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5 Foods To Help You With Bone Problems!

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5 Foods To Help You With Bone Problems!

A healthy diet is crucial for healthy bones. Many people face problems like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis as they age. While there are many factors that lead to deterioration of bone health such as obesity, the foods that you consume has a bigger impact on your bone health.

For starters, two of the basic nutrients that your bones need are calcium and vitamin D. Calcium strengthens the bones while vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. Deficiency of these key nutrients can set you up for bone ailments.

Here are some foods that will promote bone health –

  1. Go nuts - Nuts like almonds and walnuts have omega 3 fatty acids, which prevent the rate of bone cells breaking down. Moreover, nuts are also rich in protein and other trace minerals that are essential for the musculoskeletal system of the body.

  2. Leafy greens - Leafy greens like cabbagespinach and kale are packed with calcium and vitamin K. We know what calcium does for the bones, but not much about the role of vitamin K in bone health. Vitamin K prevents calcium loss from urine. It also plays a critical role in forming essential bone proteins. You can add leafy greens in your salad servings or in your sandwiches.

  3. Dairy products - Most people give up on milk when they enter their teenage years. Milk is a powerhouse of nutrients, especially the ones that play a role in bone health, which is calcium and vitamin D. Ensure that the milk you drink is of the non-fat variety. Also, avoid certain products made from dairies such as ice cream and cheese as they are high in calories and contain very little vitamin D.

  4. Seeds - Seeds like flax seeds and chia seeds are rich in magnesium. Not many people know this but 50% of your body’s magnesium reserves are in the bones. So, when your magnesium levels drop, your calcium levels drop, resulting in weak and fragile bones.

  5. Fatty fish - Fatty fish like salmon are rich in vitamin and omega 3 fatty acids. In addition to eating these foods, you should also get sufficient sun exposure to naturally produce vitamin D. Remember to expose yourself to the early morning sun, as the sun can get unbearable during the middle of the day.

Moreover, you need to follow a daily exercise regimen to keep your bones healthy and strong. It will also keep your joints flexible. Following a healthy lifestyle can help you keep your bones in good shape for a long time to come.

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