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Food Adulteration!

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Food adulterants are basically addition small quantity of non-nutritious substances of or removal of vital substance to improve the appearance, texture or storage properties of the food.
Traditionally, food is used to cook at home with healthy ingredients and knew what went into the meal but now days with rising incomes, more and more people are moving away to readymade fast foods and eating regularly at restaurants. The food in many of these outlets is cooked with poor quality ingredients to attract and satisfy the palate rather than provide a wholesome nutritional meal. Adulterated food is impure, unsafe and not wholesome. Food can be adulterated intentionally and accidentally. 
The most common form of intentional adulteration is color adulteration. Some examples of intentional adulteration are addition of water to liquid milk, extraneous matter to ground spices, or the removal or substitution of milk solids from the natural product.
Adulteration affects health:

  • Mineral oil may be added to edible oil and fats and can cause cancers
  • Lead chromate added to turmeric powder and spices can cause anemia, paralysis, brain damage and abortions. 
  • Lead added to water, natural and processed food can lead to lead poisoning causes foot drop, insomnia, constipation, anemia, and mental retardation.
  • Cobalt added to water and liquors and can cause cardiac damage. 
  • Copper, tin and zinc can cause colic, vomiting and diarrhea. 
  • Mercury in mercury fungicide treated grains or mercury contaminated fish can cause brain damage, paralysis and death. 
  • Non-permitted color or permitted food color like metanil yellow, beyond the safe limit in coloured food can cause allergies, hyperactivity, liver damage, infertility, anemia, cancer and birth defect.

Mitigation measures for addressing food adulteration:

Buy our food ingredients from reputed shop or retailer with who keep their premises clean with no infestations.

Use homemade food and beverage

Check the packaging is intact, as also the expiry date and the source of the product. 

It is also necessary to talk regularly to the local community to check if people are falling sick after eating in a particular restaurant 

We should also create awareness in the local community on the ill effects of food adulteration

We need to remember that contamination could happen in very small amounts over a period of time.


Benefits Of Greek Yogurt!

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Benefits Of Greek Yogurt!

Benefits Of Greek Yogurt!


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