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Dr. Deepa Walinjkar

Ayurveda, Thane

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Dr. Deepa Walinjkar Ayurveda, Thane
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I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage....more
I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage.
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Dr. Deepa Walinjkar is a popular Ayurveda in Kaushalya Medical Foundation Trust Hospital, Thane. She is currently practising at Dr. Deepa Walinjkar@Alliance Hospital in Kaushalya Medical Foundation Trust Hospital, Thane. Book an appointment online with Dr. Deepa Walinjkar on has a number of highly qualified Ayurvedas in India. You will find Ayurvedas with more than 27 years of experience on Find the best Ayurvedas online in Thane. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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My hair is fallen in few months back and regularly fall. How I stop hair loss pls give me advice.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Ludhiana
Homoeopathic treatment HAIR GROWTH OIL ( Wilmar Schwabe India) Apply twice weekly at night.Leave overnight A.C.9 ( BAKSON ) Chew 1 tab twice daily R-89 ( Dr Reckeweg) Drink 20 drops in 20 ml fresh water 3 times daily. R-89 ( Dr Reckeweg) Massage in hair roots 20-30 drops daily 0r alternate days one hour before bath.( In females one hour before bath) 6-8 glasss extra water daily 2 glas milk daily Take nutritious diet Avoid junk nd spicy food,fast food,cold drinks Castor oil: • helps with hair regrowth and hair loss, • makes the hair richer and darker, • prevents split ends, • treats dandruff and dry scalp, • moisturizes the hair and makes it shine, • works in an antifungal and antibacterial way and can prevent problems such as ringworm, and folliculitis. How to apply castor oil It’s best to use castor oil as a hair mask. This is particularly helpful if you’re trying to regrow hair or give it more moist and shine. 1. Castor oil has a thick consistency, so you can mix it with coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil in a half and half ratio. This will make the mask easier to distribute throughout your hair. 2. Use your fingers or a brush and start applying it onto your scalp with circular motions. This gentle massage increases the blood circulation, rejuvenates the hair, and stimulates hair growth. 3. Part hair into sections and apply the oil (mixture) to each section until all your hair is covered properly and evenly. 4. Wrap your hair in a warm towel (you can also use a shower cap) and leave it for two to eight hours. You can also leave it over night. This will give the oil enough time to penetrate the follicles and hydrate your scalp and hair thoroughly. 5. Wash your hair as usual using shampoo and conditioner. Make sure you rinse all the oil out of your hair. How often should you use castor oil? This depends on your objective and type of hair. If your aim is to treat hair loss, you will need to do it at least twice weekly, but even better if you can do it three or four times per week for several weeks.
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Hello Doctor, I have recently started my sex life and I am having back pain and thighs muscle pain after each sex. And also thighs muscle shivers after sex which results to weakness.

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Chennai
It is normal you will get used to it. Sex is like work out. Eat well. Sleep for 7 hours a day. Try multivitamin.
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Dentist, Jaipur
When the pulp of the tooth becomes inflamed, septic or lifeless, one needs to go through the root canal treatment. 
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I am 54 years male having hypertension/diabetes for the last 19 years and taking allopathic treatment (tablets and insulin). No major issue except for constipation and vertigo. Now I wish to take following ayurvedic medicines for maintaining my health: 1.One Tablet of Haridya Amrit in the evening (containing Arjuna, Sarpgandha, Pushkarmool, Naagbala etc.) for blood pressure and as tonic for the heart. 2.Dal Cheeni Powder (one fourth teaspoon) for control of cholesterol 3.Ayurvedic calcium tablet for joints and bones 4.Shilajeet Gold as nerve Tonic 5.Softovac Powder for constipation I am not able to take the above medicine with allopathic drugs due to the essential time gap of one hour between two set of medicines. Please suggest (a)Are the above medicines sufficient as general tonic for my health and (b)Can the above medicine be taken in combination to have them in a time frame of one hour in the evening and then maintaining one hour gap from the allopathic medicines.

