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Dr Aditi's Holistic Homoeopathic Clinic

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1st Floor Arihant bldg, Agiary lane, Tembhi Naka, Thane West Thane
1 Doctor · ₹400
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Dr Aditi's Holistic Homoeopathic Clinic Homeopath Clinic 1st Floor Arihant bldg, Agiary lane, Tembhi Naka, Thane West Thane
1 Doctor · ₹400
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• Dr. Aditi’s Holistic Homoeopathic Clinic specializes in caring for their patients' total health and well being. Seeing the total picture lets us look after your current health, while ke......more
• Dr. Aditi’s Holistic Homoeopathic Clinic specializes in caring for their patients' total health and well being. Seeing the total picture lets us look after your current health, while keeping an eye on your future. • It is a specialised homoeopathic consultation clinic - Dr. Aditi Bhatnagar, a well trained homoeopath with an extensive clinical experience in treating host of health problems both simple and complex diseases of various kind. She believes in providing a holistic and complete health care to the patients so that the patients can live a healthy and quality life. Dr. Aditi says, “Homoeopathy does not treat from the superficial aspect by giving a temporary relief of the signs and symptoms. It destroys the disease from its inner roots thereby preventing its recurrence and cure is long lasting to permanent. Homoeopathic medicines stimulate the natural healing mechanisms of the body thus, setting the body’s equilibrium right and bringing about cure.”
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Dr Aditi's Holistic Homoeopathic Clinic is known for housing experienced Homeopaths. Dr. Aditi Bhatnagar, a well-reputed Homeopath, practices in Thane. Visit this medical health centre for Homeopaths recommended by 46 patients.


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1st Floor Arihant bldg, Agiary lane, Tembhi Naka, Thane West
Thane, Maharashtra - 400601
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Dr. Aditi Bhatnagar

MD - Homeopathy
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When I having sex with my partner I cannot satisfy her fully bcoz I release myself very fast.

Homeopath, Sindhudurg
When I having sex with my partner I cannot satisfy her fully bcoz I release myself very fast.
Hi. Early discharge / ejaculation may result in unsatisfactory sex for both partners. This can increase the anxiety that may add to the problem. There are many homeopathic remedies that are very effective and powerful in reducing the symptoms and helping those men who have the problem with rapid or premature ejaculation without side effects but I need detailed case history to find out best suitable medicine for you. Homoepathic treatment depends on cause of problem. Generally 3 months course required to cure completely. You can buy premature ejaculation package offered by me at affordable price.
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Hello, I am suffering from large open pores all over my face and acne marks plzz suggest me some advice to cure these problems.

Dermatologist, Srinagar
Hello, I am suffering from large open pores all over my face and acne marks plzz suggest me some advice to cure these...
Better to consult nearest dermatologist after proper investigation he may prescribe medicine or advise laser. Or you can use trunex 0.04% gel locally evening zoray aquagel sunscreen morning.
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My current weight is 78 kg height 5" 7 I want to reduce my weight about 10 kg please suggest what to do.

M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management , Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics , B.Sc.Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
My current weight is 78 kg height 5" 7
I want to reduce my weight about 10 kg please suggest what to do.
You need to take high fiber low fat diet followed by detox diet. Drink lot of water everyday. Take small and frequent meals at regular intervals of 2-3 hrs. Avoid outside food completely. Ask me privately for customized diet plan for you.
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Sir my weight has reduce by 2 kg without any intension by me. And my belly has pain sometimes is there any big issue or else I have mild thyroid problem!

BSc, Pg Diploma In Food Science & Nutrition, Sensory Evaluation of Food, Certified Diabetes Educator
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Sir my weight has reduce by 2 kg without any intension by me. And my belly has pain sometimes is there any big issue ...
Hi lybrate-user, Sometimes sudden minor weight loss depends on day today factors in terms of highly stressed, you are not eating properly, dehydrated. Pain in belly can be also due to stomach infection or activated worms in the body. Without delay consult your Dr. once so that they can examine you.
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It Was Just Sex - Advice For Working Through An Affair

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
It Was Just Sex - Advice For Working Through An Affair

It Was Just Sex - Advice for Working Through an Affair

Many popular country music songs imply that the only suitable ways to get over a broken heart caused by an extramarital affair are (a) taking a baseball bat to his truck, (b) drowning one's sorrows through drinking, or (c) kicking him or her to the curb and never looking back... But in spite of these cynical views, it really is possible to move past an affair without violence, booze or throwing the relationship out the window. Learn more about moving on after an affair and how to start putting the pieces of the relationship back together - as well as why both partners should be tested after an extra-marital affair occurs to maintain their sexual health.

