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Home Remedies For Acne: Procedure, Recovery, Risk & Complication

What is the remedy about?

Acne is primarily caused by clogged pores, bacteria, excess oil production and dead skin cells. Sometimes certain medications like supplements and birth control pills can also cause acne. Some of the home remedies for acne are:

  • a.Coconut oil and honey is a great way to reduce acne. Combine them with warm water and apply it to your skin twice
  • a day. Leave it on for some time and then wash it off. This method is a great way to get rid of dead tissues and freshen up your skin
  • b.Intake of Green tea is greatly beneficial in case of acne. It has antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds. It can also be applied over the affected area as a face wash.
  • c.Mint can also help in clearing Acne. Just mix two tablespoons of fresh mint leaves with a small bowl of curd or yogurt. Now apply the mix on your face for 10 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.
  • d.Aloe is helpful in fighting skin infection and relieving skin burns. Just apply aloe juice to the acne.
  • e. Lemon Juice contains citric acid which acts like an astringent. It smoothens your skin and restores colour and pH balance of the skin.

Are there any side effects?

Several precautions must be taken before applying these remedies:

  • 1. Aloe can cause skin irritation if you are allergic to it
  • 2. Too much mint can cause other health problems like headcahe and heartburn

What are the post-remedy guidelines?

  • 1. Avoid going out in the sun without protection
  • 2. In case of dry skin, apply moisturizers.
  • 3. Wash your face regularly.
  • 4. Eat fresh green vegetables on a regular basis.
  • 5. Drink plenty of fruit juice.

How long does it take to recover?

The skin reacts slowly to these treatments. Hence it normally takes about 6 to 12 weeks to cure acne. The scars might take even longer to disappear.

Are the results of the remedy permanent?

No. Exposure to UV rays for prolonged periods may cause acne again. Hence one should take all the precautions to avoid it.

Is there any training or experts required?

There are no training required to apply home remedies for acne.

Effectiveness: Medium Side Effects: Low Time for Recovery: High Price Range :

Approx Rs 100- 500

Training Requirement:

Generally no training is required for these treatments. However be careful with the doasge and amount of the ingredients being used.

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Acne - Ayurvedic Remedies For It!

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Ayurveda, Dehradun
Acne - Ayurvedic Remedies For It!
Yauvan pidika or acne vulgaris is an inflammatory skin disorder which is prevalent in both males and females. When the sebaceous glands present on skin produce excessive sebum, the hair follicles present on skin get clogged leading to the formation of acne. According to ayurveda, kapha, pitta & rakta and meda or fat dhathu are responsible for producing acne. Ayurvedic treatment aims to eliminate the problem from its root. Herbs like Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa), Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia) and Kushta (Saussurea lappa) are known for their properties to reduce acne. Turmeric (Curcuma longa) and Chandana (Santalum album) are also effective in treating acne. The application of Jaiphal (Myristica fragrans) and Khas-Khas (Vetiveria zizanioides) is believed to provide satisfactory results. Neem (Azadirachta indica), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) are known for their blood purifying properties, which can lessen the occurrence of acne and pimple in the long run. The following are some of the ayurvedic remedies for treating acne: To reduce the growth of pimple, rub powder of jamun (Syzygium cumini) seed and apply it on the pimple. The peel of orange has medicinal properties that can be used effectively in the treatment of pimple. Make a paste of orange peel powder and rose water; apply it on your face on a regular basis. It is an effective remedy that cures acne and improves the skin tone. To achieve an immediate result, apply a paste of lodhra (symplocos crateigodies), vach (acorus calamus) and dhania (coriander). Improvement will be noticed within 7 days. A paste of red chandan (red sandalwood) and jaiphal (nutmeg) are also effective in reducing the appearance of acne and pimples. Apply a paste of masoor dal (red lentils) with milk, ghee and camphor on your face. It reduces the appearance of acne and clears the scars which are left behind. Prepare a paste of lemon, kalaunji (seeds of fennel flower) and milk. Apply it on your face on a regular basis before going to bed. Wash your face with lukewarm water in the morning. This remedy ensures speedy disappearance of acne. Make a mixture of nimbu (lemon), extracts of tulsi (basil) and black kasundi (coffee pods), dry it in sun and apply the mixture on face. It is a powerful remedy that is known to cure the problem of acne. Besides these home remedies, a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle will also enable you to reduce the risk of recurrent acne.
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Advantages Of Thyme!

