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5 Shocking Causes of Hair Loss And How To Treat Them!

Dr. Nitin Jain 90% (276 ratings)
MBBS, Diploma in Venerology & Dermatology (DVD), DDV, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy
Dermatologist, Pune
5 Shocking Causes of Hair Loss And How To Treat Them!

Hair loss or Alopecia is a problem common to both men and women. It can leave you feeling very miserable. But rather than getting upset knowing the cause will help you tackle the problem efficiently. The following are few shocking causes of hair loss that you may not be aware of-

  1. Hair Loss can be a hereditary problem for some people. It can be common to both men and women. Males may encounter male pattern baldness and females can encounter female pattern baldness.
  2. Women can face hair loss problems for using hair styling tools. You must avoid hair strengtheners, curling irons and dryers in order to control hair loss.
  3. Hormonal imbalances can lead to hair loss. Thyroid problems or levels of estrogen getting reduced in cases of women can cause hair loss.
  4. Lack of protein in your diet can also result in hair loss. Insufficient protein intake according to your age may trigger hair loss.
  5. Intake of too much steroids like birth control pills can also be a contributing factor.
  6. Stress is also a major contributing factor for hair loss. Any form of prolonged anxiety or trauma can lead to hair loss problems.
  7. Sudden and excessive weight loss also sometimes may be the cause for uncontrolled hair fall.

In order to combat the problem of hair loss you must consult a doctor and undergo the required treatment. The following are few treatments that can prove to be helpful for you-

  1. Many clinics nowadays provide hair transplantation treatment. You may consider hair transplantation if you encounter hair loss at an alarming rate.
  2. Increase the intake of proteins in your diet. Include food like fish in your diet which is high on protein.
  3. Message hair oils like coconut oil, almond oil, amla oil as they will help nourish the roots of your hair.
  4. Onion juice is proved to be very helpful in growing back hair on your scalp. Apply it on your scalp and it may help you to grow back your hair.
  5. Applying henna at home can also increase the volume of your hair and make it look beautiful too.

Along with the above mentioned treatments, eating healthy and sleeping well will also help you to tackle your problem of hair loss. Normally a person sheds fifty to hundred strands of hair per day, but if it is more than that, consulting a doctor is highly recommended.

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Hair Fall - How Stem Cell Can Help?

Dr. Raghuvir Mathur 87% (11 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Dermatology
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Kanpur
Hair Fall - How Stem Cell Can Help?

Hair loss is a very common cause of the problem for both men and women. One in four women suffers from some degree of hair loss or thinning hair. In men, balding can begin as early as the age of 21 and by the age of 35, 30% of men will already be experiencing noticeable balding.

All of us suffer from hair fall daily, but only when it becomes an area of concern is when it starts resulting in baldness and thinning of hair. In such cases, the patient becomes increasingly concerned about the re-growth of his or her hair in the most effective and less time-consuming manner. Hair loss as we all know can be because of various reasons, the first being, stress which the most powerful trigger for hair loss after the side effects of certain treatments especially after chemotherapy for Cancer patients.

In such cases hair transplantation comes as the first solution to our minds, it not only a highly expensive treatment, resulting in the painstaking effort both by the doctor and the patient. It is a time-consuming process that might give you the desired results even after multiple sittings and a huge cost attached to it. It's also limited by the abundance of existing hair follicles. Other treatments including laser stimulation, pills, serums and shampoos all show limited hair regrowth and do not work well on scalp areas that are completely bare.

Stem Cell Solution

Hair follicles also contain stem cells, and some researchers predict research on these follicle stem cells may lead to successes in treating baldness through an activation of the stem cells progenitor cells. This therapy is expected to work by activating already existing stem cells on the scalp. Later therapy may be able to simply signal follicle stem cells to give off chemical signals to nearby follicle cells which have shrunk during the aging process, which in turn respond to these signals by regenerating and once again making healthy hair. Most recently, some doctors have claimed that stem cell therapy led to a significant and visible improvement in follicular hair growth.

