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Acne Breakout - Know Why It Happens!

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Acne Breakout - Know Why It Happens!

Acne is very common nowadays, whether it be among teens or adults. It seems this tiny little thing disturbs many! Proper treatment of several months is needed to eradicate this problem. You have to maintain your daily skin regime to prevent it and get a healthy and glowing skin. Acne also called pimples is the cause of spots on the face, further leaving scars there. These scars are very difficult to get rid of. Many get acne in their teen years only and it get minimized as soon as the adult years hit. On the other hand, many people start to get pimples from their early adolescence and this problem prevails well into their middle age or old age. The root cause may vary from person to person. Both the genders are equally affected and suffer from the problem of acne. Acne and scars on the face make an unappealing personality which is of course not liked by many and it can really reduce your confidence level.

Reasons behind break out of acne

  1. It is quite natural to get acne in adolescent years as there are overall lots of changes in the body at that time.
  2. Acne occurs when the pores on our skin get clogged. The clog is due to excess oil secreted by the skin or the presence of dead cells.
  3. People adopt unhealthy lifestyles like consumption of junk food, excessive alcohol intake and smoking, irregular sleeping hours.
  4. People use skin products which may not be suitable for their skin type.
  5. Acne could be the result of an internal problem in your body and it may be the indicator or reflection on your face.
  6. You may be suffering from dandruff, resulting in acne.
  7. You just can’t stop picking the pimples which result in acne scars and further acne.

Treatment of Acne and Scars
You should take care of your face like you would care for a baby. A proper routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing should be done twice daily. If anyone has oily skin, then they should search for products that are specifically for oily skin. One should not touch one’s face unnecessarily as hands have minute impurities many times. Scars can be prevented by treating acne and not by touching them. Many natural ways of treatment are there which you can find among your kitchen ingredients. You can apply apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and honey mask, milk and honey mask, egg white mask, smashed papaya mask, orange peel paste, applying tea tree oil, aloe vera, baking soda and much more on your skin as a part of the natural treatment. But you should also consult a dermatologist or medical practitioner before taking any treatment to find the root cause of acne and eradicate them totally.

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