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Hernia: Time Not To Delay The Treatment

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Dr. Hemendra Singh 87% (209 ratings)
MBBS, MS - General Surgery
General Surgeon, Ghaziabad  •  37 years experience
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I am Dr. Hemendra Singh, a senior surgeon.

I welcome you to Singh Surgical Clinic based in Indirapuram practicing general and laparoscopy for the last 30 years. The introduction of my topic today in on Hernia. What is Hernia? Basically when tissues procure through a week part of the Abdomen wall or some other parts, it leads to procuration of internal organs. It may be in the abdomen or it may be in the intestines. The most common type of Hernia are, especially in males, in the groins which are called Inguinal Hernia. They may be of one side or both sides. In females, the common Hernia are Ventral Hernia which are usually an old scar or near an old scar. In today’s world when there are lot many busy schedule of people and lack of sleep also will be develop Hiatal Hernia which sometimes is congenital also. The hernia is caused when the muscle is weak in the abdominal wall or the person usually states either for due to constipation or for urination. Pregnancy, recent increase in weight, cough, etc. or weight lifting in gym is also plays an important role in development of Hernia. So the people, even in younger age, because even in small age children the risk of developing Hernia is because of the congenital diseases. In the adults these play accumulated factors play an important role. The symptoms of Hernia are very simple. A place where you never used to find and a bulge or lump, you will find in the groin or in the abdomen wall near by abdomen scars. The treatment options for hernia are a simple strategy of weight reduction, balanced diet, routine exercise like walk etc. but mostly the cases require surgery and the surgery is in the form of a laparoscopic surgery very small keyhole incisions are made and we put a mesh through the smaller holes and we place it into the abdomen wall. Very very advanced technique for development the methodology are developing for the treatment for the treatment of hernias for the bigger hernias because now we at a time take major surgeries in the abdomen for cancers, for trauma etc. and which later on only took large Hernia also where we require all these new techniques the risk of not operating especially patients in home there are a lot of symptoms like bulge, pain is because of the obstruction in the Hernia set. It may bet strangulated when the surgery becomes very very necessary and urgent. If you delay the surgery people may develop perforation of the intestines and contamination of the while abdominal cavity, then it becomes a very very life threatening issue we should take care of the hernias especially at an early age. Sometimes we have seen people asking whether this will come again or not. So if you for an early surgery and take a good surgical course the chances of developing a recurrence are very low. Right so all these things for today.

Thank you very much.

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