Here, the use of stem cell technology as the cure for hair loss becomes groundbreaking. The stem cell therapy encourages the growth of new hair in is very effective and in a safe manner in 3-4 months of therapy. The follicle of hair include stem cells in the centre of the follicle and these cells make sure a constant supply of cells for the fast development of hair cells. These stem cells are gradually lost which leads to baldness in both males and female. This procedure is a non-surgical therapy which results in the re-growth of follicles for healthy and natural hair growth. The stem cells are also capable of renewing themselves through cell division, The follicle of hair include stem cells in the centre of the follicle and these cells make sure a constant supply of cells for the fast development of hair cells. These stem cells are a result gradually lost and this, in turn, leads to baldness in both men and women. 

How Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss Works

To acquire stem cell therapy for female hair loss a sample of the patient’s blood will be taken and will be spun to separate out the plasma. Plasma is high in stem cells that can be used for treatment. This will be mixed with a-cells that the body uses to help heal wounds and injected into numbed areas of the head that are affected by baldness. The doctor will then use massages and tiny needles to create wounds in the scalp, allowing the cells to start healing the flesh, complete with generating new and healthy follicles where the originals have been damaged.

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Post Pregnancy Hair Loss!

Dr. Sandeep Mahapatra 88% (10 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy
Dermatologist, Bangalore
Post Pregnancy Hair Loss!

Post-pregnancy hair loss

  • temporary hair loss ~experienced at the end of a pregnancy
  • very little hair loss during pregnancy
  • sudden and excessive shedding from 3-9 months after delivery
  • estrogen stimulates hair follicles ~ anagen growing phase ~ hair does not cycle as it normally would.

After the child is born ~ estrogen level drops

  • hair enters the catagen and telogen phase
  • very traumatic
  • hair loss ~ returns to normal one year
  • treatment includes hair vitamins like biotin, iron supplement, calcium, Vit D,
  • antioxidants including omega 3 fatty acids, coenzyme q etc.
  • topical peptide hair serum like procapil, biocapil etc

Causes Of Hair Loss!

Dr. Sandeep Mahapatra 88% (10 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy
Dermatologist, Bangalore
Causes Of Hair Loss!

Poor blood circulation

  • stress and anxiety
  • thyroid diseases: hypo/hyperthyroid
  • high blood pressure
  • iron deficiency and ferritin deficiency
  • pregnancy
  • liver malfunction
  • chemotherapy
  • b12 & vitamin deficiencies
  • scalp disorders: psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis
  • skin or systemic disease: renal failure etc
  • large doses of vitamin A
  • fever: dengue, typhoid etc
  • hypercholesterolemia, lipid disorders
  • sudden weight loss
  • alcohol and caffeine
  • medications: antipsychotics, TB medications etc
  • genetic
  • autoimmune causes
  • the recent change of residence

 To treat hair loss, first we should know the underlying cause and treat accordingly.

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Genetic Baldness - Does PRP Treatment Give Long Lasting Results?

Dr. Rohit Shah 90% (430 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) And Naturopath (ND)
Ayurvedic Doctor, Surat
Genetic Baldness - Does PRP Treatment Give Long Lasting Results?

Hair loss is a common problem and is a source of worry for millions of people around the world. While many forms of treatment have been developed over the years, science has yet to conclusively prove the benefits of many such hair loss treatments. PRP treatment is one such baldness treatment, which is highly popular. However, is it effective at treating baldness?

What is PRP treatment?

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP treatment is a procedure involving three distinct steps. The first step involves drawing blood from your body. Doctors will process this blood and then inject it into your scalp. The medical community is divided when it comes to determining the efficiency of this treatment. Some doctors believe it helps natural hair growth, while others feel that more research and study is necessary.

Here is a detailed look at the PRP procedure.

  • Step 1- Doctors will draw your blood from your arm. They place the blood in a centrifuge.

  • Step 2- After 10 minutes inside the centrifuge, the blood separates into red blood cells, platelet-rich plasma and platelet-poor plasma.

  • Step 3- The doctors inject the platelet-rich plasma into the scalp of the patient suffering from baldness.

The disadvantages of PRP treatment for baldness-

Even though the treatment may show some positive results, there are several negative aspects of PRP treatment, which you need to consider.

