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Home Remedies For Eye Pain: Procedure, Recovery, Risk & Complication

What is the remedy about?

An eye pain or conjunctivitis is a very common problem that affects one in every five individual. Your eyes can turn red and you can easily spread these diseases if you have such conditions. You have to seek immediate medical attention if you are undergoing such problems. Alternatively you can opt for some home remedies that can keep the condition at bay.

  1. Warm Compresses
    This is one of the time tested remedies for conjunctivitis and other eye infections. Heat reduces the pain in your eyes and can also improve blood circulation. Take a clean towel and dip it in hot water. Wring out the excess liquid and keep this on your eyes for about a minute or two. Repeat this procedure for few times a day. Use separate hand towels for both the eyes as the infection in one eye need not be passed on to the other eye.
  2. Eyebright
    Eyebright (euphrasia) is an effective herbal treatment for eye infections and irritation. This is used especially in the case of. To make this, simmer a teaspoon of eyebright herb in a cup of water for about 10 minutes. Let it to cool, and then strain it using clean cheesecloth. Use this liquid as an eye wash to wash your eyes. Remember to make this liquid fresh every day.
  3. Saline Solution
    A Homemade saline solution can also be used to get rid of an eye infection. The solution rinses the eye and is good for irritated, inflamed and itchy eyes. To make this, mix a teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of water. Boil it and allow it to cool. Once cooled use this solution to rinse your eyes with it. You can do this treatment twice daily for better results.

Are there any side effects?

Always ensure that proper care is given to the eye as they are one of the sensitive organs. There are no side effects when using these home remedies but take certain precautions. When using the saline solution use only filtered water and make sure that the salt is completely dissolved in it. Else the impurities can cause more irritation to the eye. Also ensure that when you use the herbal treatment get them only from reputed stores. If you feel that you are facing some difficulties or some side effects, seek medical attention immediately. On the whole these remedies are extremely safe and can be used by anyone. Before going in for a treatment always consult a doctor to check if the treatment plan is right for you. You can always opt for such home remedies which are safe and are without side effects.

What are the post-remedy guidelines?

Take complete rest after such home remedies. Till the problem subsidizes, avoid going out too. If unavoidable, whenever you step out, make sure that you wear sun glasses. Always drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and safe. In case you want to use medications use them only after consulting a doctor. Also do not rub your eyes whenever you feel such irritations. This would only aggravate the symptoms.

How long does it take to recover?

Eye pain usually subsides once the treatment starts and can reduce gradually. The recovery depends on how far your infections have spread and how severe your conditions were to start with. Major cases can take more time to recover. Eye pain can reduce initially and depending on your treatment procedure may diminish completely. Also it depends on how well you follow the guidelines and how well you care for your eyes in the long run.

Are the results of the remedy permanent?

There are a number of reasons for occurrence of eye pain. Since the effects of these remedies are temporary, take adequate steps to ensure that your eyes always stay healthy and active. Try to take in lots of fruits and vegetables for your eyes. You can opt to undergo these treatment methods whenever possible even after you are free from the symptoms, as they are extremely safe for your eyes.

Is there any training or experts required?

Eye care is extremely sensitive. Hence, please follow the remedies carefully. Take help only from reputed books and trustworthy websites. In case you have any doubts or queries, do not hesitate to consult with your doctor. Also, it is safe to know your allergic levels so that care can be taken to avoid any reactions. Most importantly, if you feel that the condition does not improve, stop taking the home remedies and seek medical help immediately.

Effectiveness: High Side Effects: Very Low Time for Recovery: Medium Price Range : Approx INR 0 - 500 Training Requirement: No

