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How Hypertension Is Bad For Your Pregnancy?

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Dr. Ameya S Kanakiya 90% (10 ratings)
Gynaecologist, Mumbai  •  13 years experience
How Hypertension Is Bad For Your Pregnancy?

Blood pressure is the thrust exerted by the blood against the artery walls or blood vessels. A certain count of blood pressure is necessary for blood circulation, but anything excessive may prove to be trouble. Pregnancy induced hypertension or pre eclampsia is the condition characterised by high blood pressure (more than 140/90) after 20 weeks of pregnancy, along with traces of protein in the urine. It can affect the pregnancy by-

  1. Slowing down the growth of the baby causing a "intra uterine growth restriction". 
  2. Premature separation of the placenta, or "placental abruption" leading to maternal bleeding and fetal distress. An emergency cesearian section can save the baby in such cases. 
  3. Sudden rise in blood pressure can cause convulsions in the mother. (Ecclampsia) 
  4. Liver dysfunction, 
  5. Low platelet count and blood clotting problems. 
  6. Early delivery of premature baby.

The symptoms of this include- 

  1. Severe headache. 
  2. Pain in the upper abdomen, or epigastrium. 
  3. A low urine output. 
  4. Nausea vomiting
  5. Blurring of vision. 
  6. Convulsions (in extreme cases) 

You need to consult your gynaecologist ASAP when you have any of these symptoms. Your gynaecologist will prescribe you some blood and urine tests, a ultrasound and a non stress test to asses your baby and will start you on anti hypertensive medications along with other measures like a high protein diet and bed rest. If you are very close to your expected date of delivery, it is better to deliver the baby after which the blood pressure slowly comes back to normal. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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