  • Not enough scientific evidence to support its efficiency against baldness

  • Can lead to side effects, such as injury to blood vessels, infection, calcification and others

  • PRP treatment is expensive and you may not be able to afford it.

Therefore, it is better not to rely on PRP treatments for your hair loss. In fact, Ayurvedic treatments are your best option, in terms of safety and reliability.

Role of Ayurveda in treating baldness-

Ayurveda is the oldest branch of medicine in the world. It relies on remedies sourced from various trees, plants, fruits and more. In Ayurveda, hair loss of any kind is known as Khalitya. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that hair loss occurs because of faults in all three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) in the human body. Depending on the cause for the baldness, the doctor will prescribe the type of Ayurvedic remedy suitable to you.

Oils, extracts, packs may help rejuvenate your hair follicles and lead to hair growth. Additionally, Panchakarma treatment also helps fight against baldness. Lastly, all of these treatments have to be combined with lifestyle changes, if you want to experience the best results.

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Benefits Of Ayurveda In Dealing With Hair Loss!

Dr. Rohit Shah 90% (430 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) And Naturopath (ND)
Ayurvedic Doctor, Surat
Benefits Of Ayurveda In Dealing With Hair Loss!

More and more people are turning towards Ayurveda for their hair loss problem. Hair loss can be embarrassing and hamper one's self-esteem and confidence. When treated early hair loss can be reduced and even stopped completely.

Ayurvedic consideration - 

Ayurveda believes that hair fall control is very much associated with the body type and also the stability of your mind-body structure. Ayurveda considers the hair as a byproduct for bone formation. The tissues, which are responsible for the formation of bones are also responsible for your hair growth. Hair fall is considered to be a problem of pitta dosha in Ayurveda and excess of Pitta dosha in the body is the chief cause of hair problems. Ayurvedic hair loss treatment measures are known for their effectiveness. Usually, the Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss includes diet, meditation, yoga, and yes, we cannot forget medicated herbal oil massage. 

Ayurvedic Dietary Recommendations for Hair Loss Treatment -

As hair fall is considered a problem of pitta dosha, you need to identify the bad eating habits that are contributing to the increase of pitta in your body.

Pitta is increased by excessive intake of tea, coffee, alcohol, meats and excessive smoking. Pitta is also aggravated by eating too much fried, oily, greasy, spicy, sour, and acidic foods.

Ayurvedic Herbs recommended for Hair Loss Treatment -

  1. Bhringaraj - It is known as the king of the hair, promotes hair growth on the head and effectively stops and reverses balding and premature graying. It helps to calm the mind promoting sound sleep. Bhringaraj (Eclipta prostrata) is taken internally and used externally as Bhringraj oil and is an excellent rejuvenator.

  2. BrahmiThis hair pack is available in most Indian grocery stores and used with curd is an excellent hair pack.

  3. Amla - Indian gooseberry is packed with Vitamin C and thus loaded with antioxidants. In powdered form it can be mixed with henna, brahmi powders along with curd to make a great hair pack.

  4. NeemThis is a natural remedy against dandruff and lice and also has blood purifying abilities. Use in powdered form with coconut oil or curd to massage the scalp.

  5. Ritha - These are natural soap nuts that are used for cleaning hair without stripping off the natural oils. Use in powdered form to massage scalp and wash off thoroughly.

  6. Ashwagandha - Weak immune system is one of the factors for hair loss. Ashwagandha makes you feel energized and healthier. It stops stress, increases vigor and helps regrow lost hair.

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Hair Fall - How Can Ayurveda Help?

Dr. Ashutosh Sharma 88% (10 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurvedic Doctor, Delhi
Hair Fall - How Can Ayurveda Help?

Hair loss can be harrowing for both men and women, especially if it tends to be above normal for extended periods of time. Losing more hair than that can signify problems within the body such as hormonal changes, ageing, lifestyle-related issues etc. 

