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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

High Risk Pregnancy

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Dr. Garima KaurGynaecologist • 20 Years Exp.MS, MBBS, MICOG, Diploma In Laparoscopy

High Risk Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Hello everyone. I’m Dr. Garima Kaur, consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician working at Arshia Clinic in Pitampura, and at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Shalimar Bagh. I have been practicing for the last thirteen years, but I would like to talk about high risk pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a physiological condition but in case of any abnormalities in the mother or baby’s condition, it is labeled as high risk pregnancy. High risk pregnancy would include maternal conditions like high HP or hypertension in pregnancy, high sugars, or diabetes in pregnancy, low hemoglobin, or anemia pregnancy, heart disease in the mother, blood group like Rh negative, etc. Baby conditions like twins, triplets, IUGR, or intrauterine growth restriction babies or premature babies, etc. High risk pregnancy can cause threat to the life of mother or her baby, so in such situations, we have to have a closer assessment of the patient. Specific diet and lifestyle that has to be followed by the patient is explained to them. They are called for more frequent visits at the clinic to monitor their conditions.

Investigations like ultrasound, blood, urine are done at more frequent intervals, to monitor their condition properly. Any timely intervention that is indicated in their situation is done. Prophylactic steroid injections, if required, to boost baby’s maturity, are given. Overall, all efforts are made to make the baby and mother healthy as close as possible to the normal pregnancy, so that even they can enjoy a healthy and uneventful pleasant pregnancy and delivery. I would like to highlight some home remedies for the modifiable conditions which can cause later in life a high risk pregnancy. The modifiable conditions would include anemia, which can be corrected by simple home measures like taking a balanced diet rich in iron sources like green leafy vegetables, a high protein diet like daals, paneer, milk, sprouts, and soya bean, etc. even obesity can be curtailed in time by regular exercise and a diet low in carbs, fats, etc. this was in short about my profile, and about the problems of high risk pregnancy.

For any update or queries you can contact me at Arshia Clinic Pitampura, or book an appointment at Lybrate. You can also meet me at Max Super Specialty Hospital Shalimar Bagh. Thank you.


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