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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Carbohydrates - A Perfect Way To Kick-Start Your Day!

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Dt. Ms. Malika Kabra RathiDietitian/Nutritionist • 16 Years Exp.Msc - Clinical Nutrition
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Starting your day with carbs can sound really strange but the fact is that your body is like an engine which requires fuel to function properly. Carbohydrates are a healthy addition to your diet. You have a gap of about 8 to 9 hours between the last meal of the day and the next morning’s breakfast, which is why your morning it is important that your breakfast should contain an adequate amount of carbs for the body to remain active all through the day. 

There are various other benefits of eating a carb-rich diet in the morning, read on to know more:

  1. Improves exercise regimen: Needless to say, exercise is good for maintaining the overall fitness of the body along with reducing fat and building muscles. And for exercising also, you need a considerable amount of energy to be spent. Now, the best source for this is carbohydrates. For those who work out in the morning, a good dose of carbs can improve the quality of work out, as it provides essential fuel to the body that enables you to push on far longer as compared to a carb-free diet.
  2. Prevents weight gain: Eating carbs in the morning is far better than loading your dinner with carbs. Your activity throughout the day ensures that carbs are consumed, and only the excessive amount is stored. However, eating a carb-loaded meal will lead to storage of fat. Therefore, it is advised to eat carbs earlier in the day than later.
  3. Bodybuilding: If you are into bodybuilding, then your instructor may have advised you to get enough carbohydrates as they would help in achieving a lean, muscular physique. Including carbs in your diet also helps regulate metabolism and building muscles along with increased workout.
  4. Healthy heart: Research shows that increasing your soluble-fiber intake (a type of fiber found in carb-rich foods) by 5 to 10 grams a day could result in a 5 percent drop in “bad” LDL cholesterol. Similarly, people who eat more whole grains (think bulgur, brown rice, quinoa) also likely to have higher 'good' HDL cholesterol and lower 'bad' LDL cholesterol.

So, what should you eat? 

  1. Sprouts and 1 chapati
  2. Oats and besan chilla
  3. Nachni chilla / porridge
  4. Sweet potato boiled
  5. Bajra or pearl millet
  6. 1 Stuffed vegetable paratha and curd
  7. Poha
  8. Idli and sambar

The above foods not just give your body the required carbs, but also small amounts of protein and fats, which makes it completely wholesome. So get into a habit of eating carb-rich breakfast and you will see the improvement in your energy levels! In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!


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