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During foreplay I am well lubricated. But when my fiance tries to insert me I get completely dry. How can I overcome this problem?

1 Doctor Answered
It takes the essence of sixty drops of blood to make one drop of semen; furthermore, much subtle life energy (prana) is lost in sex life.� Then there is the danger of sexually transmitted diseases, which are extremely painful and nasty. What suggestion I am giving you is strong , harsh and annoying but is true and holistic approach for your overall well-being. If you sincerely follow my suggestions for six months , you would feel pure , fresh and healthier than now. The process which I am suggesting to you would make you feel happier , peaceful and satisfaction , because the process mentioned below is the king of education , the most secret of all secrets , it is the purest knowledge because it gives direct perception of self by realization , it is ever-lasting and joyfully performed.� Kindly remember that any illicit sex activity ( sex outside of marriage and other than that for producing children , for example masturbation or any type of recreational sex for pleasure only ) is very bad for your future. It spells trouble physically , mentally and for your real self. Even sex inside marriage but only for recreation or pleasure comes under illicit sex , and is one of the main causes of misery. So strictly avoid illicit sex activity. Lust is perverted form of Love. The misunderstanding that sex is gift of God is a false education and has to be corrected to prevent suffering. Most of academic schools , college do not help to get the correct information regarding this subject. So one has to endeavour with self discipline to seek out the Absolute Truth regarding safe sex from the most reliable source. How to avoid sex trouble? It is been proved by medical research that to overcome illicit sex desire , Mantra meditation helps amazingly well. Mantra meditation means to chant the Holy Names of God with "love and devotion". This has been validated by all bonafide sources ( from Vedas , Bible ) and it works. Try it. You have nothing to lose except your anxiety and bad habit.� This information is based on Vedic Literature which is the oldest manual known to mankind and thus the Absolute Truth. The information from the Vedic Scriptures applies to every one , of any age , gender , nationality. One risks suffering if one ignores the Vedic information. According to the Vedic Scripture , any illicit sex practice is a sinful activity. One may do many activities unknowingly due to lack of information , but one has to suffer for each sinful activity which one does. So this information from Vedic scriptures is compulsory to prevent a lot of suffering.� The Vedic Scripture tells "You have got this human form of life after many, many millions of years waiting." So do not misuse it. That is Vedic civilization, not to misuse the human form of life. Nature's law is very, very strict. This life, it is given, a chance. Nature gives a chance. Now you get this human form of life, advanced consciousness. Now you make further improvement. That is wanted. From here we can make further improvement." - SB 11.9.29 Purport Sex binds one to bodily consciousness and thus takes one away from realizing one's real self within the body. For every pleasure which one derives from illicit sex , one risks equal amount of pain or suffering in future.� The Vedic literature indicates that , to the extent that a person becomes interested in sex, that much he loses all good qualities. For from lust develop all other bad qualities such as greed, personal ambition, hatred, and cruelty. ?Sex life is the background of material existence. Demons are very fond of sex life. The more one is freed from the desire for sex, the more he is promoted to the level of the demigods; the more one is inclined to enjoy sex, the more he is degraded to the level of demonic life.? (SB 3.20.23) Illicit sex causes unwanted pregnancy , sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis , gonorrhoea. To keep women for sex life , one has to beg ,borrow,steal and commit many abominable activities which causes one to suffer a lot.� The pain or suffering which comes as a reaction , can happen either immediately or even after months or years just as a seed fructifies to give fruits in future. So even if one feels fine currently , one should not ignore and keep repeating illicit sex activities. For example, we see in newspaper persons getting arrested or getting punishment years after they commit wrong. The law of nature acts to punish for misdeeds. But if you sincerely follow the above suggestion to stop these activities , you can get mercy and the reactions of your acts can get minimized or even nullified. So make your mind from today to stop the illicit sex activity as per the suggestion mentioned above.
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