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What Is A Healthy Diet?

It is a shame that it is considered that only skinny is beautiful. What is really beautiful is a person with a healthy body, healthy skin and healthy hair, irrespective of their size or weight. After all, what use is your beauty if you are not healthy and in fact, an unhealthy body can never look beautiful; regardless of how well dressed you are, or the kind of make-up you put on. Hence before you decide to start on that crash dieting, just stop and consider the atrocities you would be causing against your own body. You would end up not beautiful but unhealthy in the process.

If you think that starving yourself would make you skinny and would be considered beautiful, you cannot be more mistaken. It has been proved that eating less, especially skipping breakfast leads to more weight gain. Instead of crash dieting or stopping food intake altogether, consult a dietician and go for a balanced diet.

A balanced diet is designed keeping in mind the particular needs of an individual such that the body receives the optimum food it needs to stay healthy without that excess amount that would lead to weight gain. Any good diet consultant would be able to help you with this matter.

Most people think that carbohydrates and sugar lead to excess weight gain but it is not true. Of course, anything in excess quantity is not good but your body needs carbohydrates and sugar too to function properly. But since all of us have different body needs, a diet plan that worked wonders for your friend might not suit you at all. For instance, the body system of your friend might be in dire need of protein while your body system might be already high on it. Hence make sure you consider this fact before you randomly try some diet plan on your own.

It is, however, important that regardless of what diet chart you are following, you include lots of seasonal fruits and green vegetables in it. A good diet consultant would ensure this point and hence if your diet chart does not include veggies or fruits, make sure you opt for a second opinion. It is also important to drink lots of fluid to keep your body hydrated. Here is a small tip for you that would help in fast weight loss: eat healthy. Eat frequently but in small quantities.

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Salad - Why To Have It?

Salad - Why To Have It?

Salad is no longer considered a poor man's diet. Gone are the days when the sole purpose of having a salad was to lose the stubborn and unwanted body fats. Salads can be extremely healthy and nutritious. With salads around, the long and gruesome hours in the kitchen are a thing of the past. A bowl full of lip smacking salad, well structured with fruits, vegetables and quality oils, will do your health a world of good. Say yes to salads and its benefits will leave you with a mouth open awe. Preparing salads is no rocket science. Get all the ingredients together, and savour in the palatable powerhouse of health and nourishment.

- A feeling of fullness like never before: Experiencing an irresistible craving for food? Salad is at your service. A bowl of salad will give you a feeling of fullness, keeping the hunger pangs and cravings at bay. With salads, you don't even need to be repetitive. A little modification; and your taste buds are in for a treat.

- Say no to dehydration: Most of the vegetables that go into your salad have high water content. Scorching summers or sweltering heat can leave a person dehydrated. Salads come as a great relief. It works amazingly to hydrate your body, thereby re-energizing you fully.

- Lettuce to fight insomnia: If a good sleep is all that you desire, salad is what you need. 'Lectucarium', a substance found in lettuce, work miraculously to treat insomnia. All the more reasons to include lettuce leaves in your salad.

- The goodness of vitamins and minerals are retained: A lot of important vitamins, minerals and some enzymes (mostly digestive, that gets denatured) are lost to cooking. Taking in raw vegetables ensure that the important vitamins and minerals are not lost. Some raw vegetables contain important enzymes (live) that can greatly aid in the digestion process.

- A salad rich in broccoli, avocados, bell peppers, berries are a rich source of antioxidants. Such salads work wonders and are an excellent boost for the immune system.

- Do not let wrinkles and saggy skin bother you. Some of the fruits and vegetables present in the salad help in collagen synthesis, thus giving your skin a natural glow. It is needless to say that spinach, lettuce and romaine, that form an integral part of your salads, are excellent for the eyesight.

- Walnut oil, sunflower oil (organic), olive oil and pumpkin seed oil are rich in omega fatty acids. Using these oils in salad dressings can be extremely beneficial.

- Some of the fibrous fruits and vegetables can effectively clean the intestine and colon.

The benefits of salads are immense. 


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Dieting Still Not Loosing Weight - Know More About Food That Hinders Weight Loss!

