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Green Tea for Hair - Know More its Health Benefits

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Green Tea for Hair - Know More its Health Benefits

Suffering from hair loss? Want good and healthy hair? If yes, try using green tea as it can create wonders. One of the world’s most popular beverages green tea has a vast number of benefits. It is high on antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids which play a major role in making our body healthy. Green tea contains catechins which are responsible for healthy hair and in preventing hair loss.

Green tea benefits for the hair

Green tea is used in numerous hair products as it has many benefits. The benefits of green tea are:

  • Reduces hair loss
  • Helps in the hair growth
  • Fights in the reducing dryness of scalp and dandruff
  • Makes hair strong and healthy
  • Increases blood circulation of the scalp

Green tea effects on hair growth

  • It is beneficial for healthy hair due to the presence of vitamin B (panthenol), epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), vitamin C, theanine and anti-oxidants.
  • Green tea supports both growth and re-growth of hair. Elements such as carotenoids, tocopherols, zinc, ascorbic acid, and selenium present in green tea encourage the re-growth of hair. ECGC present in green tea promotes hair growth by preventing damage to the hair cells and also by hair follicle stimulation.
  • Working as a damaged controller the primary task of green tea is to soften the hair and to control the split ends. Green tea also helps in making hair shiny and lustrous. The presence of natural vitamin C also protects hair and scalp from sun damage.
  • It can be used in many ways which include shampoo, conditioner, hair mask or you can simply drink it. All these products should be cautiously applied to the hair roots and scalp to promote hair growth.

Green tea benefits for hair loss

  • Green tea is full of natural catechins and these catechins help in suppressing the dihydrotestosterone (DTH) as it is responsible for the loss of hair. Green tea helps in fighting depression and stress which are again one of the primary causes of hair loss.
  • Drinking green tea daily uplifts your mood and helps in keeping you happy. Anti-inflammatory properties of this tea keep the scalp hydrated and removes dandruff thus preventing hair loss.

How to use green tea for your hair

These are the ways in which green tea can be used for healthy hair:

  1. Drinking green tea daily:

    The easiest method of consuming green tea daily is by sipping a cup daily. Drinking a cup of green tea twice a day will give you visible results. If desired you can enjoy the green tea benefits with honey.

  2. Rinsing hair with green tea:

    This is another way of using green tea on your hair. You can rinse your hair with green tea. By doing so you can get quick relief from dry hair and many other disorders of scalps.

    How to apply:

    • Put the tea bag in water for 5-10 mins and then remove
    • First, wash your hair with shampoo and wash with normal water
    • Secondly, rinse your scalp with green tea water and also massage gently
    • At last, again rinse with cool water

    You can repeat this process 2-3 times a week for better results.

  3. Consuming green tea capsules:

    If you have a very busy schedule and then you can just take one capsule of green tea on a daily basis. These pills are made up of green tea extracts and provide numerous hair benefits.

  4. Using green tea shampoo and conditioners:

    There are many shampoo and conditioners available incorporated with green tea extracts. You can use these to wash your hair to get better results, thus promoting hair growth.

  5. Green tea hair mask:

    To make your hair healthy you can make a green tea hair mask at your home.

    Ingredients needed:

    • Green tea 2-3 bags
    • 1 egg

    How to apply:

    • Mix egg and tea together and apply the mixture directly on your scalp and let it dry
    • Wait for half an hour and rinse with cold water

    Applying this mask makes your hair strong, lustrous, and free from split ends.

  6. Green tea with aloe vera

    You can also use green tea along with aloe vera, which itself is very useful for hair. Blend aloe vera with green tea and apply the mixture on your hair. Take the mixture and massage it gently on your scalp and hair length. Keep it like for 10 minutes and wash it thoroughly.

  7. Green tea with coconut oil

    Mixing green tea with coconut oil is also beneficial for hair. The mixture makes hair healthy and prevents hair loss. You can apply the mixture on your hair and scalp. Massage it with gentle hands and let it stay for half an hour. After that wash with normal water. For better results do to 3 times a week.

  8. Green tea with lemon

    Lemons are a good source of vitamin C, hence mixing it with green tea works miraculously in treating dandruff. It also makes hair healthy and smooth. It should be done thrice in a month for better results.

  9. Green tea with honey

    Green tea with honey works as a hair moisturizer. You can mix honey with green tea and coconut oil mixture to make hair shiny and to prevent hair loss.

Green tea is helpful for hair growth by showing effective and better results. You should use green tea and products including the green tea extracts at least 3-4 times a month for healthy hair growth.

Things to remember:

  • You can drink 3-4 cups in a day
  • Drink green tea two hours before sleeping
  • Do not take green tea along with food
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