Lifestyle change tips to avoid hair fall

Even before getting into ayurvedic remedies to control the loss of hair, it is important to reduce the problems which may be contributing to the problem in the first place. Some of the things that you may be required to do are:

  1. Maintain or start of on a healthy diet and cut fatty, oily and processed foods from your diet.
  2. Start exercising to ensure that your body is in the best shape it possibly can be and thus everything within, is functioning optimally.
  3. Start doing yoga, breathing exercises and other meditative techniques to ensure that your stress levels are kept under control.
  4. Get head massages regularly as they improve blood circulation within the scalp 
  5. Quit smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and inculcate good sleep habits which help prevent hair loss problems. 

Controlling hair loss with ayurvedic tips

1. Indian gooseberry or amla - A pack of amla, bramhi and henna powder can be made with curd and water. Apply it and keep it for a couple of hours and then wash it off. Amla juice mixed with lemon juice can be massaged on the scalp after the wash. This will make the follicles on your scalp stronger. 

2. Ritha- An age-old solution to hair problems, Ritha is also known as soapberry as it contains naturally foamy and cleansing agents. Crush the Ritha seeds and keep them soaked in water overnight. Wash your hair with the mixture in the morning and continue for a month to see visible results.

3. Aloe vera with cumin seeds - Mix about one-third cup of aloe vera juice with a little bit of cumin or Jeera powder. Use this mixture at least twice a day, for a few months to see results in the prevention of hair thinning.

4. Bhringaraaj - One of the most effective ayurvedic herbs used in many medicines, it can be taken internally to help the system repair the hair related problems, or applied externally as Bhringaraaj oil to encourage hair growth and stopping hair loss.

5. Brahmi oil - Considered brain food in its herb form, Brahmi oil is known to be very good for hair related ailments and is very effective at stopping hair loss and help new hair growth.

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Alopecia - How Can Homeopathy Subdue It?

Dr. Vibha Mevada 87% (19 ratings)
BHMS, Certificate Course in Advance Homeopathy (CCAH), Masters Course in Advance Homeopathic (MCAH)
Homeopathy Doctor, Indore
Alopecia - How Can Homeopathy Subdue It?

Alopecia areata is a condition that makes hair fall out in patches. For the same reason, it is also known as patchy baldness. This condition occurs when an individual’s own immune system starts to attack the hair follicles. This is the reason why it can even prevent hair from coming back.

In some people though, hair may grow back again. However, there is no guarantee that they will now fall out again. The extent of hair loss and the appearance of patches varies from one person to another.

Apart from autoimmune diseases, the following are some of the reasons that trigger alopecia or patchy baldness:

  1. Abnormal levels of androgens
  2. Stress, childbirth, or any type of illness 
  3. The use of specific drugs such as chemotherapy agents, beta-blockers, blood-thinning medications, and birth control pills
  4. Cosmetic procedures such as frequent shampooing, bleaching, and perms
  5. Low-protein diet
  6. Burns and injuries
  7. Thyroid, iron deficiency, lupus, or diabetes

There is no remedy available for complete cure of patchy baldness. However, it can be managed with the help of conventional treatment modalities such as ultraviolet light treatment, immunotherapy, topical or oral steroids and steroids injections.

But there is not any surety that these treatment modalities will work effectively for all patients. Moreover, a majority of these treatment modalities may take months to show results. Homeopathic treatment, on the other hand, is considered highly effective and efficient against alopecia areata. There are a number of homeopathic medications that can help provide long-term relief and permanent cure. Moreover, these homeopathic remedies are 100 percent safe and do not cause any side effects, unlike conventional treatment options.

Following are some of the common homeopathic medications made available to the patients from the treatment of alopecia areata or patchy baldness:

  1. Silica: This proves to be highly beneficial against baldness in young people and hair fall in the forehead and frontal region. It also helps control early greying of hair.
  2. Graphites: This help control hair fall from the sides of the scalp. It also takes good care of patchy baldness and hair loss associated with menopause.
  3. Phosphorus: It is highly effective against patchy baldness and other problems related to the scalp such as the itchy and dry scalp and dandruff. It also helps treat hair fall after any haemorrhagic disorder.
  4. Fluoric acid: This is best suited for people who have a tendency to develop alopecia because of family history. It also helps control brittle hair, idiopathic hair fall, and vertex baldness.
  5. Phosphoric acid: This helps control hair fall related to grief, thinning of hair, and early graying of hair.
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Selecting A Wig For Chemotherapy!

