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Last Updated: July 26, 2019
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Hepatitis C - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

What is Hepatitis C? What happens in Hepatitis :

What is Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is an infectious disease caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV) that primarily affects the liver. During the initial infection people often have mild or no symptoms. Occasionally a fever, dark urine, abdominal pain, and yellow tinged skin occurs.

What happens in Hepatitis :

The liver gets infected and inflamed in hepatitis C. This condition takes place after getting infected by HCV or hepatitis C virus, which may either be chronic or acute in nature. The acute hepatitis C symptoms have quite a rapid onset and may last for some weeks. The chronic hepatitis C on the other hand has symptoms which develop through a period of few months which might not be apparent initially. Hepatitis C unlike A and B does not have a vaccine, even though efforts for creating one are still on going.

Hepatitis C can be highly contagious, which explains the high incidence of people having this disease. This disease can happen to anyone all across the globe. The doctor might not have sufficient evidence for diagnosing you with hepatitis C, solely based on symptoms of this disease. So it is necessary to inform your doctor if you have had a hepatitis C exposure recently. If the doctor thinks that you might have the virus, they might ask you to get a few blood tests to look for traces of HCV. Blood tests are used to measure the presence of HCV in the blood. Genotyping tests can be done to check the best treatment option for you, if you have been infected with this disease.

An LFT or a liver function test may be prescribed by your doctor if they think that you might have a damaged liver. This test is done for checking the blood and urine for traces of elevated enzymes. Liver biopsy is another test done for checking the imminent liver damage. For this, the doctor takes a small piece of tissue from the liver and tests it for any cell abnormalities.

Not everyone having hepatitis C infection will require treatment as the immune system in some people might overcome infections of their own accord.

There are quite a few treatment options for hepatitis C. Treatment is generally reserved for those having severe liver scarring and damage. Previous hepatitis C treatments needed weekly injections continuing over 48 weeks and had the risk of near fatal side effects. Newer antiviral medicines have greater cure rates and lesser harmful side effects. They also need a reduced treatment period.

The doctor is the only person who can decides if anti-viral medicines are more beneficial or harmful for your overall health. Normally, your doctor would ask you to get bed rest for saving energy for fighting off this disease. You should also ask your doctor for a diet plan for preventing dehydration and malnourishment. In some cases of hepatitis C, treatment may not be needed as the liver abnormalities are minor in case of this disease.

hepatitis C Treatment

Popular Questions & Answers

Sir meri mummy ka hcv rna 6750 h or genotyping 3b h unki sovihep 100/400 mg m chel rhi h sovihep khane se unka pet ful gya or pesav ka bend leg gya lekin unka pet phele bhi is hi terha ful jata tha ab aap he koi upaye btao jis se unka pedab ka bend na lege or pet bhi na fule please sir help me.

Is medicine se urine band usually nahi hota. Pet phulne ka karan dekhna hoga ki kahin pani to nahi agaya. Iske liye ek usg abdomen karwa sakte hai. Usi hisab se urine ke liye dawai di jayegi.
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Is anti Hep C antibody test conclusive on 8th week mark. I had vaginal exposure with a call girl. 1. If not conclusive, how much reliable on 8th week mark. Doctors are requested to give views. 2. Should I plan to do a PCR test. 3. What are chances to get Hep C during vaginal sex. I am feeling anxiety in this regard. Please help me. Regards.

There are a number of diagnostic tests for hepatitis C, including HCV antibody enzyme immunoassay or ELISA, recombinant immunoblot assay, and quantitative HCV RNA polymerase chain reaction (PCR). HCV RNA can be detected by PCR typically one to two...

HCV RNA report 6000 is it serious what is the cost of medicine diet to be given and is it curable the patient too have fatty liver what r the precaution to be taken.

The cause of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is unknown. Risk factors include obesity, gastric bypass surgery, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Most people have no symptoms. In rare cases, people may experience fatigue, pain or weig...

My concern is about hepatitis c. I have been unfortunately pricked by allpin multiple times. I have tested in the past for HIV and hepatitis b but not hepatitis c. What's the risk.

Dear user. Thanks for the question. I can understand. HIV spread through Contact between broken skin, wounds, or mucous membranes and HIV-infected blood or blood-contaminated body fluids. Deep, open-mouth kissing if both partners have sores or ble...
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I have hcv infection. Doctor advised for liver biopsy. I have done fibroscan which is 7.3 kpa. Is it safe. Is fibroscan normal or not.

Your fibroscan score is suggestive of mild abnormality. You can avoid biopsy. Continue treatment and precautions for HCV disease. If you want a detailed advice then please consult me online/audio/video at the earliest.
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