MBBS, CCEBDM, Diploma in Diabetology
Endocrinologist, Hubli-Dharwad
Mr. Lybrate-user, if you are in good health and diabetes and hypertension are in check, then my advise is to continue present treatment. If you want to take other medicines as a supportive therapy you may go ahead. I have seen a number of patients who were well controlled on modern medicine and suddenly decided to switch over to ayurvedic drugs have come back with totally uncontrolled blood sugar levels (400 mg plus). And high bp. So please be careful.
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I have less weight due to comparison of my height. What can I do for gain more weight?

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Chandigarh
Hi to gain weight you need to combine a balanced eating pattern with regular physical activity. You should be eating at least 6 small meals a day, rather than sticking to 3 square meals. You could divide it as 3 main meals and 3 snacks. You need to be eating every 2-3 hours. Space out snacks during the day so you don't spoil your appetite. Bread, cereal, rice, whole wheat, dalia and pasta: biscuits, and corn-bread are good sources of carbohydrates. Fruits: dried fruits, fruit nectars, and large quantities of fresh fruits vegetables: include, potatoes, peas, corn in your diet. Meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs, and nuts: beef, pork, lamb, poultry, salmon, omelets, nuts, peanut butter, kidney beans, chickpeas will help you gain weight. Include dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese: milk, fruited yogurts, hard cheeses, ice cream, puddings, custards, milkshakes. -nuts and seeds make a healthy option for snacks. -roasted channas and peanuts are good -peanut butter on the sandwiches are a great mid-meal choice. -you must know that cereals actually contain some healthy calories. Stay hydrated: drinking plenty of water and other fluids like juices, milk, soups etc, will work in your favour. Do not drink water before a meal and in between the meal as it may make you lose your appetite, thus calorie intake suffers. Sleep: at least 8 hours of sound sleep is a must. Since your body is actually building up muscles, while you rest. Weight gainers have long term side effects.
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How should I get rid of pimples on my face and even pimple marks left on my face? I have an oily skin.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Gurgaon
Home remedies- mix equal quantities of saffron, turmeric, neem, red sandalwood, tulsi, and multani mitti with buttermilk or milk and make a paste of it. Apply twice a day. A paste of fresh fenugreek leaves, applied and washed off with warm water before going to bed is good for removing scars of old pimples. To remove skin marks, apply a mixture of carrot juice and pineapple juice to skin twice a week. This not only removes the marks but also adds shine to your skin. Do's and do not's- avoid spicy, oily foods, tea, coffee, cold drinks and fast foods. Eat fresh, unprocessed food. Avoid white rice, bread, corn flakes and other foods which are high in glycemic index, triggering acne formation. Avoid washing your face with soaps. Use fresh aloe vera twice a day. Cleanse your face with lemon peels.
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I have oily as well as dry skin in winters my skin gets dry and in summers it's oily I have dots on face please recommend me which face wash I should use?

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
Mix one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice with one-half teaspoon of distilled water. Apply it on your skin using a cotton ball. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash your face with warm water. Lemon juice can dry out your skin, so apply some oil-free moisturizer afterward. or the best is coconut oil and do not use soap or shampoo
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I am having hairfall from almost 2 years. My hair is falling daily. My scalp is full of dandruff and its not going even after applying shampoo or soap. I am 17 year old and my head is getting bald from frontside. What should I apply on scalp or what should I eat for reducing hairfall and regrow the fallen hair. What oil or medicine should I try. Please reply.

Homeopath, Muzaffarpur
U personally contact for treatment. If you take homoeopathic treatment then hair falling stopped definately. Although you apply lemon juice on your scalp. For detaiil treatment ucontact personally. Although you may take homoeopathic medicine---acid phos 200 one drop twice a day for 21 daythen report.
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I am suffering from hair loss hair fall problem since last one month the hair fall n hair loss is while bathing and combing.

Endocrinologist, Srinagar
Use antidandruff shampoo daily. Use keshkanti oil from ramdev at bedtime it is really effective do pranayam daily for ten minutes. Take tablet keralego men daily for six months.
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I am having a big problem of hair fall. I am very fade up of all this. please help me.

