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Arogya Diagnostic Clinic

Dietitian/Nutritionist Clinic

Sr No 24 Plot No 28/29, Opp Mitcon Institute, Baner Balewadi Link Road Pune
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Arogya Diagnostic Clinic Dietitian/Nutritionist Clinic Sr No 24 Plot No 28/29, Opp Mitcon Institute, Baner Balewadi Link Road Pune
1 Doctor
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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Dietitian/Nutritionist.Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care t......more
Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Dietitian/Nutritionist.Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
More about Arogya Diagnostic Clinic
Arogya Diagnostic Clinic is known for housing experienced Dietitian/Nutritionists. Dt. Arundhati Joshi, a well-reputed Dietitian/Nutritionist, practices in Pune. Visit this medical health centre for Dietitian/Nutritionists recommended by 76 patients.


09:00 AM - 07:00 PM


Sr No 24 Plot No 28/29, Opp Mitcon Institute, Baner Balewadi Link Road
Baner Pune, Maharashtra - 411045
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Doctor in Arogya Diagnostic Clinic

Dt. Arundhati Joshi

B.Sc.- Dietitics / Nutrition
14 Years experience
Available today
09:00 AM - 07:00 PM
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Sweda Vidhi - Know More About It!

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine & Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Nashik
Sweda Vidhi - Know More About It!

Sweda Vidhi (Sudation)    


  • Sweda means sweat which is the mala  through which pitta is eliminated. The therapies which help in producing perspiration are called swedana. 
  • In Swedana, certain procedures are done to dilate the srotas and to make the body sweat.   This is done after sneha therapy. Swedana works in conjunction with sneha to facilitate   the removal of ama and mala from the srotas and dhatus and to transport them back to  the kostha (Gastrointestinai tract). 
  • It can be done in specific parts or all over the body
  • It is mainly indicated for kapha and vata diseases.

A. Types of swedana 
It is classifted into 4 main types
I.Tapa sweda:-

Sweating using hot sand.Used in Ama vata (acute rheumatic conditions)

 2. Upanaha sweda - Poultices  
Powders of herbs and food grains are mixed with vinegar, oil and a little salt .warmed, applied on specific parts which are then covered by leaves and cloth tightly.It is done in night and removed in the morning 

3. Drava sweda  Fomentation with warm liquids 
A.Pariseka - Dhara (pouring warm liquids). E.g. Decoctions of anti vata herbs are used in Ama vata     
B.Avagaha - Tub bath

4. Usma sweda 
a. Pinda sweda (fomentation using bolus) 
b.Nadi sweda (fomentation using tube)
c.Kuti sweda (sweat house)
this all type of swedana done in our vishwavallabh ayurvedic panchakarma center,nashik-pune.

Signs of proper swedana

  • Disappcarance of cold and pain  
  • Softness, alertness, free movements of joints, normal skin, normal appetite etc. 
  • If done in excess. pitta and rakta will be vitiated. 
  • Thirst,giddiness,pain, rashes can manifest.

Obesity- Diseases Associated To It!

Post Graduation Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition, Fellowship In Obesity Management
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Amritsar
Obesity- Diseases Associated To It!

Obesity- Diseases Associated To It!

Gangrene - In-depth Of It!

MD - Acupuncture, Diploma In Accupuncture, Advanced Diploma In Accupuncture
Acupuncturist, Delhi
Gangrene - In-depth Of It!

In gangrene, body tissue dies due to an inadequate supply of blood. The main cause of gangrene is the loss of blood supply that occurs due to an underlying illness, injury and/or infection. Generally, it affects fingers, toes, and limbs. But it can also occur inside the body which can cause damage to organs and muscles. There are various types of gangrene and all the types need an immediate appointment with the doctor. In certain cases, gangrene can be life-threatening if left untreated. So, it is important that you visit a doctor as soon as you experience or discover the signs or symptoms of gangrene. Check out the various types of gangrene:

-  Dry gangrene: All the organs of the body including the liver, heart, and muscles require oxygen in order to function properly and survive. Blood carries the oxygen to all the parts of the body. Dry gangrene is caused when one of the body parts does not get enough oxygen. Because of which the body part starts to deteriorate and die. In dry gangrene, there is no evidence of infection.

