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Kalpana Lifeline Hospital

General Physician Clinic

Plot No 16,Ambadi Road, Vasai Road West. Landmark:-Opp Akshaya Restaurant and Bar, Thane Thane
1 Doctor · ₹350
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Kalpana Lifeline Hospital General Physician Clinic Plot No 16,Ambadi Road, Vasai Road West. Landmark:-Opp Akshaya Restaurant and Bar, Thane Thane
1 Doctor · ₹350
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Our mission is to blend state-of-the-art medical technology & research with a dedication to patient welfare & healing to provide you with the best possible health care....more
Our mission is to blend state-of-the-art medical technology & research with a dedication to patient welfare & healing to provide you with the best possible health care.
More about Kalpana Lifeline Hospital
Kalpana Lifeline Hospital is known for housing experienced General Physicians. Dr. S Patil, a well-reputed General Physician, practices in Thane. Visit this medical health centre for General Physicians recommended by 62 patients.


01:00 PM - 05:00 PM


Plot No 16,Ambadi Road, Vasai Road West. Landmark:-Opp Akshaya Restaurant and Bar, Thane
Thane, Maharastra
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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

Want a Healthier Sex Life - 5 Personal Hygiene Tips You Must Follow!

IPHH Delhi, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Panchkarma, Diploma in Acupuncture
Sexologist, Gurgaon
Want a Healthier Sex Life - 5 Personal Hygiene Tips You Must Follow!

The smell of your body acts the same way as a natural aphrodisiac will and it can entice your partner for immediate intercourse.  However, if the same pleasing smell is converted into a bad odor then your sexual life with your partner would become a little objectionable. It is very imperative that we take care of personal hygiene as regards essential parts of our body to guarantee a happy as well as healthy sex life. Care should be taken that we do not mess up with cleanliness issues and to achieve a healthier comfort zone and follow a few essential tips related to personal hygiene.

General Health Tips to Be Followed

  1. The first and foremost hygiene tip that must be followed to avoid bad smell is to take a shower. It would make you feel fresh and provide better energy to perform the sexual act.
  2. It is very essential for couples who want to enjoy oral sex to wash their sexual organs properly. If the sexual organs are not washed properly your partner would be reluctant in giving you oral pleasure. Hence, proper a cleanup is a must and this must be done before and after having sex, which is obligatory even for your personal health.
  3. In the course of sexual acts, partners often tend to touch the body parts of their partner and if the body parts are hairy, then that too can put your partner off. It is therefore, necessary that all the brittle hair is shaved off properly, and it should be trimmed neatly. The body hair can make it uneasy for you to enjoy sex with your partner.
  4. The most important hygiene tip that needs to be followed is to keep your hands and nails clean. If the hands or nails are dirty, they are likely to carry harmful microbes in them and that possibly will irritate your partner as well. To feel nice and enjoy sex in a better way it is always better that body parts are cleaned properly.
  5. Discomfort in sex is also caused when your mouth stinks due to eating something, and your partner would feel reluctant to kiss. It is therefore, best that you brush your teeth before going to bed. The other way you can get rid of the smell is taking some mouth freshener or chewing a mint. It would help in attaining pleasant smell in your mouth.

These hygiene tips must be followed to enjoy romantic moments in your life. Moreover, it is always good to stay clean and maintain personal hygiene.

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Lubrication Issue In Men - How Can It Be Treated?

MBBS, MD - Social & Preventive Medicine / Community Medicine, Fellowship of european union of sexual medicine, Fellowship in diabetes
Sexologist, Chandrapur
Lubrication Issue In Men - How Can It Be Treated?

A physical expression of your love towards the partner is essential so that your valued relationship can survive the test of time. You can’t just ignore your partner’s physical needs and urge for getting sexually satisfied to have a balanced relationship. In today’s world, growing stress and strains of life makes it difficult for the partners to have a fulfilling sexual experience every time. Blame it on the male or the female, problems can be many. It’s not just with the women, even problems in a man’s body could lead to unsatisfied sexual experience.

