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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2023

15 Ways To Increase Protein Intake

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Dr. Aditi Kulkarni0Physiotherapist
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Protein is an extremely complex substance which basically consists of amino acids. Protein is present in every living organism and has many compounds in them such as Hormones, Enzymes and Antibodies.

We all know that having a proper diet is a must in today's world. And the most important component of our diet is protein. Protein can be found in many foods and it's necessary for us to get a sufficient amount of protein in our daily diet.

The main question which arises while talking about protein is how much protein should one take daily? So let's understand this. Let your weight be x, the daily amount of protein one need is x * 0.8 grams and if you are a athlete you must have x * 1.4 grams of protein in your diet. Basically the amount of protein one needs daily depends on his/her body weight, gender, age and health.

The following ways will help you to increase protein intake -

1) Take your protein:-

Before eating your meal take your protein sources like amylum. In your body the protein helps in growing your peptide YY (PYY) an innard hormone which makes you feel filled.

Having proteins helps in maintaining  your sugar insulin and blood levels from rising too high. In a study it was demonstrated that eating protein sources before your meals will help you to balance your body levels in an accurate manner.

2) Morsels with cheese:-

As people love having snacks whenever they have cravings for having good food. It's upon you whether you want to take snacks with some goodness of protein or just have unhealthy ones for taste. There are numerous snack foods such as Waffles, pancakes, french toast, macaroni, chips, pretzels etc. But it's in your hands to take a snack which contains more protein.

Like if you consume a packet of chips which is 50 grams and enriched with 274 calories but only 4 grams of protein. On the other hand we notice that a cheddar or grated cheese of 48 grams contains 12.0 grams of proteins. Also cheese doesn't appear to raise the cholesterol levels of people who are experiencing high level cholesterol. Some of the studies show that cheese is also beneficial in keeping our heart healthy. So enjoy your favourite snacks with a bit of cheese and make your food more healthy.

If you take a high intake of protein in your body it will lead to falling off of 'ghrelin',also called 'starvation hormone' and fastens the metabolic rates of the body during sleeping and after having your meals.

3) Substitute cereals with eggs:-

While having breakfast in the morning we notice that many foods are low in protein like apples, white rice, parsley, raisins, cereals etc . Though oatmeals consist of more protein than cereals.In a 300 g of oats it only provides 8 g of protein. In contrast, 4 eggs provides 24 grams of good quality proteins to our body along with vitamins ,fibers and choline. As per facts eggs contain 9 amino acids. It helps to prevent cataract development. It is one of the only foods which contains naturally occurring vitamin D. As per a study it was shown that eating an egg helps to make alterations in the size and shape of your LDL ( BAD) cholesterol particles which reduces the risks of heart diseases. So substituting your cereals with eggs will help you in boosting your protein consumption and will make you feel satisfied and full.

4) Do toppings of almonds :-

Almonds are popular in the diets of Egyptians and Indians. Almonds are a very healthy snack because they contain many minerals and vitamins that one needs. They're rich in Magnesium, Amino acids, Protein and Vitamin D. Consistent with a recent study, almonds reduce hunger and desire to eat later in the day. American biochemist Edwin Krebs suggests the theory that cancer is a disease of vitamin deficiency. Consistent with him, cancer is caused by a deficiency of certain B vitamins. Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin B and flavonoids, which lessen the danger of breast cancer. It's said that almonds work wonders when added to your dish or eaten alone everyday. It keeps you fuller for extended periods and leads to lower intake of calories per day. Men must consume 56 grams of almonds per day. In contrast women shall take 46 grams of the powerful nutrient. Protein is sweet for you because protein in almonds helps to make enzymes, build bones, muscles, skin cartilage and therefore the blood.

5)Prefer Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is constantly used to make all kinds of meals healthier even as frosting on cupcakes. Greek Yogurt is a great portable protein that also helps you quell hunger. It also helps fight belly fat. All yogurts are excellent sources of calcium, mineral, zinc and potassium, proteins and vitamin b6 and b12. Brooking points out that yogurt has almost twice the amount of protein.

6) Eat Chicken breast instead of any other part.

Chicken breast is a very good source of protein. Though there are different  parts of chicken, chicken breast is one of the popular ones as it is skinless and boneless rich in protein, maintaining the weight of the body. It has been concluded that half of chicken breast consists of 142 calories in total with only 3 grams of fat.

7) Leafy vegetables

Vegetables belong to the brassica family, a family of common plants that also includes Brussels, cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts etc. These consist of phytochemicals which help in protection of breast colon and prostate cancer.

8)Peanut butter

You can consume peanut butter in your diet as it has a creamy texture and delicious taste which can be eaten with several kinds of ingredients. Consuming 16 g of peanut butter will provide you 4 grams of protein.

9)Cottage cheese

For a quick and easy breakfast you can choose cottage cheese as a snack which is amazingly delicious. It consists of 11 g of protein in a half cup of 100 g cottage cheese.


Soybeans are a greater source of protein than any other legumes.It consists of antioxidants known as kaempferol which helps in reducing blood sugar levels.

11)Canned fish

Eating canned fish in your meal will help you in a great manner in intaking your protein source as it contains excellent sources of Omega 3 fatty acids that will help in fighting inflammation.

12) Focus more on whole grains:-

Whole grains are enriched with several important nutrients like fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Use it instead of refined grains.


If you are a vegetarian, then you should try eating lentils because they are the richest source of a plant based protein .

14) Consumption of Quinoa:-

Quinoa is a seed which contains all the nine amino acids which your body will not be able to make alone.

15)Chia custard:-

This snack has become the most renowned one in recent years. It contains 4 grams of protein in an ounce of chia seeds.

Conclusion -

It is said that excess and deficiency of anything may affect a person mentally or physically. So it's important for us to know our daily needs to avoid any excess or deficiency. The above mentioned tips will surely help you in increasing your protein intake but it is recommended that you should consult a dietician for knowing exactly how much protein intake you need daily. Hope this article was helpful to you. Thank you for giving your precious time in reading this. Have a great day.


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