-  Wet gangrene: When some type of bacteria causes infection in body tissues then it leads to wet gangrene. The tissues grow moist and break down due to the presence of bacteria. This process leads to the death of tissues. In wet gangrene, there are chances of infection reaching to the other parts of the body. Wet gangrene is an emergency condition than the dry gangrene.

-  Gas gangrene: Gas gangrene occurs due to a bacteria which is known as Clostridia. This type of bacteria creates an infection due to which gas bubbles and toxins develop inside the affected area. This lead to the death of tissues. Gas gangrene can be fatal.


Symptoms of Gangrene
In dry gangrene, the first symptom that you generally notice is an appearance of a reddish line around the affected area. This reddish line may turn into black colour after some time. You may or may not have the pain in dry gangrene. Check out the various signs or symptoms of gangrene:

-  Pain due to an infection

-  Red, sore, or swollen wound

-  Pus-filled wound

-  Bad smell due to a wound

-  Feeling cold in an isolated area of your body

-  Lacking a sense of touch in an isolated area of your body

-  Sores keep coming back in the same place on your body

-  Part of your skin may turn into an unusual colour including greenish-black, red, blue, or bronze

-  A cracking sound comes when you press the affected area of your body

-  Feverish and unwell feeling

Causes of Gangrene
Blood has a very important role to play in your body. It not only sends oxygen and nutrients to the cells of your body but also delivers disease-fighting antibodies that prevent your body from infection. Due to an inadequate supply of blood, cells cannot survive, an infection can grow, tissues can die due to gangrene. There are a lot of conditions that can affect the blood flow in your body and all these conditions increase the risk of gangrene. Check out the various causes of gangrene:

-  Diabetes: Due to imbalanced blood sugar levels, blood vessels and nerves can damage. This reduces the oxygen supply to extremities. Dry gangrene can occur due to diabetes.

-  Injury: When the wounds sustained in the situations that allow bacterial infection then wet gangrene can occur.

-  Immune deficiency: Minor infections escalate more quickly and can become gangrenous due to a weakened immune system which can happen due to HIV, diabetes, long-time alcohol or drug abuse, or recent chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

-  Raynaud's disease: In Raynaud's disease, some areas of your body including fingers and toes feel numb and cool in response to certain conditions. Raynaud's disease can lead to dry gangrene.

-  Vascular problems: Vascular problems arise generally due to the poor health of arteries and veins in the legs and toes. Diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, and high blood pressure develop vascular problems over time.

-  Other causes: Atherosclerosis, obesity, smoking, embolism, trauma, severe burns, scalds, and cold are some of the other causes of gangrene.

How is it diagnosed?
As soon as you experience signs of gangrene, you should reach out to a doctor for a diagnosis. Your doctor will conduct a physical examination and ask you about your medical history. Your doctor will look for the signs of shock or trauma. If your doctor finds out that you are suffering from gangrene then further diagnostic tests will be conducted. These tests are conducted to determine the extent and type of the necrosis. Various tests are conducted for the diagnosis:

-  Blood tests: Increase in white blood cells indicate the presence of an infection. Blood tests are also done to check if certain bacteria or other germs present or not.

-  Imaging tests: Imaging tests including an x-ray, a computerized tomography (CT) scan or a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan can be done. These tests are done to view the structures of your interior body including internal organs, blood vessels or bones. These tests also help to know the extent of gangrene and see if any gas is present under your skin. An arteriogram is also an imaging test done to produce the images of your arteries. In this test, a dye is injected into the blood circulating through your body and then X-ray images are taken to check the flow of blood through your arteries. This test helps your doctor to know if there is any blockage in your arteries.

-  Surgery: Your doctor may conduct a surgery in order to know the extent of gangrene. Surgery is also done to get the samples of tissue. Sometimes, your doctor may remove the dead tissues surgically if required.

-  Fluid or tissue culture: A common cause of gangrene is bacterium Clostridium perfringens. A culture of the fluid from a blister on your skin may be examined by your doctor for checking the presence of bacteria. Your doctor may look at a tissue sample under a microscope for signs of cell death.