Lubrication, which was thought to be a woman’s problem only in the past, is also an issue with men. Insufficient lubricating fluids ejaculated by the man during intercourse, can spoil the fun and hamper the necessity.

Insufficient lubrication in men can happen due to physical or mental conditions. Sometimes, self-stimulation by masturbation could also be an issue. Masturbation often becomes a man’s erotic idiosyncrasies. The partner, unable to know that, fails to lubricate his man in sufficient proportions. Excessive stress hampers sexual life. Your man may also suffer from lack of confidence and have a ‘delivery boy’ attitude towards sex. He must know how to dominate the partner on the bed or else suffer from lubrication issue. Over-dependence on certain drugs can also lead to lubrication problems. This can especially happen due to the side-effects of antidepressants, painkillers and blood-pressure medications. Ageing is also a responsible factor for the same.

Treatment for Lubrication Issues:

  1. Meet your doctor first to investigate any possible case of infection or any other problem.

  2. You can practice Kegel exercises. This helps in toning down the pelvic floor muscle and intensifies orgasm and ejaculation process.

  3. You must take care of your erotic context. You must prepare yourself with all pre-condition required for a satisfying experience. Take care of the ambience, environment, comfort and all that you feel good about.

  4. You must value your sexual urge and take the dominating attitude. Don’t act like a delivery boy. Vaginal intercourse might not be sufficient to reach orgasm. Indulge in oral activity for ultimate stimulation.

  5. Breathe deeply to relax your nerves.

  6. Indulge in your secret fantasies boldly. Don’t compromise with them out of fear or shame.

  7. Use artificial lubricants that make your genitals sensitive.

Consult a sex therapist for best results. Talk to your partner and don’t be shy about it. Convince her to help you out with the same.

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Fenugreek (Methi) - 7 Reasons Why You Must Eat it!

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
Fenugreek (Methi) - 7 Reasons Why You Must Eat it!

Methi or Fenugreek is a herb with green leaves that comes from the Pea family. The seed of fenugreek is bitter in taste and are used in preparing a number of medicines. The leaves of fenugreek, however, are quite tasty when cooked. 1 tablespoon of fenugreek leaf contains calorie, fat, fibre, protein, carbohydrate, iron, magnesium, vitamin B6 and phosphorous. It goes without saying that they are extremely beneficial for the overall health of an individual.

Here is a list of few benefits that methi leaf can extend to the body if consumed regularly:

  1. Address heart diseases: Fenugreek contains a compound known as galactomannan that plays a key role in addressing many heart diseases and helps the cardiac muscle to remain intact. The sodium and potassium content of fenugreek helps to maintain the heart rate and keeps blood pressure at an optimum level.
  2. Reduce inflammation: Fenugreek is known to address inflammation such as chronic coughs, boils, mouth ulcers, tuberculosis, mouth cancer, bronchitis and kidney ailments. Fenugreek slows down the absorption of sugar and stimulates insulin. They can be consumed daily in the form of a paste or along with food to address various inflammation of the body.
  3. Lose weight: Fenugreek helps to lose weight. The natural fibre content of methi, when consumed in the morning on an empty stomach, can help to curb hunger. Fenugreek swells in the stomach and gives a fulfilling feeling. They can become a major aid in any weight loss program.
  4. Address acid reflux: Fenugreek is an extremely good remedy for addressing heartburn and acid reflux. Fenugreek contains mucilage that coats the intestinal and stomach lining and thus soothes the gastrointestinal tissue. The methi seeds should be soaked in water before consuming.
  5. Helps in fixing a sore throat: 1 spoon of methi paste when mixed with honey and lemon reduce fever and give relief from a cough and cold. It is also capable of fixing a sore throat. It nourishes the body and helps to recover from cold in very short time.
  6. Menstrual discomfort: Compounds such as isoflavones and diosgenin possess estrogen-like quality. They can readily address discomfort associated with PMs and menstrual cramps. Methi is also found to help with mood fluctuation and hot flashes. Due to their iron-rich properties, fenugreek proves to be extremely helpful for women suffering from menstrual pain.
  7. Hair problems: Fenugreek is known to have a very soothing effect on the scalp that in turn makes the hair black and shiny. When fenugreek seeds are soaked overnight, boiled and mixed with coconut oil to form a paste, they can do wonders for the hair. They are also known to be ceasing hair fall and hair thinning.
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All You Need To Know About Cochlear Implant