Dieting Still Not Loosing Weight - Know More About Food That Hinders Weight Loss!

Physical exercises and dieting go hand in hand in reducing weight. You sometimes believe that there are many foods, which help you to lose weight. But in several cases, they actually make it harder to lose weight.
There are some foods, which needs to be avoided when you are dieting. Such foods are:

Fruit juice

  1. You might think that fruit juice is a very preferable option when you are dieting because of the nutrient product they hold. But many times the thing is not that.
  2. ou should not consume calorie when you are dieting. As such, many people often resort to fruit juices to seek carbohydrates instead. Yet, in opposition to popular belief, fruit juices provide the calories which such people would want to avoid.   
  3. The natural sugars we find in fruits are not the same as that found in fruit juices. Fruit juices contain no fiber. So, sometimes it is just as same as a can of coke.

Diet fizzy drinks

  1. You think that diet sodas do not contain as much as normal soda, but it is just the same. The artificially sweetened beverages are the same and contain the same amount of sugar.
  2. In addition, these diet sodas stimulate your appetite and your urge to consume food increases. If you are someone with a sweet tooth then you can switch to sweet green tea instead.

Fake butter or margarine

  1. You sometimes have a tendency to think that butter contains fat, but margarine doesn't. However it is not true, and as such margarine also does not help reduce weight.
  2. The margarine products also contain trans-fats, which can prove to be very bad for your dieting regulation. It also increases the rate of having heart diseases.
  3. Apart from that, all the margarine products contain a high amount of omega 6, which is a kind of fatty acid.

Processed food with low fat

  1. You think that in processed food the fat is removed from the food and as such these foods are harmless to consume while dieting. Yet, it is not so because most of the time a very high amount of sugar is added to the processed food.
  2. Some studies have shown that low-carb foods are more beneficial than low-fat food. The low-fat food does not help you to maintain the right levels of glucose tolerance.
  3.  Studies have shown that your rate of eating is increased up to 30% when you start thinking that you are having low-fat food.

Low-calorie snack bars

  1. If you think that cereal bars are a very healthy thing to consume during diet then you are wrong.
  2. Studies have said that 40% of cereal bars contain sugar. As it is artificially sweetened then it also contains glucose or fructose syrup which again is not good for your weight loss efforts. 
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Fruits For Better Health!

Fruits For Better Health!

Fruits for better health

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Dental Health!

Dental Health!

Eating a well-balanced diet gives your gums and teeth the important nutrients and minerals they need to stay strong and resist infections.


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How To Put Your Hunger In Check All Day?

How To Put Your Hunger In Check All Day?

Many people feel hungry throughout the day. They are lethargic until they lay their hands on food. These bouts of hunger go on like a vicious circle and if not resisted it can lead to health issues.

1. A high- fiber diet can prevent unnecessary hunger- Your diet should be rich in fiber. Body takes a longer span of time to digest fiber rich food. It also makes you feel full for hours together. Having fiber will keep your bowel movements in control and is therefore healthy. Remember to add extra fiber to your bowl of cereals or salad to keep pangs of hunger at bay.

2. Divide one heavy meal into two smaller meals- Eating heavy meals and that too less frequently is really bad for your health. This can make you feel hungry time and again. To control the constant rumbling inside your tummy, you should divide one big meal into two or more smaller meals. For instance, if you were supposed to eat sandwiches, boiled eggs and soup for lunch, you should probably eat sandwiches at noon and eat the soup and eggs any time later in the day.

3. Never be a fast eater- Jumping on your food is the worst way of tackling things. Research studies show how a human brain takes more than twenty minutes to tell your body it is full and satisfied. If you don't wish to overeat throughout the day, you must consume your food slowly. This way the brain takes more time in realizing it is full and thus further time in feeling subsequent hunger.

4. Eat sufficiently during mealtime- Many tend to eat inadequately during mealtime and as soon as they are done with their food they feel hungry. It is important to fill yourself sufficiently when you are already eating. A person snacking on carrots and corns can keep away from binge eating.