Prevention of Gangrene
Gangrene can be prevented by preventing the risk factors that can cause gangrene. In order to prevent yourself from gangrene, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check out the various ways that reduce the risk of gangrene:

-  You should quit smoking.

-  You should not use drugs.

-  You should maintain a healthy weight.

-  Do physical exercises regularly.

-  You should always eat healthy food.

-  If you have diabetes problem then follow your doctor's advice in order to keep your blood sugar under control.

-  You should avoid or reduce the intake of alcohol.

-  Don’t use warfarin and heparin together. Using warfarin and heparin together can increase your risk of gangrene.

Treatment of Gangrene
As soon as you experience the symptoms of gangrene, you should reach out to your doctor. In the early stage, the chances of recovery are more. In gangrene treatment, dead tissues are removed, infection is prevented or treated so that it does not spread, and cause of gangrene is treated. The treatment that will be provided to you by your doctor will depend on:

-  Type of gangrene

-  Extent of gangrene

-  Your medical history

Check out the various treatment options available:

-  Surgery: Surgery is also known as debridement. In this treatment option, the dead tissue is removed surgically so that infection does not spread. Sometimes, amputation is required. Amputation is the removal of the affected limb, finger or toe surgically to control pain or a disease.

-  Antibiotics: Antibiotics are given in order to treat and prevent infections. These antibiotics are injected into a vein.

-  Maggot therapy: It is a non-surgical treatment option used for removing the dead tissues. Maggot therapy is a common medical technique. In this, maggots from fly larva are placed on a wound so that they can consume the infected and dead tissues. They do not harm the healthy tissues. Maggots help to fight the infection and release substances that kill bacteria which helps in speed up healing or recovery.

-  Oxygen therapy: In some cases of wet gangrene or ulcers related to diabetes or peripheral artery disease, this treatment option of hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be used. In this, a patient is put into a chamber filled with oxygen. The pressure of oxygen is higher than the oxygen found in the outside air. The high level of oxygen saturates the blood and encourages healing of the dead tissue. This process reduces the growth of a bacteria that cannot grow in an environment that has a high level of oxygen.

It is important to know the cause of gangrene so that you can prevent gangrene from occurring again. Your doctor prescribes the treatment option as per the type and extent of gangrene. Medicines may be used in certain cases to prevent blood clots. It is a serious problem that requires immediate treatment. Dry gangrene can be easily treated with the medicines. Gangrene that involves an infection can be a threat to your life. You should reach out to your doctor as soon as you experience the symptoms of gangrene including persistent and unexplained pain in any area in your body, fever, a wound that is slow to heal, or you notice a change in skin colour. In an early stage, the chances of recovery are higher.

-  Amputation:
It is a surgical treatment method in which affected limb, finger or toe is removed to control pain or a disease. This method is used when the amount of tissue death is extensive.

-  Infection: In gangrene, a bacterial infection can spread quickly to other parts of the body. It is a serious problem and can be a threat to your life if left untreated or not treated properly on time.

-  Life-threatening disease: Gangrene is a fatal problem that can be life-threatening if not treated properly on time or left untreated.

-  Large areas of scarring: Gangrene can spread rapidly over a large area of the body and the amount of dead tissue can be quite large. Gangrene can lead to large areas of scarring.

In gangrene, the body tissues die due to lack of blood supply or serious bacterial infection. The various types of gangrene include wet gangrene, dry gangrene, and gas gangrene. Fever, pain due to an infection, feeling cold and lacking a sense of touch in an area of the body, blisters and pus-filled wound are some of the signs of gangrene. As soon as you experience any of the symptoms, you should book an appointment with the best doctor for the diagnosis. In certain cases, it can be a threat to your life if not treated properly or left untreated. Blood tests, imaging tests, surgery, and fluid or tissue culture are various tests conducted to diagnose gangrene. The various treatment options available for treating the problem of gangrene are surgery, antibiotics, maggot therapy and oxygen therapy. You can prevent yourself from gangrene by following a healthy lifestyle which includes maintaining a healthy weight, reducing the intake of alcohol, quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet and more. Amputation is used in the extreme cases in which the affected limb, finger or toe is removed. Your doctor prescribes the treatment method on the basis of the type of gangrene you are suffering from, the extent of your gangrene and your medical history.