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist, Delhi
All You Need To Know About Cochlear Implant

Are you experiencing severe hearing loss or turning deaf? To get back your normal hearing, you should undertake a cochlear. It is a small device which is planted in your ear via a surgical procedure. It sends impulses to the auditory nerve directly and as a result, sound signals are carried to your brain. Such an implant does not make you hear like normal again, but it helps you with sounds and knowing sounds around you such as telephones, alarms and doorbells.

How Does Cochlear Implant Work?

Cochlear implant is meant for adults and children who have sensorineural hearing loss. This is a condition which damages the tiny hair cells in the inner ear known as the cochlea. Your hearing gets impaired when these are damaged. A cochlear implant sends signals to the auditory nerve directly by skipping the damaged hair cells.

The device has two distinct parts. One part is the receiver-stimulator which is placed under the skin via surgery. The other part is the speech processor, which is worn around the back of the ear like a hearing aid. The outside device is, however, bigger in size than a hearing aid.

The receiver is placed under the skin, behind the ear through a small incision and it gets connected to electrodes. This is put into the cochlea of the inner ear. The surgery takes about some hours to be completed.

Two weeks after the surgery, the speech processor is fitted by the doctor. You will have to wear a microphone behind your ear. The processor can be connected to the microphone and worn around the ear. It can also be worn at any other place of the body, depending on your age and lifestyle.

Advantages of Cochlear Implant-

The major advantages of a cochlear implant are as follows:

  1. You may be able to hear speech at an almost normal level.

  2. You may understand speech without the help of lip reading.

  3. It will be easy for you to talk on the phone and listen to the television.

  4. Your experience of listening to music will improve.

  5. You will be able to pick up different sounds starting from soft, medium to loud sounds.

  6. You can also control your own voice in a better way, which will make it easier for others to understand you.

A cochlear implant can be a life changing device if you suffer from serious hearing loss. The results are not the same for everyone and vary from person to person. Some people may benefit more than others.

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Low Libido in Men - Homeopathic Remedies For it!

Sexologist, Noida
Low Libido in Men - Homeopathic Remedies For it!

Low libido in men is a common disorder. It can act as an obstacle in a persons healthy sex life or might even push him towards neurological disorders. Treatment is, therefore, necessary.

  1. Lycopodium can spice up your sex life: There are many who suffer from impotence as a result of an overactive sex life. Men who have attained the age of fifty might have strong sexual desires but experience a lack of drive during the activity. Lycopodium can treat lowered libido in such cases. Homeopathic doctors prescribe this medication to people who usually suffer from gastronomic disorders such as flatulence or gurgling in the abdomen. A person known for his nervousness or fears regarding public interaction will also find this medicine helpful.
  2. Gelsemium can channelize blood to the right places: Low libido can also be experienced due to weak muscles. Don't miss the fact that the male reproductive organ is also made up of muscles. Lack of strength in penile muscles might decrease a person's sex drive. Gelsemium can treat this condition. Males with acute stage fright or consciousness can also benefit from this medicine.
  3. Arg nit is also an effective medication: Men with the requirement of this medicine usually suffer from diarrhea whenever subjected to tense situations. Anxiety makes them go weak in the knees. A flaccid penis or a shriveled genitalia can be taken care of with Arg nit.
  4. Arnica: If your penis is swollen and feels tender or sore, sex drive is bound to decrease. These may happen due to fatigue that further results from work pressure or physical exertion. Arnica can successfully remedy such instances.
  5. Lachesis: Lachesis can be of help in cases where the patient fails to achieve an erection but feels sexual urges nonetheless. Many times, the patient can feel jerks within the penis while it is in its flaccid state.
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I am pregnant for two months. I want relief from constipation. What I do naturally.

