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Common Causes Of Hair Loss In Men And Women

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Hello, Myself Dr Sumit Agarwal I am a board certified plastic surgeon and hair transplant specialist practicing at Harleys clinic in Mumbai and also a specialist plastic surgeon, practicing in Balloon Hospital in Dubai.

Today I would be discussing about hair fall in both males and females.  Hair fall causes anxiety in both males and females. The common causes for hair fall is a hereditary inheritance more commonly from the maternal family or hormonal disturbances like hypothyroidism or Polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS. Other less common causes a micronutrient, deficiencies or cicatrical alopecia due to autoimmune conditions or post chemotherapy.

In the recent past, it has been observed that majorly the hair loss problems start with youngsters in early twenties age group which is primarily due to stress of the studies or due to excessive use of chemicals undergoing procedures or may be due to environmental factors like hard waters, ciboria, dandruff and other reasons.

So it is important before starting any hair loss treatment that you should get yourself evaluated by a physician or a hair specialist. The hair specialist will do the clinical examination of the scalp and the Folly scopic examination of the hair roots to find the cause of the hair fall . He may also ask for certain blood tests to find out micronutrient deficiencies like serum ferritin, serum Vitamin D3 and also for hormonal disturbances like thyroid profile.

And after this , your hair fall may be classified on the grades of the hair loss. It maybe an early grade where just hair thinning has started up or in advance grade where balding patch has already started. Not every patient is a candidate for hair transplant. Hair thinning patients may be treating accordingly with medications like multivitamin supplements and hair serum along with adjuvant therapy like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) but if the balding settings patches then the hair transplant has to be considered.

For hair transplant procedure, political factors need to be considered before deciding for the procedure like age of the starting of hair loss, grade of hair loss, donor area sufficiency and if still there is any active hair fall which needs to be controlled first before embarking on hair transplant.

Hair transplant, there are two techniques of doing it - first is the Follicular Unit Transplant FUT and second is the Follicular Unit extraction or the FUE technique. The physician will discuss the details and pros and cons of the both the techniques. The results of the hair transplant procedure what you get , they are natural and permanent, these hairs grow forever. You can cut them, colour them and save them and even after the transplant have been done , the medical treatment needs to be still continued to maintain the existing hairs.

The medical treatment is a slow treatment - it takes some time for the effect to come so keep patient and just continue, sometimes there may be some hair shedding at the start of the medical treatment, so do not panic, it eventually gives good growth and it is a long term treatment so do not stop it abruptly ever. Always consult your physician before making any changes for your treatment.

If you have any further doubt or queries about the hair fall you can contact us through Lybrate.

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