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Advantages Of Thyme!
Thyme herb belongs to the mint family. Apart from being a staple culinary ingredient, it is getting fast recognition for its medicinal benefits. Here are 13 topmost benefits of thyme - 1. Fights acne: When thyme is soaked in alcohol for several days, it turns tincture and attains antibacterial properties for fighting acne. 2. Lowers blood pressure: If thyme can be replaced with salt in foods, it will work effectively in lowering the heart rate. 3. Controls cough: Thyme oil mixed with ivy leaves is a wonderful natural remedy for cough, cold and even acute bronchitis. 4. Boosts immunity: Thyme comes loaded with nutrients like vitamin A, C, Manganese, Copper, Iron and fiber to help build body's immunity. 5. Helps in controlling pests: Thyme is added as a primary ingredient in many pesticides for controlling pests, virus and bacteria. Rub thyme leaves on your arms and legs and you will be safe from mosquito bites. 6. Improves mood: Thyme essential oil contains a substance called 'carvacrol'. This substance helps thyme in being used as an aromatic agent that renders many therapeutic uses. 7. Protects from cancer: Thyme extracts render protective effect on organs like colon and breast from cancer. 8. Treats yeast infection: Thyme essential oil can be applied over yeast infected areas (vagina and mouth) for quick relief. 9. Cures rheumatism: The diuretic properties of thyme oil can help in removal of toxins, which consequently improves the circulation and can cure rheumatism. 10. Strengthens cardiac muscles: Thyme has anti-spasmodic properties that make it eligible to be used for regulating the functioning of heart valves. It relieves heart from stress by smoothening veins and arteries. 11. Can help treat gas: Thyme is an effective carminative agent and can easily push gas downward for removal. 12. Uplifts low blood pressure: Thyme is a boon for those who often have plummeting blood pressure to save them from the sluggish lifestyle. 13. Kills virus: Thyme, in its various forms, holds immense antiviral potential and prevents the entry of the virus into the cell. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult an Ayurveda.
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Folliculitis - 5 Ayurvedic Remedies!

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Folliculitis - 5 Ayurvedic Remedies!
Folliculitis is a specialised type of acne, which is manifested with red rashes, dryness of the skin and inflammation on hair scalp. This is a common skin issue and can be treated very well with natural medicines. Ayurveda is one natural form of medicine, which is best used to treat such skin problems. The ingredients used in Ayurveda are all very natural, organic and fresh. This means that there are hardly any side effects in this form of treatment. If you want to cure your folliculitis, with naturally occurring home remedies, then Ayurveda is the line of treatment that can be chosen. Here are some tips to help you in recovering from this skin problem. Coconut Oil: Research shows that daily use of virgin coconut oil on the infected area can reduce irritation and inflammation. This needs to be applied once daily for better results. Coconut oil contains fats, which are not only good for consumption in the dishes, but also good for the skin. These fatty acids are absorbed by the skin and help in a speedy recovery. Neem: The extensive anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of neem leaves are very well known all over the world. Fresh neem leaves can be made into a paste and directly applied over the infected area. Apart from providing a soothing sensation, it also removes all the dirt from the infected area, thereby cleaning it and giving it time to heal faster. Vinegar: Vinegar has a unique property of reducing rashes and redness that develops on the skin. For instance, apple cider vinegar can be mixed with two parts of water and directly applied to the infected area for about 10 minutes. Garlic: Eating garlic clove or garlic supplements every day helps in reducing inflammation. It is said that garlic contains sulphur and other supplements, which help in reducing the inflammation that folliculitis causes. Once the inflammation is reduced, the pain subsides to quite an extent. With less discomfort in the affected region, the infection heals faster. Aloe Vera: The juice of aloe vera, when applied onto the infected area, causes the burning sensation and itching to soothe. This soothing property of aloe vera makes it an important remedy. Once the skin is cool and clean, the infection heals faster. These are some of the naturally occurring remedies to cure folliculitis faster and to provide immediate relief to those suffering from it.
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10 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Acne!