MBBS, Diploma in Cardiology
General Physician, Kolkata
I am pregnant for two months. I want relief from constipation. What I do naturally.
Hi, lybrate-user well come to Lybrate your water intake should be 2.5-3 L/day. You take plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Every day at night take milk. If possible sabu Dana with milk. Take Guava daily and ladies finger. If required you can take Isabgul with water at bed time.
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Hi, I have digestion problem. If I take lunch, I don't feel hungry until dinner. Can you prescribe some food items which increase my hunger. My age is 60 and weight is 100 kg.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), diploma in anorectal disease
Ayurveda, Kolhapur
Hi, I have digestion problem. If I take lunch, I don't feel hungry until dinner. Can you prescribe some food items wh...
Hi lybrate-user All fruits are good appetizers. But apple is best in it. If you are not feeling hungry then do fasting at night for few days and drink only warm water. It will increase your appetite naturally. Take thriphala churns 2spoon at bed time for clearing of bowel.
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Premature Ejaculation - Causes And Treatment

Sexologist, Kolkata
Premature Ejaculation - Causes And Treatment

The incidence of premature ejaculation (PE) in men is reported to be 30% and is on the rise. It is the release or ejaculation of semen sooner than he would like during a sexual encounter with his partner. It is one of the most common male sexual problems.

It is considered that a man who can't 'last' for longer than five minutes would typically fit the definition of one suffering from 'premature ejaculation'.

Premature ejaculation can be a cause of embarrassment and can lead to frustration as sex may not lead to a pleasurable experience. Even partners of men who suffer from pe can be left feeling extremely dissatisfied. This can adversely affect relationships and have impacts on the affected person's self-esteem.

What causes premature ejaculation?

Ejaculation is controlled by the central nervous system. When a man is sexually aroused or stimulated, signals are carried from the spinal cord to the brain and from there sent to the reproductive organs to enable the release of semen through the penis. The exact cause of PE is still unknown. Many causes may attribute to PE from biological (low serotonin levels) to psychological factors and other related issues.

These are discussed further:

1. Biological causes: Serotonin is a natural substance made by the nerves. An increase in serotonin levels in the brain help men prolong the time taken to ejaculate and low levels of this substance can lead to PE.

2. Psychological factors: It is believed that following psychological factors can increase PE:

  • Depression
  • Guilt
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Performance anxiety and unrealistic expectations
  • Low self-esteem
  • Relationship issues

It comes as a relief that PE need not be life-long and with some help it can be treated:

How is PE treated?

Quite often PE occurs with new partners and may decrease on its own over a period of time with absolutely no treatment. A urologist or sexologist may advice on certain techniques that you and your partner could try out to delay orgasm. A doctor may suggest use of numbing creams or gels if the skin of the penis is excessively sensitive. If the issue is a psychological one, therapy or counselling is advised which if followed can effectively reduce PE and help achieve a more satisfying sexual experience and subsequently improve relationships.

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Urticaria - 6 Homeopathic Remedies For it!

BHMS, MD-Homeopathy, PGPC - Preventive Cardiology
Homeopath, Delhi
Urticaria - 6 Homeopathic Remedies For it!

Urticaria or hives are red, raised lesions that occur anywhere on the body, usually around the trunk, hands and legs. They appear as small round rings or large patches that changes shape, may itch and be surrounded by a red flare. They can be acute or chronic, with acute almost always being an allergic reaction. It is often due to unknown causes, ranging from chronic irritation to parasitic infection to temperatures to water types.

Homeopathy treats diseases as a whole, and similarly, when treating urticaria tries to identify associated symptoms and thereby treat the cause also. After a detailed discussion about predisposition and associated symptoms, a customized remedy will be prescribed, which may include one of the following common homeopathic remedies.

