Best Dietician in Mumbai

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Best Dietician in Mumbai

With so many diets, diet tips and hoax dietitians around, it may become difficult to choose the best dietician. Here is a list of few best dieticians in Mumbai who have years of experience, are well qualified and can customize your diet as per your disease or goal. While choosing a diet you must understand that it is a lifestyle change and needs to be adapted for a longer run, so the diet should be flexible and sustainable. Best dietician in Mumbai are: 

1. Dt. Neha Suryawanshi

Masters in Dietetics and Food Service Management, Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, B.Sc.- Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics

Dt. Neha has 13 years of experience and is known for her expertise as a clinical nutritionist with expertise in weight loss and weight management, management of diabetes, PCOD, lipid, and liver. She is also known for her knowledge of sports nutrition. She is also experienced as a Corporate Nutritionist and has worked previously with VLCC and Snap fitness, before opening her own clinic- Neha's Diet Clinic.

Consultation fees:  ₹1000

2. Dt. Charmi Gala

BSc - Dietetics / Nutrition, PG Diploma In Dietetics & Hospital Food Service

Dr. Charmi Gala is an experienced dietitian with 10 years of experience, including her work in hospitals like P.D. Hinduja Hospital. She is known for her customized and flexible diet plans that are easy to stick and give long term results. You can consult with her for lifestyle-related problems like weight, diabetes, thyroid or PCOD at Human Touch Clinic. 

Consultation fees:  ₹1000

3. Dt. Khushboo Sahijwani Matta

BHSC. In Dietetics, MSc Dietetics & Food Service Management

Dt. Khushboo Sahijwani is a certified nutritionist and a Reebok Certified Fitness Instructor. This gives her an edge as her diet plans are a mix of diet and fitness exercise, that help you achieve your fitness goals. In 10 years of career, she was associated with some reputed gyms and has been part of the medical care team for bariatric and cosmetologist surgeries. Her clientage varies across all age groups and patients from metabolic or lifestyle disorders. She has also written many articles for leading magazines & newspapers and health websites.

Consultation fees:  ₹1200

4. Dt. Janvi Chitalia

ACSM Qualified Personal Trainer, ISSA, ACSM, Diploma In Weight And Shape Management

Dt. Janvi Chitalia holds many national and international certificates and degrees in the field of nutrition. She is known for holistic approach balancing nutrition and exercise along with use of natural home remedies to boost metabolism. More than emphasizing on following a diet plan she lays stress on educating about choosing the right foods and combination of foods for sustainable and long term diet.

Consultation fees:  ₹2000

5. Ms. Sweta Shah

BSc - Dietetics / Nutrition, MSc - Food and Applied Nutrition, Post Graduate In Food Science And Nutrition

Dt. Sweta has 9 years of experience and practices at her own clinic- Holistic Nutrition. She specializes in diet plans related to weight loss and weight gain and weight management. She is great at counseling and her approach is very practical which allows you to follow the plan, giving the desired results.

Consultation fees:  ₹1500

6. Dt. Geeta Shenoy

Registered Dietician, Post Graduate Diploma In Dietetics

Dr. Geeta Shenoy is a registered dietician in Mumbai. She is practicing for the last 27 years. She understands your body type, its metabolism and then plans a customized diet for you. She is known for her clinical knowledge especially cases related to kidney, heart, thyroid, and diabetes. Her practical approach yields good result in weight loss and weight management as well.

Consultation fees:  ₹1200

7. Dt. Amreen Shaikh

P.G. Diploma In Dietetics & Nutrition, BSC - Zoology

She is a well-recognized dietitian with 10 years of experience. After gaining experience from major hospitals, she currently runs her own clinic with the name of Right Bite Clinic. Areas of clinical interest to her are diabetes, high Cholesterol, and high Lipids, antenatal (Pregnancy), Post-Pregnancy weight loss, weight management and diet for thyroid and PCOD. She focuses on a balanced diet as a medium to gain and restore the health and doesn’t focus on supplements.

Consultation fees:  ₹500

8. Dt. Archana Desai

P.G.Dietetics, BSc - Dietetics / Nutrition, dietetics

Dt. Atchana is a dynamic nutritionist, with an experience of 15 years. She specializes in weight management, clinical nutrition, child nutrition, & sports nutrition and DNA Diets. She believes eating right can cure every problem. Her diet plans are a reflection of the same. She currently practices at Weight Loss & Management Clinic.

Consultation fees:  ₹1500

9. Dt. Megha Jalan

Msc - Dietetics

Dt. Megha has 6 years of experience and has known to deliver excellent result when it comes to diabetes & high Cholesterol control through diet. Her other area of special interest is weight loss and weight management plans. She practices at Vedumrut Clinic Crystal Centre.

Consultation fees:  ₹1000

10. Dt. Ms. Malika Kabra Rathi

MSc - Clinical Nutrition

Dt. Rathi holds an experience of more than 10 years and is known for her results in weight management and therapeutic conditions like diabetes, cholesterol management. She is associated with many well-known clinics and hospitals. She has excellent knowledge for conditions like PCOS, diabetes, healthy heart, cholesterol management, anemia and childhood obesity

Consultation fees:  ₹2000


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