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Dr. Ashish

Pediatrician, Pune

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Dr. Ashish Pediatrician, Pune
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My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
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Dr. Ashish is a popular Pediatrician in Sadashiv peth, Pune. Doctor is currently associated with Shaishav Clinic in Sadashiv peth, Pune. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Ashish on has top trusted Pediatricians from across India. You will find Pediatricians with more than 37 years of experience on You can find Pediatricians online in Pune and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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I am lactating mother of 2 months old baby. someday my breast feels light, is it because of less milk. How to increase quantity & quality of breast milk?

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
Regular feeding the baby will be a boost for milk to produce and the galactogogues may not give any good result . However you can take Lactare capsule twice a day and see the effect as it is a safe drug for increasing the milk
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Diabetes Proves Deadly for Smokers

Diabetologist, Hyderabad
Diabetes Proves Deadly for Smokers

While it is well known that smoking causes lung cancer, heavy smokers with diabetes are also at increased risk of death from causes other than lung cancer, according to a study being presented next week at the annual meeting of the radiological society of north america (rsna).

Diabetes is a chronic illness in which there are high levels of glucose in the blood. More than 29 million people in the u. S. Have diabetes, up from the previous estimate of 26 million in 2010, according to a report released by the centers for disease control and prevention. One in four people with diabetes doesn't know he or she has it. Having diabetes can also put people at risk for numerous other health complications.

To determine the extent to which diabetes is associated with deaths from lung cancer, other cancers, and other causes among heavy smokers, researchers examined the risk for all-cause mortality among people with and without diabetes within the national lung screening trial (nlst), a massive, multicenter trial that compared low-dose helical ct with chest x-ray for early detection of lung cancer in current and former heavy smokers.

" in our study, we found a statistically significant link between diabetes and all-cause deaths, non-lung cancer deaths and lung cancer deaths in women" said kavita garg, m. D, professor of radiology from the university of colorado -- denver.

For the study, Dr. Garg and colleagues looked at data from 53, 454 participants in the nlst and identified 5, 174 participants who reported having diabetes at screening.

They conducted an analysis of the relative risk for overall mortality, lung cancer mortality, and non-lung cancer mortality associated with diabetes, adjusting for age, gender, body mass index (bmi), and pack-years of smoking. Over the course of the study, there were 3, 936 total deaths, including 1, 021 from lung cancer and 826 from cancers not of the lung.

Participants with diabetes tended to be older, reported more pack-years of smoking, and had a higher bmi than those without diabetes. There were 650 deaths (12.6 percent of patients) among participants with diabetes and 3, 286 deaths (6.8 percent of patients) among participants without diabetes.

" we found that diabetes doubles the risk for all-cause mortality and non-lung cancer mortality among heavy smokers" Dr. Garg said" we also found that women with diabetes have an increased risk of lung-cancer mortality, but did not find the same effect in men"

The researchers continue to analyze data in an effort to better understand the underlying cause. In the meantime, Dr. Garg emphasizes the importance of taking control of diabetes and undergoing lung cancer screening if you're a smoker.

" patients have to take care of their diabetes to maximize the benefit of ct screening for lung cancer" she said" it truly makes a magnitude of difference in mortality risk"

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Ways to Protect the Teeth of Your Little One

Dentist, Delhi
Ways to Protect the Teeth of Your Little One

Children are much more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disorders than grown-ups. This is because the gum and teeth in toddlers are very delicate. Moreover, children are more attracted to sweets and other food items, which cause damage to the teeth.