What Is GBS Syndrome?

MD - Acupuncture, Diploma In Accupuncture, Advanced Diploma In Accupuncture
Acupuncturist, Delhi
What Is GBS Syndrome?

GBS Syndrome
This is a rare condition that occurs due to the damage was done to the peripheral nervous system by the immune system and it results in severe weakness of the muscles. The immune system for some unknown reasons attack the healthy nerves of the body and lead to this condition. In most cases, people notice general weakness and numbness in the affected area. However, in extreme cases, it can even lead to paralysis. The sad thing is that there is no cure for this condition and it is also not clear as to what causes this condition. But it is possible to control the symptoms in many cases and many patients show significant improvement after getting the treatment at the right time.


Types of GBS Syndrome
-  The AIDP
type usually begins affecting the lower regions of the body and gradually spreads to the other regions and leads to complete paralysis.

-  The MFS type begins affecting the eyes and it causes paralysis of this region.

-  The AMAN and the AMSAN type also affect other regions of the body and they need medical treatment at the right time to control the symptoms.


Symptoms of GBS Syndrome
-  The most obvious symptom of this condition is the tingling sensation that can be felt in the legs and this usually starts spreading to the upper regions in quick time. You should be watchful about such symptoms and immediately seek medical treatment.

-  In other cases, it can even affect the face and arms region and later spread to other nearby regions.

-  It causes general weakness in the affected region and this can slowly develop into paralysis at a later stage.

-  People suffering from such condition will have difficulty in moving the affected regions whether it is hands, legs or face.

-  The pain caused by such symptoms will also be as severe as the muscles of the affected region can develop cramps.

-  When the lower region of the body gets affected, people lose control over the bowel function and it can also become difficult to control the bladder in a natural way.

-  Apart from that, most people suffering from this condition also complain about breathing difficulty and it can also lead to changes in blood pressure and increased heart rate.

-  Most people develop weakness at the early stage itself and this can be noticed within a few weeks after this condition starts affecting the body. The problem with this condition is that it can spread at a quick pace and you need to be very careful when you notice any symptoms of this condition.

-  Remember that the success rate of treatment depends on how early you approach your doctor during this condition and this needs emergency medical treatment in most cases.

Causes of GBS Syndrome
-  It is not yet established as to what causes this condition. However, most people experience symptoms of GBS syndrome after they have had an infection of the digestive tract. It can usually take a few days or weeks to show symptoms after such infection.

-  In the same manner, even infection of the respiratory system can lead to this condition in many individuals.

-  This condition usually affects male adults even though it can affect anyone. You need to be careful about the initial symptoms as this can progress very quickly and lead to paralysis.

-  You should be extra careful if you recently had an attack of Zika virus or Hepatitis virus. Even other forms of virus attacks can trigger this condition in many people.

-  In rare cases, the after-effects of some surgery and even some vaccinations can trigger GBS syndrome.

Diagnosis of GBS Syndrome
-  Your doctor needs some experience to identify this condition in the early stages as the symptoms are not specific to this condition. In most cases, you will notice that these are common symptoms of neurological disorders and many people can get confused with the symptoms. In other cases, people may not visit the doctors in the early stages as they confuse the numbness and tingling sensation for general weakness and this can further lead to spreading of the symptoms to other regions of the body.

-  When you first visit your doctor with the symptoms, you will have to undergo a physical examination and this will help the doctors to get some clarity about the condition. After this, several tests will be done to check the intensity of the condition in your body.

-  The first step begins with collecting the fluids from the spinal column. This is done from the lower back region and it will help the doctors to determine the GBS syndrome condition in the body. People suffering from this condition will show significant changes in the fluid composition from this region and this can clearly indicate the condition.

-  Apart from this, the electromyography method may also be used to study the activity of the nerves in the affected region. In this method, the electrodes are inserted through thin needles into the affected muscles and this will give complete information about the nervous activity in this region. When any abnormal activity is reported, it can be concluded that the nervous system in that region is damaged due to some conditions and further treatment can be started to reduce the symptoms.