  1. Apis Mell: The hives consist of isolated patches that are painful, tender, itch at night, feel like bee stings, become purple. There is burning pain, slight fever, and warmth of the surrounding skin. It is worsened by changing weather and exercise, causing severe itching and burning. The patient may already have asthma.
  2. Arsenic Album: The urticaria is caused by eating shellfish and causes burning and restlessness. The condition gets worse being at the seaside and by getting into sea water. Arsenic is also useful to treat urticarial symptoms during the recession of the lesions. The person also could be down emotionally with depression, despair, indifference and irritability. If the lesions are more severe, the restlessness is also severe. It is worse after midnight, from 1 to 2 a.m.
  3. Rhus toxicodendron: Prepared from the leaves and bark of the plant poison ivy, Rhus works on multiple body systems including skin, joints, eyes, extremities, and overall vitality. In addition to urticaria, it is also used in cellulitis, arthritis, fevers, etc. It is effective if the urticaria has a burning sensation, inflamed reddened rash that is worsened by cold and improved by warmth.
  4. Urtica urens: Made from a plant called stinging nettle, which itself has a tendency to produce urticaria, it is used when there is urticaria from bee stings or after eating shellfish. The lesions are red with severe burning and itching, recurring every year, could be associated with weather changes.
  5. Natrum Muriaticum: The common salt sodium chloride is potentized, and its inner healing power activated. It is used for chronic urticaria, where the lesions develop after severe irritation.
  6. Dulcamara: The lesions develop followed a general prickly sensation setting in and at night when it is cold and damp. The hives are irregular white patches surrounded by a red area that itch badly. The hives are associated with violent cough, swelling of the lymph nodes, fever, restlessness, sleeplessness, decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting, bitter taste, and intense aching in pit of stomach.
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I have a problem of early ejaculations and not properly erect after first ejaculation. Which give feelings of shame. So suggest some tips for make sex life more good.

Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Ayurveda, Kanpur
I have a problem of early ejaculations and not properly erect after first ejaculation. Which give feelings of shame. ...
Take vrihad vangeshwar ras swarn yukta 125 mg BD vrihad kamchoonamani ras swarn yukta 125 mg BD kamdev modak awleh.
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I have a problem with premature ejaculation. I ejaculate very early and sometimes before entering penis into vagina also. Pls help.

Homeopath, Delhi
I have a problem with premature ejaculation. I ejaculate very early and sometimes before entering penis into vagina a...
Try homoeopathic medicine. Lycopodium 200 daily morning, agnus castus 200 at noon, selenium200at night daily fr 10 days. Avoid oily n spicy food. Tk proper nutritional diet .do regular exercise. Avoid alcohol n smoking.
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Hi, I am 20 days ago my right hand fractured. Plate and screw fixation surgery done by doctor. After surgery I can't use my hand as I use before till now. Right hand became too slim right now. I need better tips for bone healing and back to normal life, I already upload my x-ray report.

Physiotherapist, Latur
Hello. 4 weeks after your surgery you need to start with proper physiotherapy treatment to make your hand perform normal movements, start with mild exercise of wrist and elbow, parrafin wax bath can be applied to part. The reason your hand became slim is because of muscle wasting it is normal after surgery it will regain its proper shape after you will start with proper movements of hand.
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Sir I recently noticed that while doing push ups my left elbow was popping every time I did push ups. It felt like something is rolling up and down the side of elbow. I also noticed some tingling sensation in my fifth finger. Please tell me what should I do.

Physiotherapist, Latur
Sir I recently noticed that while doing push ups my left elbow was popping every time I did push ups. It felt like so...
Tingling in 5th finger suggest median nerve injury. Go for Nerve conduction test to know whether there is any injury After that further treatment is suggested.
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My granny is 85 years old n she's been falling ill lately she gets fever and cold very frequently, and her urine flows uncontrollable, she s diabetic and has been taking tablets. We did have a full body check up recently and nothing ws wrong and few days later she fell ill again .whats the reason for the frequent cold n fever ,and uncontrolled urination. And I fell her stomach has become bigger in size but she has lost some weight.

