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Homeopathic Medicines That Treat Various Common Ailments!

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Homeopathic Medicines That Treat Various Common Ailments!

Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine that is fast becoming the medicinal field of choice for many practitioners and individuals. This kind of medicinal system administers minuscule doses of naturally found elements so as to create a more balanced system where the natural healing powers of the body can come to the fore. This basically helps in triggering the body into a fitter state. There are a host of homeopathic medications, which help in treating various common ailments. Some of the medicines include the following:

  1. Allium Cepa: This is basically derived from onions and can help when a patient is suffering from hay fever, which may leave him or her with a constantly runny nose. This is known to dry up the tear ducts that constantly produce fluid outflow when it comes to the eyes and nose of the patient.
  2. Arnica: This is also an extract of the rare mountain daisy, which can help in curing various kinds of injuries and trauma that may have been borne due to sports and other kinds of physical pursuits or even accidents. Pain and aches can be treated effectively with the regular use of this medicine.
  3. Chamomilla: This is basically an extract of chamomile. It can help patients of various ages when it comes to dealing with a host of problems. This can help in inducing better sleep for those who are suffering from bouts of sleeplessness, or find themselves constantly waking up at night and not being able to go back to sleep. It can also help infants who become fretful at evening and those who are suffering from colic and other forms of gas.
  4. Ignatia: This medicine can be used in order to treat problems like grief, anxiety, panic and other such psychological issues that make a patient feel helpless. It can also help in treating depression effectively, when used along with therapy.
  5. Rhus Tox: This medicine is derived from poison ivy, the creeper that is found in various parts of the world. From flu to loose motions and even constipation, this medicine can help in fixing a number of issues that a patient may face on a day-to-day basis. Also, it is good for patients who have been suffering from arthritis, as it can help in easing the pain so that there is better mobility in the patient’s body.
  6. Magnesia Phosphorica: This is one of the best medicines that can help people who are suffering from cramps in any part of the body. It is known to be especially helpful when it comes to dealing with the painful menstrual cramps that women go through every single month. This medicine has been derived from naturally found magnesium.

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