Dr. J. Rajeshwari 89% (39 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy
Dermatologist, Hyderabad
Selecting A Wig For Chemotherapy!

If a person gets diagnosed with cancer and he/she will get started off with their chemotherapy or radiation treatment, quite typically the hair loss would begin within 10 to 14 days after having gone through the first treatment.

The ideal thing that people can do well before his or her chemotherapy treatment gets underway, is to know exactly what needs to be done for hair loss prior to their first treatment. The activities can involve:

  • Going through certain videos that are available online related to wigs and read about their reviews
  • Consider about their styles and colours that they would like to experiment with before they put in the wigs

Before we talk more about wigs, let us see what radiation and chemotherapy does to a person:

Chemotherapy and any other kind of radiation can lead to hair loss. People tend to lose hair that only lies in the area, which gets treated. Still, radiation or chemotherapy to one’s head can let people lose either some or all of their hair on the head, which could be even eyebrows and lashes.

As and when a person starts to lose their hair, the ideal suggestion is to either cut the hair very short or shave it off completely. The mental framework becomes much better and it allows them to take complete control of the situation and makes the process of hair loss much easier to handle.

Wigs for Chemotherapy Patients

Choosing a wig is not just like choosing any other fashion accessory. It is a much more important process, particularly when it is about choosing for cancer patients.

The kind of wig a patient wears tends to speak volumes and would want to make it is sending out the right message. The process through which right kind of wig gets chosen is a tricky one. It is best to get hold of a wig, which carries the resemblance with that of his or her natural colour of hair. That would make sure the transformation is not too difficult and will also help patients in being comfortable.

Ideal Size of the Wig

Most of the wigs that are available for patients having undergone chemotherapies carry the appropriate size to fit almost anyone. Still, in order to get the right size, one has to take the measurement by placing the end of his or her measuring device at the centre of their forehead, right at the hairline.

Then get hold of the measuring tape from one’s scalp right down to the back of one’s neck, which run behind their ears and back to their forehead.

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बालों के लिए ग्रीन टी - Green Tea for Hair in Hindi

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh 92% (193 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurvedic Doctor, Lakhimpur Kheri
बालों के लिए ग्रीन टी - Green Tea for Hair in Hindi

बालों के झड़ने से परेशान है? अच्छे और हेल्दी बाल चाहते हैं? यदि हाँ, तो ग्रीन टी का उपयोग करने की कोशिश करें क्योंकि यह आपके लिए चमत्कारी साबित हो सकती है। दुनिया के सबसे लोकप्रिय पेय पदार्थों में से ग्रीन टी के बहुत लाभ है।

यह एंटीऑक्सिडेंट, विटामिन, एंजाइम, अमीनो एसिड में उच्च होता है जो हमारे शरीर को स्वस्थ बनाने में प्रमुख भूमिका निभाते हैं। ग्रीन टी में कैटेचिन होते हैं जो स्वस्थ बालों के लिए और बालों के झड़ने से रोकने के लिए जिम्मेदार होते हैं।

बालों के लिए ग्रीन टी के फायदे- Benefits of green tea for hair in Hindi

ग्रीन टी का इस्तेमाल कई हेयर प्रोडक्ट्स में किया जाता है क्योंकि इसके कई फायदे हैं। ग्रीन टी के फायदे निम्नलिखित हैं:

  • बालों का झड़ना कम करता है
  • बालों के विकास में मदद करता है
  • रूसी और खोपड़ी(स्कैल्प) की सूखापन को कम करने के लिए लड़ता है
  • बालों को मजबूत और स्वस्थ बनाता है
  • खोपड़ी(स्कैल्प) के रक्त परिसंचरण को बढ़ाता है

ग्रीन टी बालों के विकास के लिए प्रभावी होता है| Green tea effects on hair growth in hindi