Homeopath, Secunderabad
My granny is 85 years old n she's been falling ill lately she gets fever and cold very frequently, and her urine flow...
Sometimes the body's immune system is compromised due to various reasons especially at this age. The role of care takers is to be vigilant and see that she is physically protected from drastic changes in the temperature. She has to take nutritious diet and try as much as possible to be active so that there is good digestion and circulation. With proper general care and regular timely treatment she should be feel better. You can introduce Homeopathy if there is recurrent infection and needs lots of antibiotics. Homeopathy is very gentle and enhances the immunity. You can call me if needed.
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Due to long term masturbation, I am experiencing Premature ejaculation. Can someone help me to avoid this and have a wonderful sexual life.

Homeopath, Secunderabad
Due to long term masturbation, I am experiencing Premature ejaculation. Can someone help me to avoid this and have a ...
It may not at all be true and just the guilt which is troubling. Aim for a healthy body and mind and rest of the things will be taken care of naturally.
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Dengue - Can You Prevent Yourself from it?

General Physician, Allahabad
Dengue - Can You Prevent Yourself from it?

Dengue is caused from the bite of the ‘Aedes Aegypti’ mosquito. This mosquito has been known to breed and survive in tropical and subtropical regions. A waterborne disease, it causes extreme discomfort and pain, even death is a possibility. Statistics suggest that each year, the number of people afflicted with dengue is around 390 million. Out of this huge number, 96 million tend to develop severe illnesses wherein hospitalization becomes mandatory.


  1. It is primarily caused due to the bite of the ‘Aedes aegypti’ mosquito.

  2. A mosquito becomes infected with dengue if it bites an already infected person. The disease can be transmitted to any healthy person that this infected mosquito bites next.

  3. Living near a stagnant water body or an open drain makes you the most vulnerable to this disease. Letting water accumulate in open containers or spaces over a period of time makes it the perfect breeding ground for all types of mosquitoes.


On being infected, the symptoms generally last for around 10 days. Some of the common symptoms are:

  1. Excruciating pain behind the eyes

  2. Severe headache

  3. Sudden high fever with chills

  4. Vomiting

  5. Fatigue

  6. Skin rash which generally appears two to five days after you get infected

  7. Nose bleeding, easy bruising and bleeding gums

  8. Severe muscle and joint pain

It should be noted that these symptoms can be easily mistaken for high fever or any other viral infection. Therefore, getting tested as soon as these symptoms start appearing is very important.

If the dengue is left untreated or not treated on time, it can result in dengue haemorrhagic fever. This condition causes nose bleeding (due to damage to the blood vessels), high fever and failure of the circulatory system as well as the enlargement of liver.

Ways to prevent dengue include

  1. Avoid storing water in containers

  2. Wear clothes that cover your whole body, if possible

  3. Maintain hygiene and clean your immediate surrounding frequently

  4. Use mosquito repellent

  5. Use a mosquito net around your bed

In worst case scenarios, death is a possibility as a result of dengue haemorrhagic fever or dengue shock. Many countries consider dengue to be an epidemic. You need to be on complete bed rest while drinking adequate amounts of fluids if you need to recuperate from dengue.


There is no specific antiviral medication that is available for the treatment of dengue. In general, Acetaminophen (paracetamol) is usually recommended for treating fever and pain associated with dengue. Medications such as Aspirin, other salicylates and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) must be avoided. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor and ask a free question.

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Common Skin Problems That Occur From Dry Skin

Dermatologist, Hyderabad
Common Skin Problems That Occur From Dry Skin

A well moisturized and hydrated skin is a thumb rule for a healthy skin. Dry and flaky skin is not only discomforting and unpleasant to look but is also prone to many skin problems. Dry skin or xerosis dermatitis is more common among elderly. Dry skin can cause the skin to crack making it susceptible to infections. Constant scratching of dry skin due to itching is further harmful and can cause thickening and darkening of the skin. Extreme temperature especially winter with cold, dry and chilly winds can be harsh on the skin and disturb its pH level, thus causing skin problems.