Is there hope after an affair?

While it is true that infidelity does often result in an end to a relationship, many couples are able to work through an affair, either on their own or with the help of a Marriage and Family Therapist. Unfortunately, with all the hurt feelings and hostility, couples may have difficulty having productive conversations on their own and turn to fighting instead. Due to the intense emotions and pain an affair brings up, it is highly recommended that couples working through this issue seek the help of a therapist, as he or she can help to create a safe environment in which to explore these issues. A therapist can help teach effective communication techniques, restore trust, and validate the feelings of both partners while getting to the root cause of the affair.

Keys to moving on

Reestablishing trust: The feelings of deep betrayal, combined with wondering if one can ever trust one's partner again, are some of the most difficult issues to work through. It will likely take a lot of time and healing before the betrayed partner can learn to trust their mate again.
Establishing open, honest communication: Effective, honest communication will be key to establishing trust, as partners need to learn how to speak to each other, and more importantly, listen to each other in order to get past the cheating behavior.
Zero contact with the "other" person: The partner who was the cheater must cut off all communication and interaction with the other person in the affair. Not only can continued contact cause feelings to reemerge, leading to a possibility of restarting the affair, it will be impossible for the betrayed partner to trust that nothing is going on.
Be honest, but respectful: Often times the betrayed person needs to hear about the affair in order to establish closure. The betrayer needs to be honest - don't say it happened one time if it was going on for months. If it comes out that more lies were used to cover up the details, all trust is lost. At the same time, nothing but hurt can be gained from hashing over all the gory details. Whether one is the cheater or was cheated on, just know that nothing but hurt can be gained from finding out that the cheaters once had sex 7 times in one night, which positions they favored, and how good the orgasms were, etc.

Maintaining Sexual Health

Whether it was a one-time thing, or it went on for months, now that the cat is out of the bag, both partners should be tested for sexually transmitted infections. Any time a person engages in sex with a new partner, it is wise for both partners to be tested prior to becoming sexually active. However, if this hasn't taken place, it needs to happen now. Not only will this help restore trust; it will give the partner who was betrayed peace of mind. Remember, even if a person is not symptomatic, he or she may still be infected and able to pass along infections to any and all sexual partners. For men, in particular, getting checked out can ensure that the penis is healthy and free of infection. To further improve the health of the penis, a man can also use a daily penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) which contains nutrients to keep the penis healthy and functioning at its highest capacity.

Opening The Door To Prostate Health And Enlargement Formulas

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Opening The Door To Prostate Health And Enlargement Formulas

Opening The Door To Prostate Health and Enlargement Formulas

There is a little birdie that says Prostate Problems no longer affects only men over 40 but younger men as well. This statement is unfortunately true, however, one need not worry because medical science has improved and the years of research have now finally paid off.

We will 'pull the plug' on the bad news about Prostate Cancer and open the doors on ways to improve prostate health. If we understand the purpose of the prostate and the conditions that affect its proper functioning, we will be able to explain the causes, and then find the right formula or treatment for the prognosis. In addition, we will look further into preventative maintenance to keep the prostate healthy for optimum sexual experience. What better place to start our discussion than the bedroom 

The Condition Behind Doors

What happens in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom but sometimes when women are affected by low sexual performances; it is worthwhile discussing outside your private meeting place. Low performance could be the result of the dysfunction of the prostate. The prostate is an organ that expels the semen from the body when men ejaculate. It is found at the start of the urethra and is the size of a walnut, but may become enlarged when inflamed. There are various conditions that can cause prostate malfunction but before we go there, let us close the bedroom door to discuss privately, before more of the secret leaks out.

Mr. Romantic might be experiencing what is called Enlargement of the Prostate. This happens when the prostate is swollen and disrupts the flow of the fluid through the urethra and may trigger multiple symptoms that become complicated if not treated early. One dangerous possible outcome is prostatitis or Prostate Cancer. Anything that stops or slows down the natural expulsion of fluid from the body will lead to other serious complications, not to mention pain and discomfort. But what causes the prostate to grow out of its regular size?

Cause for Concern

The prostate is known to weigh between 20 and 30 grams but when it is inflamed, could weigh as much as 100 grams. Common factors that propagate the enlargement of the prostate are poor dieting and ignoring early warning signals.

