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3T MRI Scan - Abdomen Test

3T MRI Scan - Abdomen Test

Magnetic resonance imaging, most commonly known as MRI, uses the power of magnetic field to image the tissues of the body. The MRI does not use any radiation. The strength of the magnet is measured in Tesla. Earlier, 1.5 Tesla was used as the standard form for MRI scan. But 3T means three times the Tesla was quantifying the strength of the magnetic field.

The scan is done for various parts of the body for screening purposes. But abdominal aorta is done to screen a possible aneurysm, gallbladder and bile ducts to screen for cancerous growths and stones. There is clarity in the images when 3T MRI scan is done. It benefits the pathologists to infer results.

Here are few precautions for a patient to keep in mind. Carry all the previous scanning reports and x-ray relating to the current health condition. Patients required to take IV or oral contrast and diabetic patients may be asked to fast at least 4 hours before the test. Those on insulin may seek a doctor's permissions. Parents under dialysis should be dialyzed prior 24 hours following the IV contrast. You will have to drink a contrast solution known as Barium, provided by the hospital authorities before the test. Also, let the doctor know if there is any kind of metal in your body. As MRI uses the magnetic field, attracting metals can become fatal. Therefore, artificial heart valves, screws, plates, staples, pacemakers, stents etc. must be alerted to the doctor.

The 3T MRI scan abdomen aids in knowing the following-

  • Examine if there are any lymph nodes To check the blood flow
  • To diagnose the cause of pain or swelling in the abdomen
  • To inspect the blood vessels

The procedure takes 30 to 90 minutes. The patients are transported to an MRI machine. It is like a bench where the patient is asked to lie down. The bench then carries to a more substantial tube. The large container opens at a much tyre like structure. Over the microphone, the radiology technician instructs the patient on the various positions the MRI scan is needed for. There exists a thumping noise during the process. Hospitals offer earplugs or headphones for the patients to help pass the time. Holding breath, not move are some of the suggestions made by the radiology technician during the process.

Rs 2000- Rs 5000

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