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Hello people I am Dr Sahil Singh. Dentist practicing in DLF Phase 4 Gurgaon and today I am here because of lybrate I am here to talk something about dentistry.

Dentistry is usually related only to teeth orgams or I should say it's more about Crown, bridges cleaning. But there is another part of dentistry. Actually dental health or oral health is equal to overall health. Its like your overall health is directly related to dental or your dental health is a reflection of your general health or overall health. Secondly dentistry is way to related to stress. Nowadays the walking schedules, the working conditions lack of time, lack of exercise. So it all give rise to, it's very common problems whatever common word which you must have heard that is stress. And stress can give rise to n number of problems what diseases and yes stress is a Lifestyle problem also.

A dentist can easily tell a person that how stress is affecting his dietary schedules or his dietary habits, his overall health, his General Health condition of the teeth, condition of the gums, anything. For example, if a person is in stress so he will start clenching his teeth we will start grinding his teeth or he will start biting the nails or he will smoke a lot or he will drink a lot or he will not take care of his gums et cetera et cetera. Maybe he will like depend on of junk food a lot. So all these things yes it will deteriorates your oral health plus it will deteriorates your general health also. Because of all these habits any person can develop any kind of disease in the body be it mental be it physical be it any disease. So your oral health is the reflection of the general health.

Nowadays people are just mad about few things that is smoking that is alcohol it seems to be a Lifestyle it seems to be a status symbol but they just forget how these things will affect their normal life their General Health and as a dentist it is easy very much easy for a dentist to understand what a person is going through. If he will clench or grind his teeth yes we can see attrition in his teeth. Nothing is more like to drink acidic drink is like cold drinks or acidic food so we will see erosion in his teeth. Is he an distress or depression he is not taking care of his teeth virgin till cleanliness so we will see plaque calculus or whatever anything or any deposits in the teeth so General Health and oral health are directly related to each other.

Supposedly diabetes let's talk about diabetes. Diabetes its everybody know diabetes is a disease which kind of deteriorates the whole system of the body, whole metabolism of the body. Diabetes yes it affects major part of the mouth that is gums. Gums are declared gums are degenerated where will teeth stay?

A dentist is very much is much able to understand to make out that your sugar level is high and according to the studies it is very much related to the sugar of the body. If The mouth is clean and the gums are clean if there is like no word of any plaque or calculus the sugar level of body also goes down. Thirdly if you have a lot of deposits if you diabetic so there are a lot world chances of developing endocarditis that is a problem of the heart. Good night have a heart attack because you did not keep your mouth clean or you did not go for professional cleaning of the teeth. So dentist is not just about teeth and gums. Dentist is like a dentistry is about taking care of overall health of the body through your mouth.

Thank you very much and you can find me, you can consult me further, you can come for your treatment throught the Lybrate.

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