Let us look at dieting and habits. One theory is that some of the foods we eat may contain oxidants which contribute to the rapid break down of cells in the prostate. The ability to maintain a proper balance in our hormones; testosterone and estrogen, could also be a factor of this great effect. When we fall short in feeding the prostate with proper nourishment, we are exposed to many conditions that affects the prostate including prostitis, benign prostate hyperplasia, and possible cancer.

The next possible cause could stem from ignoring warning signs. It is always necessary to pay a visit to the doctor if you are a male and approaching 40. Outside of that, once you see obvious signs, it is mandatory that you visit the doctor immediately to have him or her do a prostate exam. Yes, we all know how uncomfortable that procedure is but it's better to be safe than sorry. We will look at these symptoms that are deemed absolutely necessary for a checkup.

Beyond Vagina 101 - Curious But Crucial Facts for Men

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Beyond Vagina 101 - Curious But Crucial Facts for Men

Beyond Vagina 101 - Curious But Crucial Facts for Men

For many men, a woman's lady bits present a sense of mystery and wonder (although the same could likely be said for a female getting acquainted with a man's equipment). Even the man who has had plenty of experience with the world down under is sure to have a few questions rolling around. Finally, get the answers to those questions that are too embarrassing to ask a woman, as well tips on how to maintain the male equipment for a healthy penis 24/7 - and better sex.

Why does it make noise during sex?

Known as "queefing," that funny vaginal fart that sometimes slips out occurs due to the combination of arousal and thrusting. As the vagina becomes engorged, it expands slightly in preparation for sex. Combine that with vigorous thrusting, and air that has made its way up there is released with different movements. No need for embarrassment from either party; it is perfectly normal and healthy.

My girlfriend "squirts" during orgasms. Is it pee?

While some women may release small amounts of urine during sex - possibly due to stress incontinence, it sounds like what she is experiencing female ejaculation, because it is being expelled with force from her vagina. Female ejaculation is a fairly rare phenomenon, but it does happen. While the exact composition of the liquid is debated among professionals and researchers, it is thought the liquid may contain some urine along with other bodily fluids. So, there's the answer; she's not peeing during sex - rather, she is she-jaculating!

Why does the vagina smell?

Well, guys, the male genitals are no bunch of roses either, but a slight female odor is perfectly normal. The vagina is self-cleaning and therefore discharges dead skin cells, bacteria and the like in an effort to ward off infection, all of which contribute to the odor. Now, if there is a sudden change in her odor, or it becomes increasingly strong, offensive, or is accompanied by a great deal of discharge it is possible she has an infection such as yeast or bacterial vaginosis - both of which should be checked out and treated by a doc. Otherwise, if a man finds her odor to be a turn-off, she can take a quick shower before sex to freshen up. However, a woman should never use perfumes or other scents to try to mask the smell of her vagina, as those chemicals could very well lead to infection. Using a homemade or commercial douche is also a bad idea, since these can change the pH balance of the vagina and lead to infection, as well.

Is it safe to have sex during a woman's period?

Yes, there is nothing wrong with having sex while a woman is menstruating, so long as she is healthy. If the woman has HIV/AIDS or another blood-borne illness, obviously, this puts her partner at risk due to the direct contact with blood - even with consistent condom use - so sex should be skipped during her time of the month. Not a fan of seeing blood? Try shower sex to stay squeaky clean - and keep the bed sheets clean, too! And of course, make sure she is comfortable with the idea - a woman who is in the throes of menstrual cramps may not be enthusiastic about any below-the-belt action, at least for a day or two.

Keeping the Penis Healthy

Any man who is sexually active should make it a priority to keep his penis healthy. Not only does a healthy tool make for better sex; it also reduces the risk of giving - or getting - an unpleasant infection. Proper penis care goes beyond just soap and water - though that is an obvious place to start. For optimum penis health, men need to take care of their entire body. It is important to eat right, exercise and maintain a healthy weight - after all an unhealthy body leads to an unhealthy sex life as well. Additionally, men interested in maintaining optimum penile health should use a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that contains specially formulated nutrients such as L-Arginine to improve the circulation to the penis in order to maximize the delivery of nutrients and oxygen.