-  In other cases, it may not be possible to insert the electrodes into the muscles and external shock is given to the skin surface to notice the response of nerves in that region. Whenever shock is given to the skin surface, the nerves in that region respond in the appropriate manner and pass signals to the brain. When there is any delay or lack of response in this situation, it indicates that the nerves in that region are damaged and it needs further treatment. There is no need to worry about the shock as it will be very mild and it will not hurt the patients in any manner.

Prevention of GBS Syndrome
As the exact cause for this condition is not known, it becomes difficult to prevent this condition. However, it is usually noticed that this results soon after a viral attack and this has got some connection with various infections. Even though these infections may not cause GBS syndrome, they may trigger this condition due to unknown reasons. The best thing you can do in this situation is to maintain your overall health condition in proper order and try to avoid any form of viral infection. If you are already suffering from any form of viral infection, be very careful about the symptoms of this condition as they can spread quickly once they start affecting the nervous system. You should also be aware of the fact that treating this condition becomes easy when you begin them in the early stages and this increases the chances of recovery in quick time. You will also be able to reduce the severity of symptoms by beginning early treatment.

Treatment for GBS Syndrome
-  There is no specific treatment for this condition and you can only prevent the symptoms from progressing further. Apart from that, timely treatment can also reduce the intensity of the problem and make it easy for the person to lead a normal life.

-  During plasmapheresis treatment, the plasma cells are separated from the blood and then injected into the body. This can boost immunity and avoid further complications. In certain cases, when the antibodies are overreacting to some condition and causing GBS syndrome, removing plasma of such antibodies will reduce the symptoms to a large extent.

-  When healthy antibodies from the blood donated by a healthy person are injected in large doses to the affected person, it can reduce the symptoms and slow down the antibodies that are causing this damage to the nervous system.

-  Apart from that, treatment is also given to reduce other symptoms like pain that can be very severe in this condition. However, the use of painkillers is restricted to a small duration as this can have some long-term side effects.

-  In the same manner, when the condition has caused paralysis, treatment may be required to avoid blood clots that can cause complications at a later stage.

-  Physiotherapy and other recovery therapy may be used to improve the muscle strength and this will also help the person to have some movement during paralysis.

-  Such therapies can drastically improve muscle strength and it will help in speedy recovery during paralysis.

-  Note that this condition takes time to slow down even after giving proper treatment and many patients see positive results only after a few months. In rare cases, the person affected with this condition may need treatment for several years before achieving complete recovery.

-  Even after complete recovery, there are chances that it can relapse at a later stage and you need to be very careful about the symptoms after recovery. If you notice any symptoms that are not normal, make sure to reach out to your doctor and get a thorough diagnosis to rule out further complications.

Complications of GBS Syndrome
-  There are several complications of this condition and it can even relapse in many cases. Most people complain about weakness or numbness in the affected area even after recovery.

-  If the condition has already led to paralysis, it can show some effects even at a later stage after treatment is given and it can cause muscle weakness in the affected region.

-  People suffering from this condition experience difficulty in breathing and this can affect the overall health condition of the person.

-  When it has affected the lower region of the body, the bladder and bowel function can get affected and this can continue even after recovery for many days.

-  It can even lead to heart problems in the future due to the improper functioning of the nervous system. It can cause irregular heartbeats and it can also affect the blood pressure in the body.

-  This condition also causes severe pain in the affected region and this needs to be treated with temporary medication to ease the symptoms.

-  In case of this condition causing paralysis, people also suffer from blood clots due to a lack of movement of the affected body parts. Treatment is needed to counter this problem as this can further lead to other complications in the long run.


Myths about GBS Syndrome
-  It does not spread
Many people think that this condition only affects certain regions of the body. However, it is not true and it only begins in certain regions and gradually spreads to other parts of the body. When proper treatment is not given in a timely manner, it can lead to paralysis and even cause other complications in the long run.

-  Complete recovery is not possible
It is possible to recover completely from this condition even though there is no specific cure for this condition. Many people notice a significant improvement when symptoms are reduced and they will gradually recover within a few months after getting good treatment. In rare cases, it may relapse and even then, it can be handled with further treatment.

