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Last Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Homeopathic Approach For The Treatment Of Cancer!

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Dr. Jayvirsinh ChauhanHomeopathy Doctor • 17 Years Exp.BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
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Cancer, the word itself is something that creates a dread. Thousands of people every year succumb to this particular disease and unfortunately, there has been no proper cure for it yet. Millions of researchers work day and night to find the perfect medication for cancer. Such research led to the conclusion that inclusion of homeopathy can be an integrated approach to cure cancer. Homeopathy is an age-old therapy which works on the theory of treating like with like, which basically means a homeopath would use tiny doses of the substance which would cause the illness if given in large doses. Homeopathy is more of an organic way of treating diseases.

Though there is no proof that homeopathy can actually cure cancer but people using this very way of treatment say that they feel better or more in control of the situation. Homeopathy as a cancer treating mechanism is more of a natural way which makes patients feel relaxed. It helps them to cope with the stress, the anxiety, and the depression. It also helps in keeping control over side effects and symptoms like tiredness, sickness, pain, etc. When it comes to cancer particularly, homeopaths target a malignant tumor itself and tries to reverse its growth. Usually, homeopathy is not the primary ground of treatment but it is used in combination with other approaches of treatment. Though homeopathy has an excellent track record of curing cancer in animals, however, for humans it is still not specifically used as a primary method of treatment.

Since cancer is a chronic disease, if untreated, will lead to death. Homeopathic treatment addresses the energy imbalance on a vital force that is why it is useful in treatment as well as prevention of cancer both. Homeopathy is really an integrated approach to treat cancer. That is why there are several researches going on around the world to find remedies. Scientists are looking into the effectiveness of homeopathy in various levels of treatment. It comes from the fact itself that if homeopathy can decrease or reduce cancer symptoms and side effects of treatment to whether it can increase or give a boost to the immune system.

Researchers are also looking up whether homeopathy can help children with cancer and other health conditions. Furthermore, homeopathic studies have been doing wonders for the past 200 years. It is one of the most ancient ways of medication and it is still well alive because of its effectivity. Moreover, it is a natural way of boosting the immune system and curing cancer might just turn out to be some homeopath researcher’s magnum opus as a paper. Therefore, homeopathy will never die being the natural process it is and the way it makes people believe in it and this belief is the biggest cure.

Homoeopathy also controls and relieves the side-effects caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, thus by relieves the patients from suffering additional pain when as such they are suffering. From controlling the stage I to palliation in stage IV, homoeopathy works very well with the conventional therapy. Immunity is the biggest tool to either restrict the Cancer growth & spread, and Homoeoapthy is the system which targets the Immune system and strengthens it.

In short, it works as Immunotherapy for the Cancer patients. Homoeopathy has its own protocol to be followed for a different stage of cancer and different type of Cancer, patient without giving second thought should consult a Homoeopathic Physician who works closely with the Cancer cases.

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