Apart from external factors, internal factors such as hypothyroidism, psoriasis and type 2 diabetes can also cause dry skin.

One of the most common skin problems from dry skin is Eczema. Eczema, generally acquired in childhood is an inflammatory reaction of the skin causing the skin to become red and itchy followed by crusting and scaling. Treatment of eczema is usually a combination of creams and drugs. However, eczema does not go away that easily and its relapse rate remains quite high.

Exposure to sun for long hours can also lead to drying of the skin. Apart from this use of harsh soaps and chemical based products or prolonged use of cosmetics on the skin can inhibit the ability of skin to retain moisture.

Dry skin tends to age faster as it is prone to wrinkles. A wrinkled skin loses its charm and elasticity. The whole concept of anti ageing revolves around keeping the sun hydrated and moisturized.

Many skin problems can be prevented only by following a good skin care routine. Others may require a long-term medical treatment. Let’s look at some simple and useful ways to prevent and manage dry skin:

  1. Water: Water is not only a natural cleanser for the skin but helps in maintaining an optimum moisture level of the skin. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

  2. Steam baths: A warm water bath or a steam bath can help relieve skin of dryness.

  3. Oiling of the skin: People with dry skin benefit more from oiling than the use of regular moisturizers. Oiling creates a protective layer on the skin preventing it from drying for longer hours. Use of almond, olive or coconut oil is effective is treating dry skin problems.

  4. Prolonged use of room heaters: Heaters snatch moisture from the surrounding environment including your skin leaving it dull and dry. Thus sitting in heated rooms for long can dehydrate skin and must be avoided as far as possible.

  5. Water-rich fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables, especially, water-rich like watermelon, bottle gourd etc. can help replenish moisture. Eat plenty of those to fight dryness.

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Erectile Dysfunction - Myths And Misconceptions

Sexologist, Srinagar
Erectile Dysfunction - Myths And Misconceptions

There are a lot of health conditions people do not want to talk about publicly, as they find it shameful or fear it can point questions at them. However, not talking about them leads to many myths and misconceptions, which hold no truth.

Of these, common is Erectile Dysfunction in men. Most men, at some point of time, experience Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction is a condition, whereby the person concerned is unable to get an erection. Even if he gets one, he fails to keep it. Erectile Dysfunction often goes untreated because most men find the condition embarrassing enough to be discussed. This lack of awareness has given rise to many unreasonable and illogical myths and misconceptions.

Myths and misconceptions about ED that needs to be busted: 

Erectile Dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, timely medication can greatly improve the condition. For proper awareness, it is necessary to get the facts right.

  • Myth: Erectile Dysfunction is nothing serious, self-medication will help
  • Fact: Really? Your grey matter must be working overtime to bless you with such amazing ideas. Erectile Dysfunction, at times, can be an indication of something as big and serious as Diabetes, Parkinson's disease, Hypertension or Atherosclerosis. Reason enough to shed your inhibitions and consult a physician at the earliest.
  • Myth: Erectile Dysfunction is an old age problem
  • Fact: These illogical misconceptions will do you no good. Get this baseless myth out of your system. Though Erectile Dysfunction is common amongst the older folks, the younger lot are not spared either.

Erectile Dysfunction can affect men of all age groups.

  • Myth: Erectile Dysfunction can be due to a cold partner, who fails to attract and excite you
  • Fact: Lack of interest in your partner seldom results in Erectile Dysfunction. There can be many underlying factors that can interfere with the erection. Certain medications, depression, obesity or lifestyle habits (smoking and street drug abuse) can affect one's performance greatly.
  • Myth: Any erection problem is Erection Dysfunction
  • Fact: This myth is as absurd and irrational as the saying; all tumors are benign. Before drawing any conclusion, it is important to get to the root cause. A person going through an intense emotional turmoil or stress might not get an erection. There will be days when a man will not be able to keep an erection. There is nothing to raise a hue and cry over it. It is just a phase and will pass off soon.
  • Myth: Erectile Dysfunction results in low or no libido at all
  • Fact: In males, low libido often results from a significant drop in the testosterone level. It is an outcome of the hormonal changes taking place within the body. Erectile Dysfunction has little to do with low libido.
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Headache - How Homeopathy Helps to Manage it?

