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Echovirus IgM Antibody Test

Echovirus IgM Antibody Test

Echoviruses come under the sub group of enterovirus. Enterovirus reflects enteric transmission of the virus spread from person to person. ECHO is the acronym for enteric cytopathic human orphan. Echoviruses were first isolated from the feces of asymptomatic children in the context of epidemiological studies of polioviruses. About 31 serotypes of Echovirus with antigenic variation are identified. Most of these viruses cause Meningitis (inflammation of meninges) or Meningoencephalitis. They can also cause Arthritis, Pharyngitis, Enteritis and Chronic heart disease. Enteroviruses like Coxsackie A & B causes antigenic cross reactions.

Even though special preparations are not necessary, you may take a look at the following helpful tips in case of uncertainty.
• Specify your doctor about any medications, supplements or herbs you are taking. You may be advised to discontinue all these agents in some cases before serum test.
• Wear loose and comfortable clothes preferably sleeveless ones.
• Get yourself hydrated. Drinking enough water helps the lab assistant locate your vein easily.
• Unlike cholesterol or the blood sugar tests you may not need to undergo fasting. Your doctor will inform you particularly if needed.
Do not panic on or before blood test. Feel comfortable and try simple exercises that calm your mind.

Echovirus infection arises when a person comes into contact with respiratory secretions like saliva or mucus from the nose or the fecal matter of an infected person. People who are infected with Echovirus usually do not exhibit any notable symptoms. The test during pregnancy will be helpful to avoid further complications as newborns are more prone to infections than others. Echoviruses in normal cases does not require any treatment.

Blood sample is taken through following process. A band is wrapped around the arm at about 3-4 inches above the superficial vein that lies within the elbow pit The site is then cleaned using alcohol, A need is then penetrated to the vein so as to collect required amount of blood sample by pulling the plunger of the syringe attached to the needle. The wrap band is removed and bandage is applied to stop the bleeding. The blood is immediately transferred into an anti-coagulant container. The syringe and the needle are the disposed under hygienic conditions.

lavender top tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Echovirus IgM
All age groups
Rs 2800- Rs 5000

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