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Common Myths About Diabetes

Written and reviewed by
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MD - Internal Medicine, C. Diabetology, Felloship In Clinical Metal Toxicology
General Physician, Mumbai  •  12years experience
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I am Dr. Mitali Joshi, General Physician, today I will talk about the common myths of diabetes. We get some weird questions also from the patient.

Myth 1: Diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar.
Fact: Too much sugar can one of the factors to lead you towards diabetes because you tend to put on weight. Too much sugar is a pro-inflammatory substance. So, eating sugar or sweets does not cause diabetes.

Myth 2: Women with diabetes should not get pregnant.
Fact: Woman with diabetes can easily get pregnant. We change the medications and put the patient on insulin. The pregnant woman can have a very safe pregnancy with diabetes.

Myth 3: Thin people cannot get diabetes.
Fact: Thin people can get diabetes as there is something called thin fat in individuals especially in Indians. Fat outside the organ makes the situation worse for them as it is riskier than the fat under the skin.

Myth 4: Diabetes does not run in my family so, I cannot get diabetes.
Fact: This is absolutely false so, you need to get yourself checked.

Myth 5: Diabetes is diagnosed when people start getting symptoms.
Fact: Most people can have diabetes without any symptoms.

Myth 6: Insulin is addicting.
Fact: This is also false as insulin is a hormone. It doesn't make you dependent on it. Most diabetic children have to be on insulin because there is no insulin production.

Myth 7: You can reduce or stop medicines once diabetes is under control.
Fact: You are on medicines because you cannot metabolize sugar. If you stop medicines, your sugar will go high. So, contact your Dr first before taking any step.

Myth 8: Do diabetes medicines lead to kidney failure?
Facts: Prescribed medicines are meant to prevent your kidney failed. But if you overdose your medicines, it can damage your body, not only kidney but any part.

Myth 9: Whatever is written on social sites to prevent or diagnose diabetes are good for your health and you should follow. Like mangoes are good consumption in the season.
Fact: Mangoes you can eat but when your sugar is controlled and you can have it in small quantity after consulting with your Dr.

Myth 10: People take gelatin for knee pain.
Fact: It will fail your kidney as it is a kidney toxic.

Myth 11: Patient stop eating rice when they get diabetes.
Fact: Eat rice and check your sugar 2 hours later and if it is spiking than stop eating the rice. Eat wheat, jawar, bajra only then you will come to know which food is good for you.

Myth 12: Each diabetes patient can have the same pattern diet.
Fact: It depends on the genetic composition. You have to have a customized diet and for it seek advice from a Doctor.

Myth 13: Jaggery and honey are allowed.
Fact: Jaggery, sugar and honey have the same calorific composition. But they are less harmful than sugar. So, if you are having both these, they are going to give you similar results as refined sugar.

Myth 14: Exercise will take care of diabetes.
Fact: It is an important part of everybody schedule. Exercise will help you to get your sugar controlled to some extent. There always have to be a balance between diet, exercise and lifestyle.

If you need any more information, please feel free to contact me via Lybrate.

Thank You.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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