  • यह विटामिन बी (पैनथेनॉल), एपिगैलोकैटेचिन गैलेट (ईजीसीजी), विटामिन सी, थीनिन और एंटी-ऑक्सीडेंट की उपस्थिति के कारण हेल्दी बालों के लिए फायदेमंद होता है।
  • ग्रीन टी बालों के विकास और पुनः विकास दोनों का समर्थन करती है। ग्रीन टी में मौजूद कैरोटिनॉइड, टोकोफेरोल्स, जिंक, एस्कॉर्बिक एसिड और सेलेनियम जैसे तत्व बालों की फिर से बढ़ने को प्रोत्साहित करते हैं।
  • ग्रीन टी में मौजूद ईसीजीसी बालों की कोशिकाओं के नुकसान को रोकते हैं और बालों के रोम उत्तेजना द्वारा बालों के विकास को बढ़ावा देते है।
  • एक क्षतिग्रस्त नियंत्रक(डैमेज कन्ट्रोलर) के रूप में ग्रीन टी का प्राथमिक कार्य बालों को नरम करना और खंडित सिरों को नियंत्रित करना है।
  • ग्रीन टी बालों को चमकदार बनाने में भी मदद करती है। नेचुरल विटामिन सी की उपस्थिति भी बालों और स्कैल्प को सूरज की क्षति से बचाती है।
  • इसका उपयोग कई तरीकों से किया जा सकता है जिसमें शैम्पू, कंडीशनर, हेयर मास्क शामिल हैं या आप इसे पी भी सकते हैं। इन सभी उत्पादों को बालों की जड़ों और स्कैल्प पर बालों के विकास को बढ़ावा देने के लिए सावधानी से लागू किया जाना चाहिए।

बालों के झड़ने में ग्रीन टी के फायदे - Green tea benefits for hair loss in Hindi

ग्रीन टी नेचुरल कैटेचिन से भरी होती है और ये कैटेचिन डाइहाइड्रोटेस्टोस्टेरोन (DTH) को दबाने में मदद करते हैं क्योंकि यह बालों के झड़ने के लिए जिम्मेदार होता है। ग्रीन टी डिप्रेशन और तनाव से लड़ने में मदद करती है जो बालों के झड़ने के प्राथमिक कारणों में से एक है।

रोजाना ग्रीन टी पीने से आपका मूड अच्छा होता है और आपको खुश रहने में मदद मिलती है। इस चाय के एंटी-इंफ्लेमेटरी गुण स्कैल्प को हाइड्रेटेड रखते हैं और रूसी को हटाते हैं जिससे बालों का झड़ना रोका जा सकता है।

बालों के लिए ग्रीन टी का उपयोग कैसे करें - How to use green tea for hair in Hindi

निम्नलिखित तरीकों से ग्रीन टी का उपयोग स्वस्थ बालों के लिए किया जा सकता है:

  1. रोजाना ग्रीन टी पीना:

    रोजाना घूंट-घूंट करके एक कप ग्रीन टी का सेवन करना सबसे आसान तरीका है। दिन में दो बार ग्रीन टी पीने से आपको दिखने वाले परिणाम मिलेंगे। यदि अत्छा लगे तो आप शहद के साथ ग्रीन टी के लाभों का आनंद ले सकते हैं।

  2. ग्रीन टी से बाल धोना:

    आपके बालों पर ग्रीन टी का उपयोग करने का यह एक और तरीका है। आप ग्रीन टी से अपने बालों को धो सकते हैं। ऐसा करने से आप सूखे बालों और खोपड़ी के कई अन्य विकारों से जल्दी राहत पा सकते हैं।

    कैसे लगाएं या अप्लाई कैसे करें:

    • टी बैग को 5-10 मिनट के लिए पानी में रखें और फिर निकाल दें
    • पहले अपने बालों को शैम्पू से धोएं और फिर सामान्य पानी से धो लें
    • दूसरा, अपनी खोपड़ी को ग्रीन टी के पानी से धो लें और हल्के से मालिश करें
    • अंत में, फिर से ठंडे पानी से धो लें
    • बेहतर परिणाम के लिए आप इस प्रक्रिया को सप्ताह में 2-3 बार दोहरा सकते हैं।
  3. ग्रीन टी कैप्सूल का सेवन:

