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Vitamin C Ascorbic acid Test

Vitamin C Ascorbic acid Test

also known as: ascorbic acid

Vitamin-C and ascorbic acid are the synonyms of each other. If we want to grow, develop and maintain the tissues of our body then, we require Vitamin C or ascorbic acid. If there is a need to repair our tissues and to fight infection then there comes Vitamin-C. It is found in fresh fruits like kiwi, oranges and lemons. Excessive Vitamin C leads to diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, abdominal bloating and cramps, headache, insomnia and kidney stones. The test which is used to determine deficiency and excessive intake of Vitamin C is termed as the Vitamin-C-ascorbic-acid test.

We have to do certain preparations for the Vitamin-C-ascorbic acid test. These preparations are as follows.
• We have to do the urine test and blood test for this test. Before urine test, 6-8 glasses of water have to be drunk.
• We should not eat food rich in Vitamin-C before the test.
• It is preferred to do overnight fasting.

The test of Vitamin-C-ascorbic acid is fruitful for us in every respect. The uses of this test are as follows.
• If its deficiency is detected then, we can cure infection, severe burns, cancer and scurvy
• If its excessive consumption is determined then, it will cause vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal bloating and cramps, heartburn, kidney stones, insomnia and headache.
• It avoids worsening of the condition.

The procedure of this test includes the blood test and urine test whose steps are as follows.
• The arm is held tightly and the main vein had to be searched.
• After removing needle cap, the needle is inserted into that vein.
• The blood is drawn into the syringe and the needle is removed.
• The blood is then transferred to blood container for analysis.
• Urine is collected into the clean container through urination in the toilet.

red top tube container
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Vitamin C acid
All age groups
0.20-1.90 mg/dL
Rs 2000- Rs 3500

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