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Dr. Ankur Patel


Psychiatrist, Surat

15 Years Experience  ·  800 at clinic
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15 Years Experience  ·  800 at clinic
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I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care....more
I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
More about Dr. Ankur Patel
Dr. Ankur Patel is one of the best Psychiatrists in Anand Mahal Road, Surat. He has been a practicing Psychiatrist for 15 years. He has done DIPLOMA IN PSYCHOLOGICAL MEDICINE (DPM) . He is currently practising at Aatman in Anand Mahal Road, Surat. Save your time and book an appointment online with Dr. Ankur Patel on has a nexus of the most experienced Psychiatrists in India. You will find Psychiatrists with more than 32 years of experience on You can find Psychiatrists online in Surat and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


DIPLOMA IN PSYCHOLOGICAL MEDICINE (DPM) - South Gujarat University - 2003
Languages spoken


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B-603, 6th Floor, Shreeji Arcade, Near Reliance Fresh, Anand Mahal Road, Adajan Surat Get Directions
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I am suffering from psycho sexual erectile dysfunction I usually excited towards males instead of females Married 11months ago and have a one month baby boy But now I have to sex But I am not interested in my wife or any other female What to do please help me Even I always think about suicide.

Masters in Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Lucknow
I am suffering from psycho sexual erectile dysfunction
I usually excited towards males instead of females
Married 11m...
Don't think about suicide, first lets work on your main problem of erectile dysfunction. Do PC muscle exercises. Flexing and strengthening your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle can help you exert more control over ejaculation. (Note that these are also called Kegel exercises, which you might have heard about women doing. The muscle is the same in both sexes.) Locate your PC muscle. Put one or two fingers right behind your testicles. Pretend that you are urinating, then try to stop the flow with a quick muscle contraction. That muscle you just used to stop the flow from the bladder is your PC muscle. Flex the muscle regularly. Try to do 10 to 20 squeezes in a set, 2 or 3 times a day. Do a set whenever you're bored or stationary—like when you're sitting at your desk or in traffic. No one will be able to see that you're doing them. Squeeze your PC muscle when you feel ejaculation coming on. Once the muscle is strong enough, you should be able to hold it off just like stopping flow when urinating. Consult for same.
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Anxiety: What You Need To Know?

MD - Psychiatry, Diploma in Psychological Medicine-DPM, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Post Graduate Diploma in Sexology, Certificate Course in Sex Therapy and Counselling
Psychiatrist, Mumbai
Anxiety: What You Need To Know?

What is anxiety?
We all stress. Nobody can live without stress. But what happens when the stress crosses from just being a distressful thought to a body complain. It becomes a medical disorder and falls into the category called anxiety.

So when I tell the above to people, their first question is, can this really happen or are you just fooling us?
Well the blunt answer is yes. The problem is that 99% people aren't ready to believe that the brain is a piece of mass just like your liver. So when you feed your liver with alcohol, it stops working. 
Similarly when you have diabetes for long, your kidneys start having problem. 
So if you start having bad thoughts for too long, the brain produces enough negative chemicals to cause physical systems.

What are the 5 main causes of stress that leads to anxiety?
1. Relationship issues
2. Financial issues
3. Problem with the environment at work/home
4. Fear of being wrongly judged by people.
5. An oversensitive personality 

What are the general physical symptoms you experience when suffering from anxiety?
Every individual has a different manifestation to anxiety. But all anxiety disorders share some general symptoms. 6 or more of the following, coming and going often signal presence of anxiety disorder

- panic, fear, and uneasiness
- sleep problems
- not being able to stay calm and still
- cold, sweaty, numb or tingling hands or feet
- shortness of breath
- heart palpitations or chest pains
- dry mouth
- nausea
- tense muscles
- dizziness

The cure:
Cure is something tricky, because in india 99% don't accept they have a problem. Just like an alcoholic who doesn't care that his liver is killed with every drink, or the diabetic who doesn't accept his kidney is destroyed by every sweet he takes.
Stopping alcohol or sweets is easier, stopping overthinking, racing thoughts or stress isn't easy. 
Since 99% self-medicate themselves by meditation, reading motivational posts or informative posts (like this one), cure never happens.
Secondly when your liver is giving problem you contact an expert in liver disorders, you don't consult facebook. But when it comes to the mind, everyone is an expert. 
So to the 1% who seek cure, most welcome to consult me or any other psychiatrist in your area.
#sahajanand mind point-mental wellness clinic#shatter d stigma. Mend d mind#

I am unable to concentrate on studies and lack of memory. Let me know the way how can I get rid of this problem.

Homeopath, Pune
Homeopathic treatment =bacopa monnieri 1x (1 tb) 2 times/ day. For 15 days. Follow up after = 15 days.
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Hi I am not feeling well. I am not able to sleep properly I am working in night shift. Even of its sat sun week off I am not able to sleep in night. Nw I have also tonsil problem. I have habit of smoking.

Masters In Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Lucknow
Hi I am not feeling well. I am not able to sleep properly I am working in night shift. Even of its sat sun week off I...
Hi, your body clock might not be adjusted to your work timings. You need to make a routine and stick to it. Try deep breathing.
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My son who is just 7 years old always says that his mind always disturbs him by creating some unnecessary thoughts like he will become cockroach or some other insect it seems. This is happening since 1 month. What should I do. I always distracts him by telling some other things. Should I consult psychiatric. What should I do. Please help.