Homeopath, Surat
Headache - How Homeopathy Helps to Manage it?

Homeopathy as a branch of medicine has evolved drastically over the years.  Unlike others, homeopathy's greatest advantage is its complete lack of side effects and its ability to treat a myriad of diseases and ailments. One of the most common causes of concern for most people is a nagging perpetual headache. Over the years, homeopathy has developed various medicines to confront and treat different kinds of headaches.

Some of the different kinds of headaches and homeopathic remedies associated with them are:

  1. Throbbing and excruciating pain in the head: In case you are suffering from constant throbbing (or excruciating) pain with the agony occurring mostly in the front and right side of the head, Belladona is the most trusted medicine you must go for. Belladona works wonders in treating shooting pains that mostly aggravate through the course of the day. One of the most important advantages of Belladona is its ability to relieve you of the pain for a long time, with very less chance of any recurrence. 
  2. Headache as a result of hangover or problems in digestion: Consumption of excessive alcohol or problems in digestion and constipation also contribute to a throbbing headache located mostly over one of the eyes. In such a scenario, the homeopathic medicine called Nux Vomica is extremely effective. This treats the headache emerging from the host of issues and also alleviates the lingering sensation of nausea and giddiness that are often accompanied with the pain.
  3. Severe headaches that result in vomiting: Sometimes, the pain may be located on the top of the head with its severity increasing with the advancement of the day. In case you are suffering from such a headache, chances are vomiting may follow as a result of the intensity. In such a situation, a medicine called Sanguinaria should be administered.  The medicine works best if you lie down after having it. 
  4. Headache emerging from partial blindness: Headaches and vision are inextricably related. Therefore, in case you are suffering from partial blindness or any other visual disorder, chances are that a severe headache will soon follow suit.  In such a situation, you could also suffer from nausea and tendencies of vomiting. The homeopathic medicine called Iris is extremely beneficial in reducing the intensity of such headaches.
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Diabetes - Complications Associated With it!

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Diabetes - Complications Associated With it!

Diabetes is a serious disorder which happens when your body has an unreasonably high level of blood sugar, which further leads to harmful effects. Diabetes has a wide variety of complications associated with it, and they start to build up slowly and gradually. Some of the common complications are:

  • Retinopathy - In simple words, diabetes leads to eye damage by making the eye exposed and prone to severe eye disorders like cataracts and glaucoma. If you have retinopathy, then you may also have face the consequence loss of vision or permanent blindness.
  • Skin conditions - During diabetes, your skin health is bound to degrade to a large extent. Your skin will become thin in texture and more prone to cuts and breakages due to internal skin cell damage. Thus, the skin gets more exposed to the bacterial and viral infections and its healing process also slows down as the cell division takes longer than usual.
  • Nephropathy - Nephropathy refers to kidney damage which is caused due to diabetes. The kidneys act as a filter system to the body and they filter out waste materials from the blood. Diabetes causes damage to the blood vessels of the kidneys which may further result in serious kidney disorders and may increase the risks of a sudden kidney failure.
  • Cardiovascular diseases - This means that if you are having excessive diabetes, then you are at a risk of having a major heart attack or a heart stroke. Additionally, increased blood sugar levels also lead to other heart-related diseases like chest pain, narrowing of arteries etc.
  • Neuropathy - It is a complication related to the nervous system of your body. The complication generally occurs in the legs as there is a numbness, burning or tingling sensation in the legs. This happens due to the extra sugar in the body, which damages the walls of the blood vessels. In the worst case scenario, you can lose sensation in the legs.

However, it is always desirable that you go and visit a doctor if the conditions persist for a longer time. Additionally, you can also depend upon some domestic care measures to bring your blood sugar levels under control.

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