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Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - General Medicine
Ayurvedic Doctor, Gurgaon  •  10years experience
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Hi all,

I am Dr. Sajna Ali, Chief Consulting Physician. Today lets have a talk of headache and its management through ayurveda. Nowadays it is common and everyone has headache. There are different types of headaches like tension headache, migraine, sinusitis. So we can see how it is correlated in ayurveda and what is the treatment in ayurveda. First, we can see the common and primary headache is the Tension headache. It is caused due to stress, exams and long working hours, stress in the neck muscles, eyes pain sleep disturbance, dehydration, coughing withdrawal. There are so many causes for this so this headache is coming from the back of the neck and comes to the complete head that is bilateral headache. It is coming on both side not only on one side on both side and it is not episodic it will come any time it can go in one minute or one day and it can last for one week etc.

So in ayurveda it correlated with Wardaja Shiroshula – because of the increased warda in the gouri. You have so many treatments in ayurveda for this like internal medication, like PATHYAAKSHADHATHRYAADI KASHAYAM, KALYAANAKAM KASHAYAM, VARANAADI KASHAYAM, GULGULUTHIKTHAKAM KASHAYAM, INDUKAANTHAM KASHAYAM etc. Because it is related to the jathara agni because that is coming from the stomach related problems also. And then the treatment includes Nasyam that is nasal cleaning, Shirulebam head massage with a specific oil related to the wardatosha that is balashwagandhadi, ksheerabala & Shirotara also helps in relaxing this and this helps properly to relax the mind and the body. Secondly we can go to the migraine type of headache. Migraine means it is having throbbing pain with associated with smell sound or any other noises with vomiting nausea etc.

It is one sided headache mainly right sided headache. So This is migraine & we correlate with the pittacha shiroshula so mainly we give cooling medicines to reduce this type of headache. And mainly relaxing to the eyes and the head. In this, we give medicines like PATHYAAKSHADHATHRYAADI KASHAYAM, DRAAKSHAADI KASHAYAM, GULOOCHYADI KASHAYAM etc and mainly the ghee preparation we give in this like brahmighreedam layanam etc and the treatment is also the pitta dosha reducing medicine treatments like nasyam with kshirabala, anu thailam and all. Achna Majisthadi is the best medicine for this type of headache. Achna Majisthadi and also Balaharadi also.

So Shirodara we use this type of oil for migraine headaches. And shirolepam with kachuradi choornam is very good result in this migraine headache. And aladi doodh that is milk with cardamom that is very wonderful because it is very cool in nature. And thirdly we can come to the is due to the allergy or any infection in the para nasal sinus. It block the sinus and there will be bacterial growth in the sinus this is causing pain. So here we correlate pain with dusta pradeshaya or kafacha shirashula. Here we use kafa reducing medicine for treatment. So mainly swarasadal juice of specific medicines to clean the nasal tract and reducing infection so we use Dasamoola Katutraya Kashayam & VARANAADI KASHAYAM and also for nasal nasyam we use asenailadi.

Asenaladi is very good for this condition. So shirodara will also help Like balahar adi like medicine and Shirolepam will also with rasnadi choornam lemon juice and also this is giving very wonderful result. So according the patients also we use different medicines. So first come and consult the doctor what type of headache is this and we have particular medicine for different types of headache so lets visit Ayurnava. So you can meet anywhere and lets visit.

Thank You.

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