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A known case of optic nerve glioma. Well defined elongated intraconal mass lesion along the intra orbital and canalicular segment of left optic nerve with extent and characteristic, as described likely optic glioma. Please advice.

Dr.Gagan Saini 88% (36ratings)
MD (Radiation Oncology), DNB (Radiotherapy)
Oncologist, Noida
A known case of optic nerve glioma. Well defined elongated intraconal mass lesion along the intra orbital and canalic...
Optic nerve glioma needs either surgery or radiotherapy or both. Needs thorough clinical assessment.
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My brother is having brain tumor from last 3.5 years. When it diagnosed it's of 2nd stage glioma. After that 1st surgery done. In that surgery he had loose the control of right side cause tumor is on left side. Then after 1 year again it occurs and he had a second surgery in hinduja hospital mumbai. After 2nd surgery radiation of 6 weeks also took with 5 cycles of chemotherapy tablets. After a 1.5 years again it occurs and surgery is done in July 2015. Now his tumor is in 4th stage. 4 cycle of chemotherapy have took after 3rd surgery. But from MRI doctor said that the tumor is not responding to the chemotherapy tablets. It's occurring and increasing. Please suggest actual condition and treatment if there is.

Dr.Arun Tungaria 87% (47ratings)
MCh Neurosuregry
Neurosurgeon, Sirsa
Hello it is unfortunate that your brother had to undergo repeated surgeries, but from the information you have given it appears that he has been treated properly as per the standard guidelines for these kind of tumors. Now I guess it is grade 4 not 4th stage of the tumor and grading not staging is used for these kind of brain tumor. Treatment now is difficult and depends on the neurological and general condition of the patient, findings on mri scan like location and extent of the tumor and expectations of the patient and relatives from the treatment etc. You have to understand that these tumors are difficult to cure completely and all we can do is to give best available treatment and care. Thank you.
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