Dental Implants- Closest Match To Your Lost Tooth/ Teeth

Dentist, Pune
Dental Implants- Closest Match To Your Lost Tooth/ Teeth

Dental Implants:

We all are prone to lose our teeth at some point of time..Sometimes in young age due to periodontal disease we lose our tooth/ teeth. Once we lose it has to be replaced within specific time period. We have discussed this in our earlier blog
Timely decisions not only save your time and money but also the outcome of the treatment becomes more predictable. After tooth removal always follow-up with the doctor for the replacement options which are best suitable for you. Teeth can be replaced by various means as removable dentures, fixed bridge etc.Dental implant is the most natural way to replace teeth. It has numerous advantages over the traditional dentures and bridge that are used to replace the teeth.

Why Implants?

Dental bridge and acrylic dentures needs support from the adjacent teeth or gums. This needs the trimming of healthy adjacent teeth to gain support for bridge or dentures.
It has been proved that bone under dental bridges losses faster than in case of implants. Bone loss can create a gap between bridge margin and gums. This causes food entrapment in the space. Dental implant mimics the replacement as a natural tooth and maintains the blood supply of the jaw bone.
Dental Implants restore the chewing functions far better than those of conventional dentures. It doesn’t have bulky dental flanges as in other dentures so they are quite comfortable with greater acceptance.

How Long It Will Last?

They Are For Your Rest Of Life! Yes it is true.
Dental implants are made  of pure titanium which is a biocompatible material. If placed properly with experienced hands and with nice post operative care they can last for your rest of life. Accidents or any major bone disease are the exceptions.

Am I Too Old To Get Implants In My Mouth?

With lots of research it has been proved that the elderly patients even in their 80s can have successful implant placement in long run. They improve their nutrition by regaining their chewing abilities as they were when natural teeth were present. It improves their quality and longevity of life.

Cost Effective Test.

It is a myth that the implants are costly in fact on a contrary they are very pocket friendly in long run. A implant with regular follow-up and proper hygiene maintenance it can last for your entire life. Bridge or other denture needs replacement depending on the quality used. So, repeated replacements incur additional cost in long run. At times cavitations starts under the crown and you may have to loose your additional teeth making it more costly. Being made of titanium there are no chances of cavity formation in case of dental implants.

Single Tooth And Full Mouth Implants

Implant can replace the single fallen tooth or it can replace your complete set of tooth. Replacing the single tooth requires the tooth trimming of neighboring tooth to gain support whereas in implants there is no need of support from the adjacent teeth. Implants are placed in bone and get its required support from the jaw bones.
The number of implant which is required to replace the teeth depends on the quality of bone you have.

Earlier The Better

Once we lose the tooth the maximum amount of bone we lose naturally due to no activity is more in 1st year. An implant makes the bone active and helps in maintaining the bone in healthy state. In some cases it is possible now to place the implant on the same visit scheduled for removing of the tooth.

Psychological FIrst Aid

M.Phil - Clinical Psychology, M.Sc Psychology (Clinical), BA - Hons Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
Psychological FIrst Aid

We are all well aware about the physical first-aid. The white box with a red cross on top which contains all the necessary things like cotton, band-aid, dettol, etc. required for healing a physical injury and preventing any further injury. However, not many people are aware of a similar concept called Psychological First-Aid which involves humane, supportive and practical help to fellow human beings suffering serious crisis events. The World Health Organization (WHO) had even declared “Psychological First-Aid” as the theme for World Mental Health Day, 2016 which is celebrated every year on 10th October.

What is Psychological First Aid (PFA)?

It is a technique for providing support and care to a person who has just experienced crisis situation like - been involved in or witnessed an accident, terrorist attack, death of a loved one or suicide to help them deal with and recover from the traumatic event. Providing a helping hand in time can prevent the person from getting traumatized, his/her functioning getting disrupted, keep a check on maladaptive coping methods like excessive use of drugs or alcohol, or even taking an extreme step like attempting suicide.

Who can provide PFA?

Usually it is done by mental health professionals, rescue volunteers, disaster management workers but it would be good if teachers, medical practitioners, health care providers and religious organizations also learn this so that the service providing group expands and more people can be professionally assisted in dealing with crisis in an appropriate manner. Anyone who is trained in PFA can provide it and help the affected person function and cope better. 

Themes involved in PFA

  • Provide practical care and support in a non-intrusive manner
  • Assess what the person needs and his/her concerns
  • Help people to address basic needs (eg.- food, water, information)
  • Protect them from any further injury/harm
  • Listen to people but do not pressurize them to talk
  • Comforting people and helping them to feel calm
  • Seek professional help for further assistance if required.
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