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Calcium Spot Urine Test

Calcium Spot Urine Test

Calcium can be regarded as one of the most vital nutrient of the body and numerous body parts and all the cells use calcium to carry out various functions such as building of bones, teeth and also repairing them apart from maintaining the body health conditions on the whole. The main purpose of calcium urine test is nothing but to sort out how much calcium is passed out of the body through urine and that is the reason why this test is also known as the urinary Ca+2 test.

There’s not much preparation involved for this particular test and as mentioned above, the only thing done here is a simple urine test which unveils the fact that the person need not strive a lot to get himself prepared for the appointment. However all one has to do is to take all the medications as suggested by the doctor and reach the lab a few minutes early than the specified time which would make him comfortable at the time of the test.

There are numerous uses by undergoing this test and they include Evaluation of dietary intake of calcium Whether high calcium levels led to the development of kidney stone or not Evaluates the problems of the parathyroid glands Evaluating the functioning levels of kidneys Also is has to be observed that a blood calcium test has certain limitations which can be fulfilled with the help of urine test and these include detection of certain bone diseases and some of the other health disorders such as pancreatitis and hyperparathyroidism.

The procedure involved here is quite similar to that of a simple urine test and here, the person is provided with a sterile urine cup where he has to give the sample of the urine and it is advisable for the person not to fill the sample to the neck of the cup but keep it a bit low for ease of testing. The sample collected is then handed over to the lab technician where the further proceedings are carried out in a laboratory.

random urine
sterile specimen container
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Calcium Spot Urine
All age groups
Males: 25-300 mg/24-hour specimen,Females: 20-275 mg/24-hour specimen
Rs 80 - Rs 500

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