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We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, quality health care that you deserve....more
We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, quality health care that you deserve.
MALIK HOSPITAL is known for housing experienced Speech Therapists. Dr. Rahul Bhardwaj, a well-reputed Speech Therapist, practices in PANIPAT. Visit this medical health centre for Speech Therapists recommended by 89 patients.


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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

Hi, I am suffering from stammering from last 5-6 years. Can you suggest me some tips.

Speech Therapist, Delhi
It is better if you start with speech therapy. You can do breathing exercises like deep inhalation and exhalation. Do not increase rate of speech while talking. Work on self confidence. Whenever stutter, take deep breath and start again. For detailed plan, get speech assessment done.
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Hi, Respected doctors Please tell me the ways and tips to enhance and how to get strong voice for men.

General Physician, Mumbai
For a healthy manly appearance Few diet tips - Not to eat fried food items and Can eat All green vegetables, moong , chana , Dal , rice etc And to apply ghee over chappati and don’t apply oil over chappati And to drink milk mixed with turmeric powder twice a day And If possible eat eggs on alternate days And If possible in breakfast eat atleast one bajra ka rotla And Eat seasonal fruit
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Hello sir my sister is 16 years old. When she talks her voice is stammering for some time. please suggest.

Speech Therapist, Delhi
Dear lybrate-user, Thanks for writing to us and concern for your sister is appreciating. Look for a qualified Speech Therapist in your city ,get the assessment done and go for therapy. All the best.
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Any remedy for stammering? I am 24 years old. It is not by birth. I get stuck when I tend to speak in public.

Master in Audiology, BASLP (Bachelor of Audiology Speech Language Pathology)
Speech Therapist, Gurgaon
Hello lybrate-user Try following:- Breathing and relaxing exercises Speaking about a topic of your choice at a distance and loudly in front of your friends or family but in public (park/ restaurant/ classroom) Initiating conversations in a large group with familiar people. There are more activities that will help your public fear. However the practice of relaxing your facial muscles and body before representing in front of public is very important. Kindly see a speech therapist for detailed step by step guidance. Thanks!
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I am 24 years old male. I have stammering problem. I noticed one thing if I speak in front of many student on stage that time I stammer but, I speak in front of mother, father, sister friends that time not come stammered problem. I know I have knowledge but I can not speak properly. This is big problem for me how can we face interview Please tell me solution.

General Physician, Lucknow
You are having stage/social anxiety. When you go in front of people feel confident, before going to talk rehearse your talk in front of mirror or parents, friends. Once you are on the stage look at a face which is familiar to you but keep on moving your eyes from one familiar face to another. You can also speak while looking at some audience's shoulder but keep shifting your eyes, this will give the audience the impression that you are talking to them and you will also not be nervous.
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I am 19 years old male. I have stammering problem what is the solution for this?

Speech Therapist, Delhi
You should consult Speech Language Pathologist. Get your assessment done and based on severity, management can be done. Like modified rate of speech, relaxing exercise, breathing exercises and prolongations etc.
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I have a problem regarding speech. I can not pronounce the letter 's' clearly. While speaking it sounds like f. For instance if I am saying some it sounds like 'fun' Please help me with this. One more thing I would like to inform you about is that I had a habit of sucking thumb till 6-7 years of age. Could the problem occur due to this habit?

Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Therapy
Speech Therapist, Pondicherry
You have to know proper place and manner of Sa sound. Then in which are all d position you are having this problem. For example initial medial or final (Sat or mouSe or drawS).In therapy we 'll help you to know the proper place and manner. Then set of words which starts with s in 1st, middle and last position. It ll help you make S to pronounce. Same for all consonants.
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I am having stammering issue from the time I start understanding things. Usually when talking to unknown people.

General Physician, Mumbai
I will suggest you to increase your self confidence and take treatment from a speech therapist till recovery.
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Is there any cure or treatment of stammering? I have stammering i am 23 years old.

