6. Makes you more sociable: It’s simple; when you bathe, you smell good. This makes people want to be around you and it boosts your confidence. You’re also less worried about your hair looking oily or your shoulders being dusted with dandruff when you’ve taken a shower and hence, you can focus your attention on conversations.

Therefore, many health problems can be averted if you take a shower daily.

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High Protein Diet - Must Know Things About It!

High Protein Diet - Must Know Things About It!

Protein is said to be a building block for the body. That being said, a high protein diet can either have some great results to show, or some terrible consequences. As long as a person is willing to learn more about it, only the former will appear!

When a person thinks of a diet which is high in protein, the automatic association is with the famed Atkins diet. This is a diet which is not only high in the amount of protein consumed but is low in the relative amount of carbohydrate.

Who is it For?

A high protein diet is a way to go, if a person is looking to build a little muscle and does not consume enough protein in his or her current or normal diet. However, studies have found that only professional endurance athletes showed any benefits from a hike in their consumption levels of protein and that too, they could have received these benefits by just eating more food. So, it is fair to say that the normal person is not likely to need more protein than what he or she already gets by the way of his or her run of the mill diet.

It can be bad too, in addition to this, if a person has an amount of protein which is beyond what is good for him or her according to the activity level, it can be quite bad. This is because a lot of the sources of protein which most people receive their protein from also happen to be quite high in terms of the saturated fat content, which can put the heart at a great amount of risk. Moreover, gout can also occur and it is something that is not curable, but can only be managed. A person who is considering the prospect of going on a high protein diet should take these possible side effects into due account prior to making his or her decision regarding the same.

Small is Big, A modest increase in the protein part of a person’s diet can be good and there are a variety of ways a person can go about this by including some simple munch foods such as almonds. Things like these can serve well as snacks and can go a long way in preventing a person from bingeing on something less healthy just due to his or her being ravenously hungry. Another option is Greek yogurt, as is chia seeds, which can be added to almost anything!

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