Homeopath, Delhi
Hello, there can be many reasons behind it like physical or emotional stress, inadequate protein intake, genetics, anemia, aging, hormonal changes, prolonged illness, deficiency of vitamin b6 and folic acid, over-styling, thyroid diseases take homoeopathic medicine weisbaden 30 (4 drops in little water) twice a day for 15 days and update. Apply jobarandi hair oil. *make a habit of 8-10 glasses of water daily. *eat healthy and balanced food like pulses, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and nuts etc. *eggs as it is loaded with essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamin b12, iron, zinc and omega 6 fatty acids in large amount. *add more vitamin rich food to your diet. *avoid stress and anger. *cut down the use of hair spray, hair gel. *take a sound sleep. *avoid too much exposure of your hair to sunlight. *avoid hot hair styling tools, as they damage hair and cause split ends.
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This is nithya, I am 24 years old, I have a problem of dandruff and also severe hair fall, I am unable to get rid of itt, so please would you suggest me about its solution for that.

Vaidya Visharad
Ayurveda, Narnaul
Sea vegetables - if you have a thyroid issue sea vegetables are highly recommended for an underactive thyroid. An underactive thyroid can cause thinning of the hair and even the eyebrows. These sea vegetables include kelp, nori, and dulse (see the link below for the amazing health benefits of sea vegetables, also known as seaweed). If you east sushi it is often wrapped with nori. It is also sold in dried forms and can easily be sprinkled over foods. Add them several times per week. They are also sold in supplement form. Sea vegetables have been determined to be far more beneficial than food grown on land.
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My Fathers Back Bone Pains Highly He Is In A Bad Condition So Please Could Any doctor Tell Me What Medicine Should I Give Him.

Physiotherapist, Noida
Apply Hot Fomentation twice daily. Avoid bending in front. Postural Correction- Sit Tall, Walk Tall. Extension Exercises x 15 times x twice daily - lying on tummy, take left arm up for 3 seconds, then bring it down, right arm up for 3 seconds, bring down. Bring right leg up, hold for 3 seconds, bring it down. Then right leg up and hold for 3 seconds and bring it down. Repeat twice a day- 10 times. Bhujang Asana -- Lie flat on your stomach, keeping the palms out, bend the neck backward, take a deep breath and while holding it for 6 seconds, raise the chest up. Release breath and relax your body. Repeat the exercise 15 times twice daily. Core Strengthening Exercises- Straight Leg Raised With Toes Turned Outward, repeat 10 times, twice a day.
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In am into gyming. I have started taking dainabol (methandrostenolone. 20 mg a day. 10 mg in before gym. And 10 mg before my dinner. From last 5 days. Yesterday I found little clot of blood in my stool. So what would be the reason. Should I stop talking it. Or is it normal?

General Surgeon, Gandhinagar
Respected lybrate-user hi reasons may be vivid. You have to stop these medications & if hard stool avoid oily spicy stuffs. Thanks regards.
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Sir On my face has many pimples. So my face look so dirty. I am in trouble. Please help me.

Homeopath, Delhi
Take homoeopathic medicines 1.Berberis Aquifolium Q (10 drops in little water) thrice a day for a week 2.Kali Brom 30 (4 drops in little water) twice a day for a week and revert. along with the medicines, also take the following self-care steps: *clean your skin gently with a mild face wash removing all dirt or make-up. Wash many times a day with plain water. *try not to squeeze, scratch, pick, or rub the pimples, it can lead to scarring and skin infections. *avoid touching your face with your hands or fingers. *make a habit of 8-10 glasses of water in a day. *avoid stress and anger. *avoid harsh skin products.
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Surf I have permanent tattoo how can I remove it and WHR I cn and how much price will be expand.

MD - Skin,VD & Lepxsy
Dermatologist, Hyderabad
Hello lybrate-user it can be removed by tattoo lazer. 2-3 inch tatoo costs about 2000rs. You can consult a dermatologist and take the ndyag tatoo laser. Try to search the expert dermatologist online and can go for the treatment. Thank you
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I lost my small brother last 2 weeks so I am feeling very depressing so plzz give me some idea about that.