    यदि आप बहुत व्यस्त रहते हैं तो आप दैनिक आधार पर ग्रीन टी का एक कैप्सूल ले सकते हैं। ये कैप्सूल ग्रीन टी के अर्क से बनी होती हैं और बालों को कई लाभ प्रदान करती हैं।

  4. ग्रीन टी शैम्पू और कंडीशनर का उपयोग करना:

    ग्रीन टी के अर्क के साथ कई शैम्पू और कंडीशनर उपलब्ध होते हैं। बेहतर परिणाम पाने के लिए आप अपने बालों को धोने के लिए इनका उपयोग कर सकते हैं, इस प्रकार यह बालों के विकास को बढ़ावा देते हैं।

  5. ग्रीन टी हेयर मास्क:

    अपने बालों को हेल्दी बनाने के लिए आप अपने घर पर ग्रीन टी हेयर मास्क बना सकते हैं।

    आवश्यक सामग्री:

    • ग्रीन टी 2-3 बैग
    • 1 अंडा

    कैसे प्रयोग करें:

    • अंडा और चाय को एक साथ मिलाएं और मिश्रण को सीधे अपने स्कैल्प पर लगाएं और सूखने दें
    • आधे घंटे के लिए प्रतीक्षा करें और उसके बाद ठंडे पानी से धो लें
    • इस मास्क को लगाने से आपके बाल मजबूत, चमकदार हो जाते हैं और दोमुंहे बालों से फ्री हो जाते हैं।
  6. एलोवेरा के साथ ग्रीन टी:

    आप एलोवेरा के साथ भी ग्रीन टी का इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं, जो खुद बालों के लिए बहुत उपयोगी होता है। एलोवेरा को ग्रीन टी के साथ ब्लेंड करें और इस मिश्रण को अपने बालों पर लगाएं। मिश्रण को लें और इसे धीरे-धीरे अपने स्कैल्प और बालों की लंबाई पर मालिश करें। इसे 10 मिनट तक ऐसे ही रखें और अच्छी तरह धो लें।

  7. नारियल तेल के साथ ग्रीन टी:

    ग्रीन टी को नारियल तेल के साथ मिलाना भी बालों के लिए भी फायदेमंद है। इसका मिश्रण बालों को हेल्दी बनाता है और बालों को झड़ने से रोकता है। आप अपने बालों और खोपड़ी पर मिश्रण लगा सकते हैं। इसे हल्के हाथों से मसाज करें और इसे आधे घंटे तक लगा रहने दें। उसके बाद इसे सामान्य पानी से धो लें। बेहतर परिणामों के लिए सप्ताह में 3 बार ऐसा कर सकते हैं।

  8. नींबू के साथ ग्रीन टी:

    नींबू विटामिन सी का एक अच्छा स्रोत है, इसलिए इसे ग्रीन टी के साथ मिलाना और लगाना डैंड्रफ के इलाज में चमत्कारी रूप से काम करता है। यह बालों को हेल्दी और चिकना भी बनाता है। बेहतर परिणाम के लिए इसे महीने में तीन बार किया जाना चाहिए।

  9. शहद के साथ ग्रीन टी:

    शहद के साथ ग्रीन टी हेयर मॉइस्चराइजर का काम करती है। बालों को चमकदार बनाने और बालों को झड़ने से रोकने के लिए आप ग्रीन टी और नारियल तेल के मिश्रण के साथ शहद मिला सकते हैं।

प्रभावी और बेहतर परिणाम के कारण बालों के विकास के लिए ग्रीन टी बहुत सहायक है। हेल्दी बालों के विकास के लिए आपको महीने में कम से कम 3-4 बार ग्रीन टी के अर्क सहित ग्रीन टी और उत्पादों का उपयोग करना चाहिए।

याद रखने वाली चीज़ें:

  • आप एक दिन में 3-4 कप पी सकते हैं
  • सोने से दो घंटे पहले ग्रीन टी पिएं
  • खाने के साथ ग्रीन टी न लें

यदि आपके पास कोई चिंता या प्रश्न है, तो आप हमेशा किसी विशेषज्ञ से परामर्श कर सकते हैं और अपने प्रश्नों के उत्तर प्राप्त कर सकते हैं!

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