Echovirus IgM Antibody Test in Gurgaon

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Sushant Lok I, Gurgaon
2300.0 for Echovirus IgM Antibody
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About Echovirus IgM Antibody Test

Echoviruses come under the sub group of enterovirus. Enterovirus reflects enteric transmission of the virus spread from person to person. ECHO is the acronym for enteric cytopathic human orphan. Echoviruses were first isolated from the feces of asymptomatic children in the context of epidemiological studies of polioviruses. About 31 serotypes of Echovirus with antigenic variation are identified. Most of these viruses cause Meningitis (inflammation of meninges) or Meningoencephalitis. They can also cause Arthritis, Pharyngitis, Enteritis and Chronic heart disease. Enteroviruses like Coxsackie A & B causes antigenic cross reactions.

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