MD(Ayu), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Bhavnagar
Hello dear. I can understand. Your feeling & mood are obvious. But you have to move on. Thats d life. & that person would have never like that you live in depression my advises to you are * take life lightly * main problem is how you are reacting matters & incidence of your life & day to day * you can see half filled glass of water by two way: half is still empty (nagative attitude) or half full (positive) * take balance diet * give time for yoga * constipation should removed * you can take brahmi sankhpuspi etc ayurveda medicine * I recommended strongly, go near by ayurveda centre & take shirodhara & nashya treatment.
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I am 20 Male. I have been having a weird feeling in my testicles from last few days. It is sometimes leading to pain. I think it's mostly a muscle or vein related as I get a light sensation when I pull/push my muscle there. I went to an urologist. He told me these are common for my age and examined my testicles. He applied pressure there and asked me if I am having a burning sensation which I had a very slight one. He told me it looks fine and mostly it will go away and gave me a tablet called signoflam and told me to use when ever I get pain. Should I go for further diagnosis or use the tablet? I have been under stress too for last few weeks. Could that have caused the problem?

M.B.B.S. , PG Diploma In Clinical Cardiology
Cardiologist, Delhi
I am a Gastroenterologist and would be answering your query. As per you query answers are- Firstly for Irritable bowel syndrome. Irritable bowel syndrome is a common intestinal disorder. There is some problem in the functional ability of the gut that leads to the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. The structure of the intestines is normal, only functional abnormality occurs in this condition. So frankly speaking (IBS) represents a functional disorder of gastrointestinal tract without the presence of an anatomic defect. Recent studies by French scientists have indicated that the most important mechanisms include visceral sensitivity, abnormal gut motility and autonomous nervous system dysfunction. The interactions between these three mechanisms make bowel's function susceptible to many exogenous and endogenous factors like gastrointestinal flora, feeding and psychosocial factors. Further data indicate that according to the above mechanisms, the influence of genetic factors and polymorphisms of human DNA in the development of IBS is equally important. So in lay mans language till date we don't know the exact cause of this problem. So the million dollar question is how to repair a system when you don't know which part of it is faulty (Some says it can be brain other syas it can be hormone anxiety age etc etc). Some patients have attacks of diarrhea and bloating and some may have constipation. Other symptoms that may be present in irritable bowel syndrome include nausea, vomiting, headache, loss of appetite, muscular pains, heartburn, and weakness. Some patients have occasional symptoms whereas others may have symptoms for a long period of time. So as seen above every patient is different. Intensity of symptoms in every patient is different as so is the response to medicines and life style change. Every drug is not effective in every patient so we have to try different therapies till we find the drug which suits best our patient. Dicyclomine 20 mg four times a day is to heavy a dose for 80 year old women. Dicyclomine ios an anticholinergic drug. An anticholinergic agent is a substance that blocks the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the central and the peripheral nervous system. Anticholinergics inhibit parasympathetic nerve impulses by selectively blocking the binding of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine to its receptor in nerve cells (In simple words it messes up with both your peripheral and central nervous system) Mebeverine is an antispasmodic medicine and is very useful in IBS and is well tolerated by patient with minimal side effects. Mebeverine works on certain muscles in the wall of your intestines, causing them to relax. Clidinium bromide is an anticholinergic (specifically a muscarinic antagonist) drug. It may help symptoms of frequent stools. Chlordiazepoxide works by increasing the action of GABA, a chemical messenger which suppresses the abnormal and excessive activity of the nerve cells in the brain. Can be used in combination with above mentioned medicines. Another OTC medication is Bismuth sub-salicylate. It belongs to a class of medications called antacids and adsorbents marketed by name of Pepto Bismol. Doses up to 1gram can be taken daily to provide symptomatic relief. Loperamide can be used but should be avoided. Diphenoxylate and Atropine combination (Lomotil)-Atropine/diphenoxylate is an antidiarrheal and anticholinergic combination. For bloating and gas take Tab Nexium 40 mg twice daily. Take a probiotic daily with food as proper digestion of food will prevent excess gas formation. Food pattern recommended is- Eat simple and natural home cooked food. If possible try detox diet (Raw vegans) for atleast 3 month. Take normal food in lunch while in supper take uncooked raw natural form of food. This can play wonders. Avoid taking excessive fibres. A total fiber intake of about 20-30 grram per day would be good for you. Any thing in excess is good for nothing. No pizza, Burger,Red meat, and dairies for few weeks. No alcohol or smoking. Take natural food rich in probiotics like Yoghurt, Kimchi,etc. This doesnot mean that you have to take them as much as you can. Follow your body increase their uptake gradually. Drink lots of juices and fresh water daily. Avoid over spicy and heavy food. If possible go for a detox diet but again don't force your body rather let your body adopt gradually to things. Anal fissure and fistula- An anal fissure is a small tear or crack in the lining of the anus so in lay mans language its an internal wound. Certain treatments can promote healing and help relieve discomfort, including stool softeners (you already have soft stools) and topical pain relievers. If an anal fissure doesn’t improve with these treatments, surgery may be required. Salts adviced for trial before going for surgery are- A broad spectrum antibiotic like Cefuroxime to prevent bacterial infection of site. Combination of trypsinogen with serratiopeptidase (Wound healer). Dicofenac as an anti inflammatory. Ointment containing broad spectrum antibiotic to be applied locally over fissures. Vitamin C (wound healer). Folic acid and zinc supplement. However initially an anoscopy should be done by a Rectal surgeon to see the extent of fissure. Best surgical option is Video-assisted anal fistula treatment (VAAFT) is a novel minimally invasive and sphincter-saving technique for treating complex fistulas. As per the standard data of NCBI (National centre of biotechnological information) a facility funded by American govt data's are-"From May 2006 to May 2011, 136 patients were operated using VAAFT. Ninety-eight patients were followed up for a minimum of 6 months. 1) No major complications occurred. In most cases, both short-term and long-term postoperative pain was acceptable. 2) Primary healing was achieved in 72 patients (73.5%) within 2–3 months of the operation. 3) Sixty-two patients were followed up for more than 1 year. The percentage of the patients healed after 1 year was 87.1%. Hermorrhoids- 1) Sitz bath-Sit in about 3 inches of warm water for 15 minutes or so, several times a day. This helps reduce swelling in the area and relaxes your clenching sphincter muscle. 2) A 1% hydrocortisone cream on the skin outside the anus can relieve itching and pain. 3) With an electric probe, a laser beam, or an infrared light, a tiny burn will be made to remove tissue and painlessly seal the end of the hemorrhoid, causing it to close off and shrink. 4Rubber band ligation is a procedure in which the hemorrhoid is tied off at its base with rubber bands, cutting off the blood flow to the hemorrhoid. This treatment is only for internal hemorrhoids. Hope I answered your query in detail, However in case you have any other query feel free to question. I would be happy to answer you. Regards.
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Sir I am 30 years old from bulandshahr u.p.& my weight is 83 kg which I gain during pregnancy & I am doing exercise etc. Taking more water & fat free food like salad, fruit,toned milk, & green vegetables. Now after 2 years I loose only 2 kg. I belong low medium family. please tell me medicines. Help me.

