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Joint Pain Checkup Test

Joint Pain Checkup Test

The Joint pain checkup is often carried out to determine the causative factors behind your current
joint pain so as to devise an effective form of treatment for the same. So if you have been
experiencing some of these symptoms (listed below), then you need to consult with your doctor
right away.
Swollen joints
Sharp pain and discomfort when moving
Redness around the joints
Inability to bend or move joints
If any of these sounds familiar, then chances are that you may be suffering from one of the 100 odd
forms of arthritis, or an autoimmune condition. This is why you need to call in on your doctor right

Your doctor would first assess your current condition and review your medical history; he would then order several panel of tests from X-ray to blood workup. Usually he would first order a blood test to rule out other conditions such as autoimmune diseases. It is vital that you inform your docor about any other procedures that you may have had in the recent past as this could have a bearing on your current condition. You are also required to inform your doctor about any medication that you may be taking at the moment, as this can impede the blood test. Your doctor may require you to abstain from certain medications for a period of 24hrs prior to the test.

This test is mainly used as a diagnostic tool to confirm if the joints are indeed inflamed as well as to determine the causative factors behind the same. It is vital that you check in with your doctor at the earliest for this could well lead to health complications.

Your doctor would ask you to provide a small sample of your blood for testing; he would ask you to roll up your sleeves so that he can carry out a venipuncture. One he has collected the sample, he would then tag it, process it and send it to the lab for testing. The lab would subject it to various tests, for the presence of autoimmune antibodies as well as inflammation markers. In case the test results are negative for the same, your doctor can then rule out autoimmune diseases as a contributing factor for your current condition and try out additional tests such as imaging to determine if you are suffering from arthritis. On confirmation, he can then provide you with an effective course of treatment for the same.

Average price range of the test is between Rs.1750 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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