-  It can be fatal
It does not result in fatal consequences in most cases and you can get complete relief when timely treatment is provided to reduce the symptoms. Only when treatment is not given and the condition is not properly diagnosed, it can lead to paralysis and other complications. In rare cases, it leads to complete paralysis and this also may not lead to fatal consequences.

This condition can be handled effectively when you notice the symptoms in the early stages. You need to be very careful about the symptoms of this condition especially after you have suffered a viral infection as this can trigger the condition in several individuals. As soon as you notice any tingling sensation or general weakness and numbness that starts spreading to other regions, you should be alarmed and visit your doctor. Your doctor will conduct a thorough diagnosis and ascertain the condition in your body. With proper treatment, recovery is possible and you need some patience in this regard as it can take a few months in most cases.

Status Of Women In India!

Ph. D - Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
Status Of Women In India!

India has a long and ancient tradition of allowing women status equal to that of men. Indeed, women have enjoyed, if anything a more exalted position in society as optimized by her role as a mother. But centuries of foreign domination distorted these social values and women came to be more and more ostracized. Attempts by women to regain their rightful position in society were met by crimes and atrocities committed against them as men enjoyed their role of commanding superior position.

Crimes against women is crime against the nation”, was not understood properly when the Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi made this statement years ago, but the alarming increases in the incidence of bride burning, kidnapping, rape, custodial rapechild marriage and even Sati prove beyond doubt that where women are not given proper respect and place in society, it could never become a strong nation. The Constitution and the laws of the country agree that women are equal in all aspect and all walks of life. There is, however, a difference in “Kathni “and “Karni”. We plan more but implement less.

During the past decades the country has made some progress in promoting the interest of women but still, there is a wide gap in the opportunities and facilities available to the women which need to be bridged up. The bridge has widened due to rapid industrialization and modernization. The individualization approach has affected the premier institution of socialization i.e. Joint Family. This has severely hit the status of women and added to her social problems as the lifestyles have changed. The women in the society are being meted out with the status of a subordinate person in the family, in the community and in the country.

For bringing the women on the equal platform with men, Govt. of India adopted various welfare programs to arouse social awakening provide respite to women in distress and provide them with enough opportunities for social and economic rehabilitation. The residential, as well as non-residential programs for the welfare of a woman,  have been introduced for the last decades as women are still facing hardships and living a low life. There is a need to assess where we went wrong? Some of the causes are:

  1. Society is male-dominated. The man is not accepting woman equal in everyday life. The superiority complex in the male is so still deep routed and damaging that it is eating the basic concept and strength of equality in our society.
  2. It is not only the male who is to be blamed for the mental agony of the problems of the woman. There is a feeling that a woman is the biggest enemy of a woman. The moment a woman switches to the role of the mother-in-law from mother, the ego conflicts and adjustment problems start. It is the woman who makes the life of her very own sex unbearable and creates such situations that the woman sacrifices her life.
  3. Although decades have passed, we have not been able to provide enough educational and vocational training opportunities to women to bring them on equal footing with the man. Whenever needs of family demand, a woman has to sacrifice her education, training or career to devote time to family or look after the domestic matters. The stresses on the woman are affecting their normal day-to-day life which leads to conflicts, ego problems and adjustment.
  4. It is the woman who has to leave home when circumstances are compelling and appalling and seek shelter either in the institution or in the parental home. Counselling and reconciliation efforts during the short period of stay in the institution are not enough. The moment the woman goes back to her family she is filled with the emotional insecurity of what will be her life as:
  • The man has accepted the woman back under family pressures and social pressure.
  • The man starts reacting towards the woman’s independence and having brought insult by coming forward.
  • After a few weeks or months of peaceful life, the problem will start surfacing again.

The follow-up task becomes difficult as enough staff is not available for undertaking so much of caseload.

In our society, young girls and women often suffer due to their ignorance, reposing trust and easy affection with contacts and friends. They are subject the abuse and breach of trust. Our society is not open enough to accept their folly once committed and attaches a stigma to the women. This has been one of the hurdles in the rehabilitation of the women in distress. A woman who has gone astray or has fallen from accepted norms of society is always looked upon with suspicion and mistrust. We have not been able to generate awareness conducive to the overall development of the women. In fact, over-dose of publicity and propaganda has created an anti-feeling in the society (which is male-dominated).