BAMS, MD (Panchkarma)
Ayurveda, Mumbai
Hi thanks for writing. According to your height your weight should be 54 kg you have to loss 17 kg weight only. Do not worry its not a big target you can easily loose this 17 kg weight. First we have to find our reason of your weight gain. There are so many reason for weight gain. You have to remember one thing avoid dieting for weight, cause dieting will help you loose some weight but after some period you will put on double weight. Tips for weight loss. 1. Try to take our research oriented holistic medicines for assures, fast and permanent weight loss. Without surgery, without gym, without crush dieting, with out side effect. People are loosing up to 10 kg weight per month. 2. Take 1 glass warm water with lemon. 3. Eat plenty vegetable and fruits. 4. Eat 5 to 6 servings of food per day. 5. Drink 10 glass water per day. 6. Avoid deep fried, cold drinks. 7. If your non vegetarian you can eat egg, fish, chicken in limited quantity. 8. Avoid hormonal treatment, steroid.
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I never do any exercise but I want to do now but I do not know how to start it and what exercise I should do to get a perfect body and what food I should eat before and after exercise and I want to get good personality according to my height.

M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management , Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics , B.Sc.Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Take sprouts or any vegetable sandwich with fruit juice before 30 minutes of starting workout and you can take whey protein powder with milk or banana shake after workout.
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I am 24 of age a Female and want to say in the month of april my weight was 80 kg now I make it to 67 kg by just doing exercise and dieting but from 67 it was in month of june start now no improvement in weight loss please tell me some thing please.

M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Bangalore
That is called breakthrough or plateau . change the workouts cut down on carbs but Make sure you?re eating enough protein for your weight and for the workouts that you do keep going -do not stop with your exercise regime
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