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How to Maintain the Right Weight?

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M.Sc - Dietitics/Nutrition, B.Sc - Dietitics/Nutrition, Diploma In Sports Science & Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai  •  18 years experience
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this is Ushma Chheda from Neev Nutrition and Weight Loss Centre, we are located in Vile Parle West, Ghatkopar and Matunga. We have been in this industry for 15 years and have almost handled 5000 plus clients, we are having consultation all over the world and also through online. Let's talk about something which all forgets after a weight loss journey, that is how to maintain the weight. We are always seen that people always put on the lost weight after 2 years. So losing weight is a challenge, everyone knows, but maintaining is a double challenge. However, once you reach your ideal body weight returning to your old habits will pack the kgs back on. 80% of people do this mistake. Remember there is nothing called as getting back to your normal routine these old habits have made you fat, so you need to correct them or if you have corrected them, keep it in the same forever. The reason why many people fail to maintain their weight is because they follow the unrealistic diet that is not visible in long term. Do not expect shortcut or fast weight loss, that is the reason you end up doing a soup diet or liquid diet or only fruits diet, always see to it that you incorporate the foods into your weight loss program which you going to use forever, for example, many people stop sugar during the weight loss journey but then restarted it once they have reached their weight, ideal body weight. But I would suggest, cut down on the sugar rather than stopping that. So you would never get back to increase at that level your palate for sweetness will always stay the same. When a person is on weight loss journey, it is always observed the exercise, they walk and also they follow a low cal diet. But the moment they get their weight up to the optimum, what happens they leave walking out, they leave dieting. So the calorie restriction what is there say for example you are working out and your dieting, so the balance or the gap of calories is this much, once you reach the optimum weight this goes down that the exercises stock and food also becomes more. So the gap automatically decreases and that is the reason the weight gain is faster or easier, you do not have to get back into the reverse gear remember that. When you are trying to maintain your weight always have an energy balance say, for example, you have eaten a heavy dinner, see to the next day your intake decreases or your output increases. In this way it is easy to maintain your weight say, for example, one plate of Pav Bhaji is equal to 80 minutes of cycling or 1 plate of idli sambar is equal to 52 minutes of brisk walking, you will always have to see to it that you are listening to your body, your body always give you signal, it becomes sluggish or it becomes you feel a little heavy. Do not ignore it, always have a weighing scale in the house, so that the moment you feel is symptoms have around, you always check your weight and if you are up by 1 or 2 kg this is an alert signal, do not ignore it. Thinking that is this 1, 2 kg because this 1,2 kg you never know it all up to be 5 kg and again getting back to the weight loss of 5 kg is going to be a tedious thing. Losing weight, eating everything is the right way to lose weight, always remember our Thali the Indian culture, especially for vegetarians, is always overloaded with carbohydrate food, the roti, the rice, the vegetables and fruits rich in carbohydrates.

The dal is the protein source also having a high amount of Carbohydrates, so your thali should be balanced. Your dal, your pulses the milk products should be in much more quantity compared to what you are eating. Having a high protein diet always helps to improve your metabolism as well as pulses and legumes keep you fuller, it has high fibre. Fibre is very important to keep you full and also is very low in calories. Another source of fibre rich fruits and vegetables which are having negligible calories, make interesting recipes out of them so that you find your food always interesting. One more very important factor to maintain your way is to deal with stress when you are suffering from stress you end up eating a lot. This is how a lot of people feel better you do not know what is going in the mouth you end up needing cashews, nuts or also chips always see to it that you are finding healthy ways of dealing with stress, especially if you tend to eat when you are anxious instead of hitting the fridge or the couch. When you feel stressed take-up something which freshens you up like soaking in a hot water bath or dial a friend or go for dance classes or just go for a walk, listen to music are simple ways of beating your stress rather than searching food as a comfort factor. Next important topic is portion size, we would never say restrict any food when you are losing weight you will eat whatever you going to eat forever only thing what you have to do is control your portion size. If I like ice cream I can always have two, three spoons and be contended. Consistency is the key to keep your weight off, instead of on and off dieting that ends up with going back to your old habits. It is best to stick with your new healthy diet and lifestyle for good. While adopting a new way of life may seem overwhelming at first, but making healthy choices will become the second nature when you get used to them. Your healthier lifestyle will be effortless and you are able to maintain your weight much more easily. Mindfulness is a key when it comes to maintaining the weight, you really work hard to lose it, remember that.

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