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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Diet Tips For Managing Thyroid!

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Dr. Ajay SinghalENT Specialist • 30 Years Exp.MBBS, Diploma In Otorhinolaryngology (DLO), DNB (ENT)
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What you eat plays an important role while you are udergoing thyroid disorders. Certain nutrients can influence the functionalities of the thyroid gland, while some foods can prevent the body’s ability to absorb the hormones to a substantial extent. As with a lot of health conditions, some factors are not in our hands which include family history and the environmental factors around you. However, the factor that you can control, is diet.

You can empower yourself to choose a healthier lifestyle through the right diet. It is advisable that you choose your foods wisely. Some of the following foods are known to be beneficial in managing thyroid:

1. Yoghurt
You will be happy to know that dairy products can contribute to fulfilling the much-needed iodine requirement of your body. Since livestock are generally given copious amounts of iodine supplements and the process of milking incorporates iodine-based cleaners, you can get plenty of iodine from dairy products, particularly, yoghurt. Greek yoghurt is one of the prime sources of iodine and can make up to about 50 percent of the daily intake of the nutrient.

2. Seaweed
When suffering from thyroid, you need iodine to function properly. Producing adequate levels of the thyroid hormone is important to fulfil the needs of the body. Though taking iodized salt can help a lot in your daily iodine intake, you can take additional aid from seaweed. It is important to understand that taking too much iodine can trigger the symptoms of hypothyroidism and the trick here is to balance out how much your body needs.

3. Milk
Much of the iodine in one’s diet comes from dairy products. When you drink about 1 cupful of low-fat milk, you can effortlessly consume around 1/3rd of the daily iodine requirement. It would be better if you take milk rich in Vitamin D. If you are neither a fan of milk nor yoghurt, you may also resort to cheddar cheese, as a single slice can give you around 12 micrograms of the much-needed iodine.

4. Chicken
While all the hype is about iodine, zinc also plays an important role in controlling thyroid symptoms. When you take too little amount of zinc, you can get hypothyroidism and in case you already have this condition, your body will need it more since the thyroid hormones help in the absorption of the minerals. Meat, particularly chicken is an amazing source of zinc when you have it roasted.

5. Fish
Fish is yet another source of iodine since it is found in sea water as well as in soil. Taking 3 ounces per serving of baked cod fish can give you around 99 micrograms of iodine. Moreover, shellfish, lobster, and shrimp are good sources of iodine as well.

By adding these foods, you can definitely control your thyroid symptoms to a considerable extent. Controlling your diet is the key to managing your thyroid condition, and therefore you must pay special attention to it.

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