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Last Updated: Feb 05, 2020
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Anal Fissure - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Home Remedies

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What is Anal Fissure?

Anal fissure occurs because of a tear or cuts in the anus, that extends up into the anal canal. Anal fissures are a common condition that happens with many people across the globe and are responsible for the 6-15 patient per cent visits to a colorectal surgeon. An anal fissure can happen to anyone. Both men and women, young and old are affected by this malady. Fissure in the anal tract causes severe pain during defecation and bowel movement. In fact fissure in the anus, is the most common cause of rectal bleeding during childhood and infancy.

Anal fissures typically happen in the specialized tissue that lines the anal canal and anus, known as anoderm. Unlike skin, anoderm do not have sweat glands, hairs or sebaceous glands. But it has a plethora of sensory nerves that can even sense light touch and pain. This abundance of nerves in the anoderm tissue is what makes anal fissures so painful. This most sensitive anoderm moves up for the entire length of the anal canal until it ends and meets the demarcating line where the rectum starts, which is known as the dentate line.

How long do anal fissures last?

Anal fissures more often heal in around half a month without the requirement for the treatment. In any case, they are caused by constipation that was not treated. In certain individuals, manifestations from butt-centric gaps most recent a month and a half or more. It is advised to get treatment at an early stage to overcome the difficulty in a much easier way.

What causes anal fissure?

The causes of anal fissure are:

  • The most common cause of this trauma is a bowel movement
  • It can always be caused by repeated episodes of diarrhoea or hard stool (constipation)
  • Many times insertion of an enema tip, rectal thermometer, ultrasound probe (for the examination of the prostate), an endoscope can result in enough trauma for development of an anal fissure.
  • During childbirth, a trauma in the perineum tissue can also cause a tear that can extend into the anoderm.
  • Other causes for the development of this malady are infectious diseases are viral infections like herpes, gonorrhoea, syphilis, chancroid, chlamydia, tuberculosis and HIV.
  • Patients who suffer from Crohn’s disease, 4% of such patients develop anal fissures as the primary manifestation of their disease.

What are the signs and symptoms of anal fissures?

There are some signs and symptoms a person will experience at the initial stage of anal fissures. They are listed as getting blood while pooping, discomfort during urination, experiencing pain during solid excretion and feeling Itchy in the anal area. It is advised to consult a doctor if any of the symptoms are visible.

How are anal fissures diagnosed?

A specialist can analyze anal fissures just by looking at the region around the rear-end. they might also need to play out a rectal test to affirm the conclusion. During this test, the specialist may embed an anoscope into your rectum to make it simpler to see the tear. This therapeutic instrument is a thin cylinder that enables specialists to review the butt-centric waterway. Utilizing an anoscope may likewise enable your specialist to discover different reasons for butt-centric or rectal agony, for example, haemorrhoids. Now and again of rectal torment, you may require endoscopy for better assessment of your symptoms.

How to treat anal fissure?

The treatments a doctor prescribes to heal anal fissure are applying nitroglycerin to increase blood circulation, using topical anaesthetic creams for pain relief, getting a Botox injection to paralyze the affected muscle and to take oral nifedipine or diltiazem for blood pressure.

Who is at risk for an anal fissure?

An anal fissure can occur to a person who has a bad digestive system, in most cases due to poor nutrition. Anyone who doesn’t drink sufficient amount of water and doesn’t eat fibrous food is most vulnerable to anal fissure. It is advised to add fibre to your food and drink as much water as you can, as it not only prevent the anal fissure but will improve your overall health as well.

How can an anal fissure be prevented?

To anal fissure occurs due to constipation. In order to prevent anal fissure, you have to counteract constipation. Eating plenty of fibre and staying hydrated makes the stool softer and easier to excrete. Moreover, doing regular exercise helps to improve the digestive functioning and in the case of infants, changing their diapers as soon as possible after their bowel movement is also necessary.

What natural home remedies to treat anal fissures?

There are plenty of home remedies to treat anal fissures. The main motive to treat anal fissures is basically to provide lubrication at the region around the rear-end and to stop constipation. Essential oils such as coconut oil and olive oil are used as a lubricant. Applying them to the affected area makes it easier to pass the stool. In order to ease constipation, flax seeds and apple cider vinegar are consumed orally. Lastly, applying aloe vera gel to the affected area helps to heal the anal fissures.

Popular Questions & Answers

Hello. I'm 26. Previous year my motion was way too hard which resulted in cuts in my anal from inside (multiple places). Doctor diagnosed it as 'anal fisher'(if m not wrong) and duphalac plus avoiding certain foods n change in lifestyle was the treatment. So, fast forward now almost after a year, I workout 6 days, eating nothing but homemade. No tea, no coffee. Lots of curd, chach in my diet, no ginger (as many suggested), no maida, oily or anything with water intake 4-5ltr everyday. I'm vegetarian n prefer home food than junk. Lifestyle pretty good rn. Now I do not find reason on why I still am having this (it kept on happening throughout the year with gap of month or two). Its painful (pain may be 14 hrs long, painkillers does not help, ice helps for time being). One of my family Dr. (who is orthopedic) and knows my eating habits n routines, asked me to not take stress. I do went through depression but healed, suffer anxiety, panic attacks here n there. But I don't see the connection of stress with anal fresher. Stress is something which is part of life idk if that can even be avoided. Any kind of help please as Dr. suggesting small operation, but I have exams to give n also family problems, idk what exactly I should do.

M.S. (Ayurveda), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
General Surgeon, Delhi
Anal fissure can be conveniently treated without surgery by graded kshar karma treatment. In this treatment; specialized ayurvedic medicine namely graded kshar is applied in the fissure region which debrides teh fissure and helps in healing of ana...

How long lactihep syrup or any other syrup can be taken for fissure as a softener? Will its discontinuance have an impact and cause constipation?

MBBS, DNB - General Surgery, Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery(FMAS) , Ceritification in Minimal Invasive Surgery, FIAGES
General Surgeon, Kota
Constipation is due to our bad dietary habbit eating high fibre diet like good amount of salads leafy vegetables. Those who don't take dietary precaution will develop constipation as soon they stop laxatives and take low fibre diet.
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Hi, I had an episode of severe anal fissure two months ago. A surgeon had prescribed diltiazem gel, used it for a month and my fissure has been healed ever since, but a few weeks ago I started experiencing sever itch around my anal area which led me to have minor tears around. What can I do to prevent the itching? Diltiazem had given me severe rashes after 2 weeks of using it though I did use it for a month.

M.S. (Ayurveda), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
General Surgeon, Delhi
If you are not having spasm in sphincter muscles (feeling like anal passage is closed); you may apply coconut oil or some soothing ointment in anal region. For further support; you may call reception at sushruta ano rectal institute.

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