Here are several ways to protect the teeth of your little one:

  1. Have a dental checkup: You should take your child to a dentist on his first birthday. Early prevention is important as any kind of problem in the teeth will be detected and this will save you from a lot of trouble in the future.
  2. Teaching healthy habits: Brushing is very important and you should teach your child to brush regularly, more than once a day. Before the development of teeth in your baby, you should brush his gums gently by using water on a soft baby toothbrush or with a clean and soft cloth. After developing teeth, brushing must be practiced with delicate toothbrushes and fluoridated toothpaste. If several teeth touch against each other, you should use flossing. Brushing is essential before going to bed, and no food should be taken after brushing.
  3. Prevent "baby bottle decay": You should not let your child go to sleep with a bottle of juice or milk. The sugar contained in these liquids sticks to the child's teeth, which activates bacteria and may lead to tooth decay.
  4. Avoid giving juice to your child: Juice may be healthy for the body, but it leads to tooth decay in little kids. The amount of regular juice intake should never be above four ounces.
  5. Avoid excess use of a sippy cup: Sippy cups enable children to shift from bottles to a glass. However, all day long usage of sippy cups should be restricted as it may cause decay on the front and back portions of teeth, when the drinks are rich in sugar.
  6. Be careful about sweet medicines: Many medicines meant for children are sugary and stick to the teeth, increasing the chance of cavities. Several antibiotics cause overgrowth of Candida or yeast and cause an oral disease known as oral thrush. This disease causes creamy patches on the tongue. In case your child needs sweet medicines, brushing should be increased.
  7. Stop using a pacifier by the age of 2 or 3: Pacifiers are good for children, but using pacifiers for a long period of time affects the lining of teeth. The shape of the mouth may also change. Hence, do not let your child use pacifiers after 2 or 3 years of age.

Children are quite prone to teeth disorders and decay in the teeth. Hence, measures must be taken to protect the teeth of children from any kind of disorder.

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How Speech Therapy Can Help Develop Your Child Better?

D.H.L.S, B.A.S.L.P, M.A, B.Ed .SE . ( H.I )
Speech Therapist, Delhi
How Speech Therapy Can Help Develop Your Child Better?

Speech therapists are known by different names but most commonly, they are referred by people as speech therapists, who make children undertake different speech therapies to make them recover from their problem in talking or in their attempt to express their thoughts. These therapists work with children having a range of disorders and delays from minor articulation delays to more complex kind of disorders such as hearing impairment, motor speech disorders and other developmental delays.

We will now look at some of the ways through which speech therapy can help in the better development of a particular child:

Articulation skills and speech intelligibility: The physical ability to get the tongues, lips, jaws and palate moving in order to produce sounds of speech individually, which people call as phonemes. For instance, in order to articulate the /b/ sound, one needs to inhale, then at the time of exhaling, one has to turn their voice on by bringing the slightly tensed lips together to pause and build the airflow up, then finally release the airflow by getting the lips parted.

Intelligibility is all about how well people can understand a child’s speech. A speech therapist can work along with the child to teach them on ways to produce particular speech sounds or certain patterns, he or she is having difficulty with, which in turn is affecting his overall speech intelligibility.

Expressive language skills: On one hand, where speech requires physical motor ability for talking, language refers to a symbol or a definite rule-governed system used for conveying a message. In the English language, the symbols could be in the form of words, either spoken or in written form. There are also certain symbols in the form of gestures like shrugging of shoulders to give the impression that he doesn’t know a certain thing or a wave to indicate bye-bye or getting their eyebrows raised to indicate that one is surprised by an event or by hearing something.

So, basically expressive language is referred to something which a child says through signs and gestures. Speech therapists can let a child learn new words and teach them how to put the words together and hence form phrases and sentences, hence allowing them to communicate with others.

Receptive language or development of listening skills: Receptive language is nothing but a child’s ability to listen and understand a particular language. Often, children tend to have stronger skills for receptive language than the skills required for expressive language. Hence, understanding becomes easier for them than their ability to express whatever they have understood. A speech therapist can help in teaching a child new words and the way they should be used to follow particular directions, reply to questions and thus take part in simple conversations with peers and other people.

Speech fluency: Speech fluency is affected by stuttering, which refers to the breaks in the flow of speech. This hampers one’s ability to talk freely. Through speech therapy, a child can come across different strategies on how to control this behavioral pattern and lead to an increase in speech fluency.

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My baby is 3 months old. He has chest congestion from last 4 days. I am giving him maxtra 6 drops thrice and asthalin 1.5 ml thrice a day. Now the mucus became loose and it came into his throat. He becomes very uncomfortable at that time. What to do ?

