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Last Updated: Feb 13, 2024

How Homeopathy Medicine Helps in Sudden Miscarriage ?

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Dr. Jagat ShahHomeopathy Doctor • 17 Years Exp.MD - Homeopathy, Masters Degree of Homoeopathy
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The term miscarriage is used to denote spontaneous termination of pregnancy before a fetus develops. In other words, miscarriage is denoted as spontaneous abortion in medical terms.  Abortion is a condition in which a fetus is expelled from the womb and this normally happens within the first 20 weeks of gestation. 

Causes of Sudden miscarriage?

Causes of an abortion or miscarriage may be due to fetal or maternal complications. Some of the fetal factors include:

  1. Unwanted pregnancy
  2. Abnormal development of the fetus, either due to abnormal chromosomes or teratogenic factors.
  3. Immunological factors
  4. Problems with implantation
  5. Serious health diseases like kidney disease

What are the Homeopathic Treatments for abortion?

The homeopathic medication system is one of the most popular and widely accepted holistic medication approaches used all over the world. The choice of remedy for any disease is based on individualized symptoms and lifestyle habits using a holistic method.

In such a way, a state of complete wellness can be achieved by eliminating all the signs and symptoms that the patient is suffering from. The main objective of homeopathy is not just to manage the adverse effects of abortion. 

Best Homeopathic Medicine for Miscarriage

Some of the homeopathic remedies that are beneficial in treating abortion or miscarriage condition are given below:

  1. Aconite Nap: This homeopathic medicine helpful in treating anxiety, excitement, or fear experienced before abortion procedure.
  2. Apis Mel:  Homeopathic Medication used during the 3rd month of pregnancy
  3. Aletris Far: Powerful homeopathic remedy used to treats conditions of typical abortion that are done due to anemia or weakness or other conditions affecting the mother
  4. Arnica Montana: To manage abortion that is done after an accident to treat the mother
  5. Baptisia: This homeopathic remedy used in treating abortion is done due to shock, fever, or mental depression. Often used for women under the age of 21.
  6. Sepia: Used when there is abortion during the fifth to the seventh month of pregnancy.
  7. Thuja: This homeopathic remedies used to treat women who have a history of gonorrhea.
  8. Syphilinum: Effective homeopathic medicine when there abortion is done due to syphilis.

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