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5 Surprising Causes Of Infertility That You Did Not Know About!

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5 Surprising Causes Of Infertility That You Did Not Know About!

Infertility is a growing problem, which has forced couples to seek alternative methods of conception. There can be a host of reasons behind infertility in both men and women. Endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes and lack of ovulation are some common causes that most people are aware of. However, here is a look at some lesser-known causes of infertility.

  1. Obesity: 5% of India’s total population is morbidly obese. Unhealthy lifestyle, regular consumption of junk foods, lack of bodily movements, is to blame for the rampant obesity. This excess body weight and fat can often cause severe problems for fertility. A couple needs to maintain their respective ideal weights if they want to stand the maximum chance of conceiving a child naturally.
  2. Stress: Prospective mothers know that stress during pregnancy can be quite harmful for the baby. However, stress levels can severely limit your chances of getting pregnant as well. Research has shown that stress can even damage the eggs in women, leading to the infertility.
  3. Intense exercise: While moderate amount of exercise and physical activity is known to boost fertility, spending too much time in the gym can be counterproductive when you are trying to have a baby. Going for a jog every morning or engaging in simple cardio workouts can help increase fertility, while weight training can pose serious problems in this phase of life. Similarly, steer clear of any protein supplement as well.
  4. Smoking: Well, this may not come as a surprise, but smoking affects your fertility and not in a good way. Both men and women are adversely affected by tobacco smoking. The quality of the sperm is severely damaged in a man who smokes regularly. Similarly, the eggs may also be damaged due to cigarette smoke.
  5. Processed foods: Processed meats can drastically reduce the sperm count in a man. If you are in the habit of eating such foods, ensure that you give it up and start consuming more organic meat and vegetables. This is much better for your general health and aids the goals of conception as well.

Lastly, ensure that you engage in sexual intercourse throughout the ovulation cycle and not just at the time when a pregnancy is most likely. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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