M.Sc - Applied Psychology, Guidance &Counselling, B.A., Psychology, Pharmacy, 6-month Internship
Psychologist, Madurai
My son who is just 7 years old always says that his mind always disturbs him by creating some unnecessary thoughts li...
Since the problem began to appear only recently, I think, it is not a serious one. If he has a habit of watching cartoon channels in tv, or using any other electronic gadgets for playing games, stop them immediately at any cost. And if he complains of such thoughts, just ignore them giving some funny comments without hurting him. This helps reducing anxiety associated with the problem thoughts, and also will reduce the frequency and intensity of such thoughts, if it is the case of attention seeking behaviour. Some children do like that intentionally to attract the attention of parents. If the symptom petsists even after 1month following the above modifictions, consult a paediatric psychiatrist.
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Depression - How Can It Be Contagious?

Psychiatrist, Akola
Depression - How Can It Be Contagious?

Depression or clinical depression is a very common, yet serious mental disorder. It causes extreme symptoms that impact how you feel, think, and handle everyday activities, for example, sleeping, eating or working. One must demonstrate symptoms for at least two weeks to be diagnosed with depression.

Psychological weakness to depression is a tendency to concentrate on one's negative state of mind and to think about it regularly. It appears to have a contagious impact, where this vulnerability to depression can rub off and make you more prone to create depressive side effects yourself. Here are a few ways in which depression can be contagious:\

  1. The negative psychological group of three: There are three fields in which depressive thinking is negative. Discouraged people see themselves, others and their future through dim and dark glasses. Eventually, you start to agree with the person undergoing depression. Their bad mood can bring you down to their emotional level.
  2. Negative energy: Just walking into the same room as the person in depression can sink your energy levels. Now and again you avoid conversations with them. You might feel like your positivity is being drawn out which also makes you vulnerable.
  3. Being socially isolated: The depressed patient might never want to leave the house and prefers to stay in, alone. There are times when the person that is with them, tends to isolate himself or herself, as well. Taking them to social gatherings can be a challenge. Other people in the patient’s life tend to stay away since the dark cloud tends to appear contagious to them also.
  4. Learned defenselessness: There is a depressive phenomenon named "learned powerlessness." When individuals are genuinely depressed, attempting to do anything feels overwhelming. For instance, for quite a long time, one might have shared household responsibilities, In the end, however, one tends to have forgotten his capacity and responsibility to see what should have been done and deal with it. When this pressure is put on the other person, he or she feels tense and is more prone and vulnerable to depression.
  5. Submissive and dominant interactions: An episode of depression and misery is usually activated by a prevailing dominant-submissive interaction. This may include being told what to do or a decision in which someone is dominated and tends to give up on what he or she wanted. For instance, your hostile relation with your boss gets you fired. This can act as a trigger to your already existing negative environment.

Since depression is a very common mental disorder, one should look out for signs and symptoms in themselves as well as around them. For patients undergoing depression, it is beneficial to see a psychiatrist or a therapist to vent out their negative emotions since therapists are trained to handle such an environment. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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5 Signs You Suffer From High Functioning Depression!

Certified Course In Child Psychiatry, MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Kolkata
5 Signs You Suffer From High Functioning Depression!

Depression is often equated with isolation and brooding but this is not always the case. Many people may actually suffer from depression without showing the typical symptoms of this condition. Hence, this form of depression may go unnoticed for many years. Such cases are known as high-functioning depression.

Some of the symptoms of this condition include:

  1. Having difficulty expressing happiness: Though a person may be able to work normally, a person suffering from high-functioning depression will find it difficult to express emotions such as happiness. Thus he or she may not know how to act in the event of a promotion at work, the beginning of a new relationship or any other such happy events. In such cases, the happiness a person experiences from these events is temporary and muted.
  2. Lowered energy levels: Unlike not being able to get out of bed when suffering from typical forms of depression, a person suffering from high-functioning depression can follow his or her usual routine. However, they often find themselves lacking the energy they would normally have and feel the need to put extra effort into their normal tasks. This reduces the amount of satisfaction derived from completing tasks.
  3. Persistent self-doubt: While being self-critical is good to a certain extent, a person suffering from this form of depression is rarely satisfied with their work. Even when recognised by their peers or given an award for their work, they feel that this praise is misguided and have trouble accepting it. Thus, suffering from this condition is akin to swimming a race against the current and with additional unnecessary weights.
  4. Substance abuse: Since this form of depression can go undiagnosed for many years, patients often turn to alcohol and other addictive substances in frustration. This can further delay diagnosis as many of the symptoms of this condition can also be attributed to substance abuse.
  5. Feeling like a failure: Many people suffering from this condition feel as though they are constantly wasting time no matter how much they achieve in a day. This can make them feel hopeless and cause frequent changes in jobs.

The good news is that depression can be cured. Hence if someone around you or you, yourself experience such symptoms, talk to a doctor. Alternatively, you could make a few changes in your lifestyle to lift your mood. Try meditating in the morning or fit in some light exercise into your day. You could even take up a new hobby. However, this cannot replace cognitive therapy and psychological counselling.

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Please suggest me Some times headache problem & and I forget question that I have remembered.

Diploma In Gastroenterology, Diploma In Dermatology, BHMS
Homeopath, Hyderabad
Drink Water. Inadequate hydration may lead you to develop a headache. ... Take Some Magnesium. ... Limit Alcohol. ... Get Adequate Sleep. ... Avoid Foods High in Histamine. ... Use Essential Oils. ... Try a B-Complex Vitamin. ... Soothe Pain with a Cold Compress.
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