  1. Misuse of the provisions of law has further affected the welfare of the woman in distress. The facility of legal aid has become ineffective in some of the cases due to delay in delivery of justice system. Matters like separation allowance, divorce, and abetment also get delayed. Thus, women do not get satisfaction and relief from the suffering of the strains of mental agony. Women have to take shelter in a short stay home or respite homes and in some cases be separated from her children. This is all a trauma which she has to undergo. As the institutional set up is not warm enough, the women are not fully loved, cared and emotionally secure. The distress of the women continues.
  2. There is a need of providing the women with enough opportunities for economic self-sufficiency as the cost of living has gone up.  The social counsellingemotional understanding, vocational training along with proper boarding lodging, medical care facilities should be linked with suitable employment. There is a need to change in the attitudes of men and women towards their responsibilities of inducing the women in the mainstream of society.

There is also dire need to bring back the system of healthy family life, with moral values so that the pride and dignity of women are maintained. Taking away of the family system is enhancing the problems of the women as it will take years to bring social change in the society with the help of Mass Media and Awareness Programs.


How To Look Good In The Morning?

Sexologist Clinic
Sexologist, Faridabad
How To Look Good In The Morning?

Mornings are hard for many of us. Whether you pulled an all-nighter, didn't sleep well, or are rushed to get out of the house on time, you still want to look good. This can be achieved with a little bit of preparation the night before and a solid morning routine.

Pick out your outfit. Before you go to bed, decide what you will wear tomorrow. This will keep you from digging through your closet, trying on a bunch of clothes, and making a mess. Once you make a choice, lay out the shoes, accessories, and anything else you plan to wear.

Weight Loss Recipe!

Masters in Human Nutrition and Nutraceuticals
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Madurai
Weight Loss Recipe!

Recipe Benefits...

  • Oats - a good source of protein, lower cholesterol as contains insoluble fiber provides many benefits.
  • Yogurt - a source of probiotic, helps u in weight loss journey.
  • flaxseeds - low glycemic food, contains omega 3, 
  • almonds - a rich source of dietary fiber
  • Cinnamon - speeds up the metabolism and aids u in quicker weight loss.


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My weight is 74 kg. My height is 5.7 inches. I want to loose my weight n want to b fit. Any suggestion on my diet would be n exercise.

Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE), Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (DNYS), Certificate course in nutrition and dietics, DMAT
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Dehradun
My weight is 74 kg. My height is 5.7 inches. I want to loose my weight n want to b fit. Any suggestion on my diet wou...
Hello Your weight should be between 68-70 kg. You should reduce four to five kg weight. With the help of proper diet plan you can reduce this Wt within a month. 40 minutes walk will help you to reduce your weight. For any further assistance you can contact me.
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One glass warm water added with lemon juice helps to reduce belly fat or not and tell it's benefits if taken in early morning in empty smotch.

BSc-Food & Applied Nutrition, Msc in Clinical Dietetics & Food Service Management
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Bhubaneswar
One glass warm water added with lemon juice helps to reduce belly fat or not and tell it's benefits if taken in early...
Hi Lybrate User, Having warm water with lemon juice helps in removal of toxins from the body and the minerals and vitamins found in lemon juice encourages healthy digestion, reduces heartburn and bloating. Lemons are also a great source of potassium which help keep your heart healthy and also keeping the body alkaline. And yes drinking this does not help in reduction of belly fat. For losing weight and inches you need to follow a healthy lifestyle where you need to work on exercise, nutrition,sleep, stress and water intake.
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I want to eat egg, with fry in ghee. Like- omallet. Is any problems?(Is this good for health?)

Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE), Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (DNYS), Certificate course in nutrition and dietics, DMAT
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Dehradun
I want to eat egg, with fry in ghee. Like- omallet. Is any problems?(Is this good for health?)
Hello lybrate-user Please write your ht. You can eat omelette but in less ghee. Add lots of veggies in the omelette that will make it healthy and tasty. For any further assistance you can contact me. Thanks
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