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BHMS, PG Hom London
Homeopathy Doctor, Mumbai  •  16 years experience
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Hello friends, my name is Dr Amit I been practising homeopathy since last 15 years in Bombay and Thane. Last 15 years having practising I have seen that the diseases trend has been changing people are now suffering from more chronic diseases like diabetes, cholesterol blood pressure, renal failure and all these things have been very common at very early age. Now, I remember last 15 to 20 years back when we were small I don't think so as many of us heard that term of renal kidney failures or creatinine, right now many of us are aware of what is kidney failure and what is creatinine or what is renal transmission and all. So the disease that is what I mean to say the disease trend is changing nowadays and homeopathy have brought a lot of roles to do this changing disease trend along with allopathy. Allopathy will help you definitely help you in the shorter term to get rid of your symptoms. But to get rid of the disease, in particular, allopathy will help to get rid of the symptom the headache, the cold, the migraine or the loose motions or whatever the symptoms will be better. But to remove the disease from within, homeopathy is got a lot of scope in that. There was a time when think that homeopathy is a very good medicine for chronic allergies cold, cough for children, for ailments of children, loose motion or for that matter chronic migraine, joint pain, Arthritis, asthma but that is not so definitely homeopathy can do a lot in those cases of allergy, cold, asthma, migraine but a lot can be done. So in cases of very serious pathologies like renal kidney failures, HIV cases then diabetes chronic heart conditions and many other cases wherein allopathic field there is very limited scope, after a particular level. There are a lot of cases where the doctors have to tell that there is very less scope of improvement from here on it might be a neurological case or might be a heart condition and from there on homeopathy has helped those patients. So it is also said that homeopathy can it starts from the point where the allopathy ends. So when there is a condition where the doctor says that now there is a very little scope of improvement in this particular patient you can think about homeopathy, in such cases. We have treated a lot of such cases like renal failure we would not say that it treated but they are fairly doing very well with homeopathy. There are cases of a 35-year-old male having a kidney function or creatinine of 9.6 which we have brought to 5.3 without any allopathic medicine intervention and only with homeopathy and the age of man was 35 years old only. So at 35 years if a person has kidney failure what do you expect him to live more for, maximum he would live is for next 15 years with all this whatever renal treatments available today dialysis and all. But then with homeopathy, we have been able to bring his creatinine levels, creatinine is a very important indicator and the normal creatinine level is 1.5 in human beings which should not be more than, creatinine is kind of waste products in the body those waste product should not be there in the body more than 1.5. So since a kidney is a thing which clears these products, so if the kidney is not is not good it's like a chalni. If the kidney is not working well the waste products will be accumulated in your system, so the waste products goes to 4,5,6,9 so in that particular it was 8.5 to 9 which we have brought only with homeopathy to 5.3 levels and we are hopeful that we would gradually next 2 to 3 years to bring it to the normal level or somewhere around the normal level that too without any dialysis or without any allopathic medicine. I would not say that you should not use allopathy, allopathy should definitely be used but homeopathy in conjunction with Allopathy can do a lot of good, this is just one case. We had recently a case of HIV positive from JJ hospital where the CD4 count is very important count in HIV positive. CD4 is like our soldiers, generally, our soldiers are in the range of 1000 to 1100, the CD4 is 1000 to 1100. These soldiers help us from all bacteria, virus, fungus all infections tuberculosis every kind of internal infection, but when the soldiers die when the soldiers become less in HIV positive these soldiers CD4 comes to 700 then 600 and then 400 is a very alarming situation in a medical science. If the CD4 level comes below 400 that means it is a very red alert situation for that particular patient and we had 3 months back we had a patient whose CD4 was the 63, not 3 months but 6 months back when we started that patient was coming to us from JJ hospital which is very famous hospital in Mumbai. So that patient CD4 is the 63, 63 is very very very low, so you have just 63 soldiers protecting you wherein you require minimum 1000 soldiers. So definitely he had along with their tuberculosis and other added infection and fever which was not going in spite of all allopathic treatment. Hospital admission for 25 days and he was still not better, then somehow we were able to find the right medicine in his case and able to diagnose health condition properly and able to give him medicines. Now from 63 in just 6 months is CD4 have improved to 270 which is a very good very good now his body is stable and since last 6 months he also has got gained a lot of weight which was reducing in before that. So this shows that appetite has improved his fever has not come since last 6 months his weight has improved and his most important the CD4 has increased from 63 to 270. So these are the two cases that I need to say that homeopathy is definitely good for allergy, asthma, joint pain but if properly follow and it properly taken it can also cure a lot of this type of serious ailment, but it needs to be the doctor needs to be very vigilant in those cases. It is not that any or every doctor you should have a good experience of managing these cases in homeopathy, but definitely homeopathy has solution. So for further, if you want to know anything about us, we have our Clinic at two places in Bombay one is Bhandup and one is in Thane. If you want to have any details of our clinic, you can contact us on Lybrate. Thank you very much.


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