5. Drink more glasses of water- Every person should drink around three to four liters of water. Drinking water half an hour after a meal can keep your gustatory concerns in check for long. Water keeps you hydrated, helps in digestion and controls unnecessary hunger.

6. Eat a good amount of protein- Protein makes you full in very little time and thus doesn't need to be consumed in great quantities. It will make you feel content for long as your blood sugar levels are in balance through protein consumption. Protein takes time to be digested.

Diet To Ensure Health!

Diet To Ensure Health!

There are certain foods that you should be eating on a regular basis to improve your overall health. These foods contain the necessary micro and macro nutrients to nourish your body and allow it to function optimally. The 7 foods that you should include in your diet are:

1. Brown rice
Opt for the whole grain variety instead of white rice, as brown rice contains complex carbohydrates instead of simple carbohydrates. Brown rice provides energy to the body without spiking the blood sugar levels. It is also a good source of trace minerals like manganese, phosphorus and selenium.

2. Eggs
A boiled egg is, without a shade of doubt, one of the best superfoods that you can come across. An egg packs a powerful nutritious punch that contains protein, vitamin D, selenium, zinc and copper. Apart from being nutritious, it is an inexpensive source of protein.

3. Apples
You must have heard the age-old proverb that 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' and it stands good even today with good reason. Apples are good sources of antioxidants, flavonoids and fiber that help in reducing the risk of blood pressures problems and diabetes. Apples are also known to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

4. Spinach
Spinach is a superfood that contains good amounts of vitamin C, and various antioxidants that help in maintaining optimal functioning of the body. It is also known for its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Yoghurt
Yoghurt is a good source of protein and calcium that you may use as a part of the fat loss diet. Yoghurt also contains healthy probiotic bacteria that promote healthy digestion.

6. Fish
Fish contains protein in good amounts, the variety of amino acids content in fish helps in improving metabolism in the body. It also helps in building muscle and losing fat. Fish contains Omega-3 acids which help promote a healthy nervous system.

7. Garlic
Consumption of garlic on a regular basis is known to keep the body free from toxins due to its antibiotic properties. The high sulfur content of garlic boosts immunity levels in the body and protects it from common cold and cough.

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Top Summer Foods To Detox!

Top Summer Foods To Detox!

Top Summer Foods To Detox

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Ayurveda Detox Diet!

Ayurveda Detox Diet!

Ayurveda Detox Diet

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Skin Health - How Diet Can Enhance It?

Skin Health - How Diet Can Enhance It?

Beauty is something which is a lot more than just skin deep. However, that really does not mean that adequate care is not taken for a person’s skin. So what does that mean when it comes to what a person has to do?

Quite a few things, as a matter of fact!

  • To start with, a person who is interested in making sure that his or her skin is clear should focus on making sure that the diet he or she is following does everything that is beneficial for the skin.
  • There are quite a few foods which do go a pretty long way in making sure that the skin stays healthy. Foods which are rich in Vitamin C are good to have in order to be able to achieve this purpose.
  • When a person eats, he or she should make an effort to maximise the diversity on his or her plate. This can take the form of a range of vegetables or fruits. To make good use of an example, carrots are great. All a person needs to do in order to harness their beneficial effects is to just cut them up and mix it with other vegetables and make it a salad.

Everyday foods for great skin!

  1. Spinach and swiss chard are also some good options to incorporate in a meal. If a person does not like the taste of spinach, pumpkin does serve to be a reasonable replacement.
  2. Out of all the different types of fats there are, Omega-3 fats are the best and some fats can cause a lot of trouble to the skin. Fish are quite high in omega 3 fats and this is a great dietary option to reduce the adverse impact which it had on the skin as a result of too much exposure to the sun. If a person happens to be vegetarian, some other good options would be in the form of walnuts and ground flaxseed.
  3. Rather than eating processed foods, it is better to eat foods which are whole in nature as they can do a lot of good for the skin of the person. Yoghurt, nuts, and multigrain breads are good options which fall under the whole foods category.

All in all, as long as a person is careful about the foods that he consumes, there is really no reason at all as to why his or her skin cannot be in perfect health.



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