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7 Ayurvedic Remedies That Can Treat Pain During Pregnancy!

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7 Ayurvedic Remedies That Can Treat Pain During Pregnancy!

While pregnancy is a wonderful experience for most women, it also brings its fair share of troubles. Nourishing and developing another life inside your body could sometimes be a challenging experience. A lot of health issues can also arise due to it, such as back pain, feeling of fatigue, exhaustion and unbearable cramps. 

However, these can be easily controlled or reduced to ensure that pregnancy is a joyful experience if you take proper care of your body. Ayurvedic remedies to make your pregnancy a joyful experience:


  1. Food cravings should be favored: It is important to eat what you desire. During pregnancy, follow a well balanced diet containing a lot of proteins, starch and vegetables. After the fourth month, you should satisfy all your cravings which are more likely coming from the merging nutritional requirements of the developing baby.
  2. Balance energy: During pregnancy, it is important to keep a balanced nervous system. This should be done by consuming a diet of plant-based, processed foods along with whole and sprouted grains. Start eating freshly cooked food with olive and coconut oil. Avoid consuming leftover food.
  3. Avoid certain foods: Try to prevent consuming spicy hot foods, uncooked leafy vegetables and undercooked lentils and beans. These food products can cause gas. Avoid preservatives, chemical additives and artificial flavors as they can cause severe stomach aches.
  4. Right form of milk: Drink warm non-homogenized milk with ghee. Mix the ghee with one cup of milk everyday to boost the baby’s immunity.
  5. Ayurvedic oils: Pregnancy can also cause pain in the abdomen area. This can be reduced by massaging your belly with Ayurvedic oil. This calms down your nerves and also helps you relax. Sesame oil and lavender oil are two good choices for this.  
  6. Avoiding morning sickness: Sometimes morning sickness can occur from the sixth week of your pregnancy. Roast and grind cardamom seeds and eat a pinch of it each day. Sip ginger or fennel seed tea to reduce morning sickness.
  7. Exercise: Pregnancy can make you tired and feel exhausted easily. Practice yoga or go for a walk daily to feel energetic. This is also good for the development of the fetus. Meditation will also help reduce any form of stress and help you deal with the physical and psychological issues of pregnancy.

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