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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Top 9 Doctors for Hair Loss in Chandigarh

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Tishya SinghDermatologist • 16 Years Exp.DNB (Dermatology), MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Dr. Anshu Aggarwal

MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, Cosmetologist

15 Years Experience · ₹ 700  at clinic · ₹350  online

Cosmetologist and hair transplant surgeon Dr. Anshu Aggarwal has devoted her life to assisting patients in regaining lost hair. She is one of the foremost authorities on hair loss and a member of the Cosmetic Society of India. 

Dr. Aggarwal has helped many people regain their confidence by restoring their hair. She is devoted to her profession and takes great pride in enhancing her patients' self-esteem. She will be able to evaluate your circumstances and develop a customised treatment strategy for you.

Dr. Sukhdeep Kaur

MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, MBBS

17 Years Experience · ₹ 400  at clinic

Dr. Sukhdeep Kaur is a world-renowned dermatologist who specialises in hair loss and other hair-related issues. With her unique approach to treatment and compassion for her patients, she has benefited thousands of people. 

Dr. Kaur has always been able to assist individuals with their hair loss conditions. Her knowledge and expertise are unparalleled, and she genuinely cares about her patients. She is highly recommended to anyone suffering from hair loss or other hair problems.

Dr. Geeta Garg

MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy

27 Years Experience · ₹ 400  at clinic · ₹400  online

Dr. Geeta Garg is a dermatologist with 27 years of experience. She specialises in treating alopecia and has a keen interest in hair diseases. There are numerous varieties of alopecia, and the causes might vary from individual to individual. Dr. Garg employs a holistic approach to treatment, which may involve medication, topical therapies, changes in lifestyle, or surgery

In certain instances, a combination of treatments may be required. Dr. Garg is dedicated to giving the best possible treatment to her patients and attaining the greatest possible outcomes. If you or someone you know is experiencing hair loss, please do not hesitate to contact her for assistance.

Dr. Suruchi Garg

MBBS, MD - Dermatology

22 Years Experience · ₹ 500  at clinic · ₹700  online

Dr. Suruchi Garg specialises in hair transplantation and has helped numerous patients regain their self-esteem by recovering their hair. She is a recipient of both the Global Healthcare Excellence Award and the Young Dermatologist Award. 

Hair is a sign of youth and beauty for a lot of people. Especially for women, losing one's hair can be devastating. Men, women, and children of all ages can get alopecia, which can cause a lot of emotional pain. Luckily, there are ways to treat alopecia, and Dr. Garg is one of the best in the field.

Vlcc Wellness

The Vlcc Wellness Dermatology Clinic is the place to go if you're having hair problems like hair loss, dandruff, or any other kind. The professional staff there is trained to identify and treat a wide range of hair disorders. Hair transplants, laser therapy, and medication are just some of the options available at this facility. 

Hair loss sufferers can also take advantage of counseling and support groups provided by their doctors. You can get help from them if you need treatment or if you just want to talk to someone who knows what you're going through.



15 Years Experience · ₹ 100  - 500 at clinic

The top-rated Trichology and Dermatology clinic Richfeel Clinic provides services for hair thinning and hair loss. The clinic has assisted thousands of people with their hair loss issues throughout the course of its more than ten years of existence. One of the most sought-after clinics in the nation, the clinic treats patients using the most recent technologies and methods. 

In addition to hair transplantation, scalp reduction, and brow transplants, the clinic provides a wide range of procedures. A group of highly qualified and experienced doctors work at the clinic and are constantly available to assist their patients. Richfeel Clinic is the best option for you if you're seeking a top-notch Dermatology clinic.

Dr. Sanchit Talwar

MD - Skin, VD & Leprosy

10 Years Experience · ₹ 400  at clinic · ₹300  online

Sanchit Talwar is an expert in the field of hair loss and baldness. She is trained as both a cosmetologist and a trichologist. His appointment to the Advisory Board for Urticaria and Psoriasis makes him the youngest person to serve on the panel. 

Dr. Talwar has devoted his entire career to assisting individuals who are struggling with hair loss. By recovering their hair, he has assisted a great number of people in regaining their self-esteem and confidence.

Dr. Ashima Goel

MD - Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy, MBBS

24 Years Experience · ₹ 1000  at clinic · ₹1100 online

Dr. Ashima Goel is a dermatologist, laser expert, and medical cosmetologist with international acclaim. She has dedicated her life to assisting others suffering from hair loss and thinning. Her approach has helped hundreds of people rediscover their self-esteem and confidence. 

Dr. Goel's practise is founded on cutting-edge scientific research, and she is constantly on the lookout for novel methods to assist her patients. She has created a one-of-a-kind method to hair loss that blends lasers with other therapies. Her patients have benefited greatly from this technique. 

Dr. Goel is enthusiastic about her profession and genuinely cares about her patients. She wishes to make people feel better about themselves and their physical attractiveness. She is an expert in her profession, and she is always accessible to address her patients' inquiries or concerns.

Dr. Baseerat Kaur


11 Years Experience · ₹ 500  at clinic

Dr. Baseerat Kaur is a gynaecologist and women's health expert with MBBS and MS degrees from the Government Medical College Jammu. She has 10 years of experience in this profession and has assisted several people with hair loss and bald patches. 

She explains that hair loss is a typical concern among women, especially following menopause. However, it can also be caused by a variety of other conditions, including stress, thyroid issues, anaemia, etc. According to Dr. Kaur, the most effective method for treating hair loss is to determine the underlying reason and then treat it accordingly. Occasionally, minor lifestyle modifications might also aid in preventing hair loss.

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