MD Pediatrics
Pediatrician, Vadodara
My baby is 3 months old. He has chest congestion from last 4 days. I am giving him maxtra 6 drops thrice and asthalin...
Asthalin is rarely required in children less than 6 months until and unless prescribed by the pediatrician due to its side effects of increase in heart rate. Also babies usually swallows the mucus and there is no harm in that. If the respiratory rate is high with difficulty in breathing and there is fever visit your pediatrician. If no other complaints then it should be viral and will be relieved in 3 days.
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Halo sir mera beta , age 13 years .bohat slow hai bohat shy hai .ankh Mila ke baat nahi Kar sakta or darke baat karta hai or confidence nahi hai or kisi jaldi mixup nahi hota .kyu usko kisi doctor ko dikhana chahida? Please help me mujhe samajh nahi aa raja kya karna chahie?

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Halo sir mera beta , age 13 years .bohat slow hai bohat shy hai .ankh Mila ke baat nahi Kar sakta or darke baat karta...
Hello, give him homoeo medicine: @ ignatia 30-6 polls thrice. Orally. @ five phos 6x-4 tbs, thrice, orally. Please, ask him to go for meditation to strengthen his brain, cells, tissues to get confident to talk to any body, boldly. Allow him to do whatever he likes to. Tk care.
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My Son Age 1.2 years suffering from Mild Stage of down Syndrome and have effect of growing late is dere any treatment homeopathic or alopathic which make his life very near to normal growth.

MBBS, Diploma in Psychological Medicine, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Chennai
Down's Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder (impairment in genetic/chromosome function) which is confirmed by karyotype/genetic labs-study, parents require genetic counselling, IQ/psychological/developmental tests-periodical follow up-with child specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists, special education, training as may be required
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My daughter is one year four month old. I am still confused as what food to give her so please suggest any healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner for her healthy and normal growth?

Diploma in Child Health (DCH), MBBS
Pediatrician, Kurukshetra
My daughter is one year four month old. I am still confused as what food to give her so please suggest any healthy br...
16 months baby should be taking all what you have been taking at home, according to her age. Do not indulge her in market foods.
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Best Diet For Kids

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Lucknow
Best Diet For Kids

It could sometimes be a challenge to give kids the nutrition and diet that they need. But it is very important. The best dietician in India says that the following foods should be included in your kids’ diets to keep them healthy and productive. The foods that should be included in kids’ diet are:

1.     Milk: The best dietician in India says that milk is very important for kids. It is a good source of calcium, vitamin D and protein and should be a part of each and every kid’s diet. At least 2 glasses of milk everyday should be included in every kid’s diet.

2.     Fruits: Fruits are healthy and the best dietician in India says that they should be incorporated in every kid’s diet. Apples, banana or any other fruit should be added to kids’ food menu.

3.     Eggs: Eggs are a very rich source of protein. Eggs also contain iron and various other vitamins and minerals. An egg every other day is important for kids, says the best dietician in India

4.     Lots of vegetables: The best dietician in India says that vegetables are very important and hence should compulsorily be a part of each and every kid’s diet. Include carrots, peas, potatoes, tomato and other vegetables in their diet. The best dietician in India says that introduce your kids to a variety of vegetables at an early age.

5.     Oatmeal: A research shows that kids that eat oatmeal are better able to concentrate in school. The best dietician in India says that you can include oatmeal in your kid’s breakfast menu.

6.     Nuts: The best dietician in India says that nuts such as almonds, walnuts etc. are also very important and healthy and hence these should also be included in kids’ food menus. Include nuts in their breakfast or during snack time. These are needed by kids for their growth and development

7.     Tofu and cottage cheese: Tofu and cottage cheese are again excellent sources of protein. The best dietician in India says that tofu and cottage cheese should also be included in kids’ diets.

8.     Cheese: Cheese is also a very good source of protein. Include a little amount of cheese in your kids’ diet.

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