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Easy Steps for Weight Loss

Dr. Ulhas Tare 91% (4177 ratings)
Ayurveda, Ujjain  •  40 years experience
Easy Steps for Weight Loss

Obesity is becoming a major health problem in India with people indulging too much in junk food, their unhealthy eating habits and sedantary lifestyle. Certain medical conditions are also responsible for excess weight gain. If neglected, it can obesity can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure and hypertension.

Following are ayurvedic tips for a healthier and systematic weight loss:

  1. Eat warm and cooked food in lunch: Your lunch should consist of warm and cooked food as they are easily digestible and provide the right amount of nutrients to your body. You can include a variety of cooked food in your lunch because the body metabolism gets adequate time to process it. Eating cold food has a reverse effect on your body as they lead to weight gain. Avoid a diet consisting of only carbohydrates and proteins as they do not nourish your body, but simply make you crave for food in between meals. Instead go for green vegetable and lean protein.
  2. Exercise: It goes without saying that exercise is a key to a healthy mind and body. Do away with sedentary lifestyle as that is one of the primary causes of weight gain. If you don't have time to workout, a walk daily will help. Exercise will not only help you lose the extra kilos, but will keep your energy up and increase your body's metabolism. It also improves bone and muscle health.
  3. Sleep: Ayurveda recognizes sleep or rest as one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. While good eating habits and exercise form one side of it, sleep or rest completes the triangle. One can also practice the Savasana or resting pose. And at least six to seven hours of sleep is a must as per Ayurveda.
  4. Meditation: This practice helps in focusing on awareness which can instil the desired function like weight management in the body. Being mindful of what your body needs can also help in eating and exercising right. Weight management is a lifelong process in Ayurveda.
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