Dr. Ganesh Avhad 91% (1604 ratings)
Dermatologist, Mumbai
10 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Acne!
All of us have dealt with Acne at some point of time and especially at time when we needed it the least. Remember, the day before the presentation or your best friend's wedding. In order to get rid of acne, one needs to have clear skin as fast as possible. There are both natural methods as well as medicated methods using medicine and chemicals to treat it. Once one has acne, one must keep their hair and hands away from acne, as the touching of acne will take the germs to the other exposed parts. Since acne is caused by oil and bacteria one must use an oil-free face wash which contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is anti-bacterial and helps removing away dead skin cells that can clog your pores. One should use hand held facial brush to decrease the skin leaving behind less oil and bacteria and thus, cleaning the clogged skin pores. Usage of oil-free foundation containing salicylic acid prevents base makeup from contributing to new pimples. When new pimples pop up, one must treat it with anti-inflammatory ingredient that blasts blemishes. If one has a bright red blemish, then one must use a hydrocortisone cream which helps relieve redness and inflammation. One can also reduce the swelling by holding an ice pack against the trouble spot and then use the hydrocortisone cream. One must not pick one's face in case of acne, as it will only result in a scar. If one already have a blemish wound, one must apply a hydroquinone-based cream to the area to help lighten the spot. Lemon juice is a natural astringent, which when applied directly on the acne, kills off the bacteria clogging the pores. It also has natural lightening powers that reduces the redness of acne. Tea tree oil reduces skin irritation and acne. One can coat the acne with some tea tree oil after washing the face twice daily for the best results. One must avoid milk, chocolates, sweets, desserts, cakes, fat and oil to prevent acne. The egg white help to get rid of acne fast and overnight. One should apply the egg white and apply to the acne before bedtime and leave it overnight. On washing the face with water next morning, one can see that acne has dried up. One can remove acne by putting little honey and leaving it overnight. Honey kills skin bacteria and makes the skin glow. Baking Soda is the most powerful method to get rid of acne. One should make a paste of a teaspoon of baking soda with water and put it on the acne. On washing the face after three hours, one can see that acne has dried up. So, the next time when the acne pops up just before the occasion, just use any of these methods and get rid of acne in a jiffy.
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Acne and scars problem .I hve try almost in sense .as Natural as home remedies and medicines.

Dr. Harjot Kaur 96% (13102 ratings)
Homeopath, Delhi
Hello, you can take homoeopathic medicine Berberis Aquifolium Q (10 drops in little amount of water) and take it three times in day for a week and update. Drink plenty of water Avoid fried and spicy food.
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Sir/mam I have small small acnes on my skin its ok at night its not seems bt at day time it appears nd very clear to see so sir what should I do or I use so that tys little acnes are completely disappear nd my skin become all clear Do suggest some home remedy or natural treatment tq.

Dr. Keshava Bhat Sarpangala 88% (115 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Bangalore
If dandruff is there, treat it with oil application and regular head bath. Dhurdhoorapathradi thailam is helpful for dandruf. Face pack with chandan or fruits like papaya may help for pimple.

I have pcod problem, am using homeopathy since 15 days, there is more acne on my face, I was trying lot of home remedies to remove it, but there was no change on my face, due to acne there are lot of black marks ,am doing exercise daily, I need to attend interview, I can not attend with these face, please suggest me to remove it.

Dr. Surbhi Agrawal 89% (18316 ratings)
General Physician, Nashik
Acne happens due to blockade of sebaceous glands. Acne treatment needs a combination of approach. Please follow this regimen. 1. Apply epiduo cream in night keep it for an hour and wash your face. 2. Apply dew soft moisturiser and sleep. 3. In early morning apply clindac gel. 4. After bath apply suncote gel. Carry on with this regimen for a month you will get improvement. Let me know if you have any other doubts. Thank you
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My age is 22 and am suffering from acne and acne darkspots and scars .please suggest me a best home remedy.

Dr. Lalit Kumar Tripathy 89% (18885 ratings)
General Physician, Cuttack
1.Wash your face twice daily with soap and warm water to remove excess oil or wash face with Acnestar soap 2.Don’t scrub your face. 3. Apply acnestar gel (1%clindamycin+15 nicotinamide) twice daily for 4 week 4.If no relief, consult skin specialist.

I have been dealing with acne for the last 5 years. Its condition now is very poor. Especially on check and forehead. I wanna get rid of this disgusting problem now. Please doctor do me some favor. I tried some home made methods to get rid of this. But I failed. I need to consult now but its difficult to consult face to face. Thank you!

Dr. Himani Negi 93% (18034 ratings)
Homeopath, Chennai
Dear lybrate user avoid facewashes and creams, use gram fluor and turmeric instead, eat more vegetables and whole fruits, drink plenty of water, since pimples depend on many internal factors it needs an internal medicinal treatment for cure Homoeopathic constitutional treatment will cure you permanently  .

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