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Vision is one of our most important senses. Reduced vision that triggers the need for corrective glasses is one of the most common disorders associated with the eyes. Crossed eyes are another such common disorder that affects the eyes. In medical terms it is also known as Strabismus. This condition is a result of miscommunication between the brain and the eye muscles that result in misalignment of the eyes. It is largely a hereditary condition and should not be confused with a lazy eye syndrome. Crossed eyes can cause double vision and disorientation. Your depth perception may also be affected. It also causes eye strains and headaches that affect the quality of your life. This condition is seen mostly in children. If not treated in time, it can continue into the adult years as well. The development of crossed eyes in adults who have not suffered from this condition as children is usually a sign of a serious condition such as a stroke. Some symptoms characteristic of this condition are: 1. Independent movement of eye balls 2. Tilting the head to a side 3. Squinting 4. Varied points of reflection in each eye 5. Frequently bumping into things as a result of impaired depth perception. Treatment for this condition can be surgical as well as non surgical. Non surgical treatment aims at strengthening the eye muscles and treating the visual system as a whole. The aim is to not allow the eye to become lazy or amblyopic. Wearing an eye patch over the strong eye and forcing the weak eye to be used is one of the most common form of this treatment. Corrective glasses can also be used to treat this condition in cases where it has been triggered by excessive farsightedness. In some cases, medication may also be injected into the eye to relax the eye muscles. Surgery to correct this disorder involves correcting vision by strengthening or weakening the eye muscles. To do this, a surgeon must first make a small incision in the outer layer of the eyeball to reach the affected muscles. To strengthen the muscle a small section is removed from the muscle and the remaining part is then rejoined. This makes the muscle shorter and forces the eye to turn towards that side. Alternatively, the doctor may make a partial cut across the muscle to elongate it and let the eye turn further away from it.
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LASIK - Say No to Boring Glasses!

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What are the common problems and symptoms of eye problems and what are their natural cure?

Dr. Shriganesh Diliprao Deshmukh 89% (1500 ratings)
International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, BHMS
hi take euprasia 12c once wk wash ur eye every 3 hrkly if u work infront of pc avoid dust avoid sun strok sleep for 7 hrs of night

Dear Doctors please suggest any exercise or natural food to improve eyesight​. Right now it's -1.75 when I first checked it's -0.75 getting worse day by day.

Dr. Arjun Kumar Singh 95% (1059 ratings)
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Ophthalmologist, Patna
If you are above 21 yrs old , your myopic power is not going to increase. Myopic power is inherited from either mother or father side & is basically hereditary in nature ,maximum increase in myopic power takes place between 13 to 21 yrs in male & between 13 yrs to 19 yrs in female because maximum body growth takes place between these periods. There is no direct medicine to check the increase in myopic power but with the help of balanced diet ,green vegetables & seasonal fruits  one can slow the speed in the increase of myopic  power,one can take the help of yoga pranayam, swimming, gym &these things definitely slow the speed of increase in myopic power.

I am 41 year old. Work for 5 hours over computer and a total of 1 hour on mobile browsing. I have a negative number of 3 which has recently come down to 2.75. However, the Spect Store Guy after testing told me that I need to take progressive glasses, which means I have negative number too around -1.25. I want a solution to reduce the numbers. I am willing to do anything in ayurveda or home made to get rid of the specs. Kindly suggest.

Dr. Vaibhev Mittal 92% (3243 ratings)
Fellowship in Comprehensive Ophthalmology, DOMS
Ophthalmologist, Sangrur
Hello I am sorry but there is no medicine or exercise or diet to get rid of glasses I would say that this is blessing in disguise as you will not need glasses for near work So keep using those glasses for distance work and you may remove glasses when you are engaged in near work
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Right jaw and right side above eyes paining how to avoid paining any tablet or home remedies.

Dr. Ghanshyam Singh 88% (358 ratings)
Dentist, Mohali
In my humble opinion you should not self medicate without knowing the exact origin of pain. Taking medicines blindly will cause more harm than good. You should first get checked by your dentist to evaluate whether the pain is linked to any dental problem or not. If not then you should consult an Ophthalmologist (eye specialist) or where the dentist refers you. Hope this helps.

I am 33 years. Male. Sometimes my eyes got excessive red, sometimes during driving. Please suggest some home remedies. Also to improve eye sights.

Dr. Rajesh Jain 91% (12581 ratings)
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Please Wake up early go for morning walk in greenery daily Do yogasanas and pranayam daily Do eye exercises daily Take salads and fruits more Take carrots, beet root and coriander juice daily Put eyebright eye drops Twice a day regularly Homeopathic medicine.
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