Speech Therapist, Delhi
Yes. You can start speech therapy and then follow all the techniques at home. You will be improved.
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1 am 17 years old. I stammer sometimes while speaking. Is there any exercise for stammering.

BSC - Hearing and Speech
Speech Therapist, Salem
Hi lybrate-user. Speech therapy can help you speak confidently. Consult a Speech therapist asap. There are many exercises for stammering. Depends on the nature of your problem. First we have to find out how severe is your stammering. Based on that only we can give you exercise and techniques. Take a Fluency test done with a Speech therapist. Get to know your severity level and start Taking Speech therapy sessions. You will see a lot of changes. For more info, contact!
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I am suffering from puberphonia from last 10 years. What is the cost of type 3 thyroplasty surgery? Is the surgery safe?

General Surgeon, Gandhinagar
Hello dear lybrate-user, Warm welcome to I have evaluated your query thoroughly.* Cost varies according to the center and the surgeon, but approximately more than Rs. 80,000 * Safety has to be concluded from anesthesia, surgery point depending upon the reports. Hope this clears your query. Wishing you fine recovery. Welcome for any further assistance. Regards take care.
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Normal Speech And Language Development

Speech Therapist, Delhi

Birth–3 months

  • Makes pleasure sounds (cooing)
  • Cries differently for different needs
  • Smiles when sees you

4–6 months

  • Babbling sounds more speech-like with many different sounds.
  • Chuckles and laughs
  • Vocalizes excitement and displeasure
  • Makes gurgling sounds

7 months–1 year

  • Babbling has both long and short groups of sounds such as" tata upup bibibibi"
  • Uses speech or noncrying sounds to get and keep attention
  • Uses gestures to communicate (waving, holding arms to be picked up)
  • Imitates different speech sounds
  • Has one or two words (papa, dada, mama) around first birthday, although sounds may not be clear

1-2 years 

  • Says more words every month.
  • Uses some one- or two- word questions (" where mama" go bye-bye" what's that").
  • Puts two words together (" more dudu" no juice" mommy come").
  • Uses many different consonant sounds at the beginning of words.
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Speech and Language Delay in Children

BSC - Hearing and Speech
Speech Therapist, Salem

Speech and language problem in children

A language disorder is an impairment that makes it hard for someone to find the right words and form clear sentences when speaking. It can also make it difficult to understand what another person says. A child may have difficulty understanding what others say, may struggle to put thoughts into words, or both.

You may notice that your child’s vocabulary is very basic and his sentences are short, ungrammatical and incomplete. While his peers chat and tell jokes, your child may have trouble following the conversation and miss the jokes. He also may speak in two-word sentences and have trouble answering even simple questions.

They aren’t simply “late talkers.” without treatment, their communication problems will continue and may lead to emotional issues and academic struggles.

Types of language disorders: 

  • There are three kinds of language disorders.
  • Receptive language issues involve difficulty understanding what others are saying.
  • Expressive language issues involve difficulty expressing thoughts and ideas.
  • Mixed receptive-expressive language issues involve difficulty understanding and using spoken language.

What are the symptoms kids have?

Kids with receptive language issues may have trouble understanding what other people say. They could also have difficulty following simple directions and organizing information they hear. Receptive language issues can be hard to spot in very young children.

Expressive language issues can be easier to identify early. This is because kids with expressive language issues may be late to start talking and not speak until age 2. At age 3, they may be talking but hard to understand, and the problems persist into preschool. Some kids, for instance, might understand the stories read to them but not be able to describe them even in a simple way.
Here are other signs of expressive language issues:

  • Has a limited vocabulary compared to children the same age
  • Frequently says “um” and substitutes general words like “stuff” and “things” for more precise words
  • Has trouble learning new vocabulary words
  • Leaves out key words and confuses verb tense
  • Uses certain phrases over and over again when talking
  • Seems frustrated by inability to communicate thoughts
  • May not talk much or often, but understands what other people say
  • Is able to pronounce words and sounds, but sentences often don’t make sense
  • Uses a limited variety of sentence structures when speaking 

What skills are affected by language disorders?

Language disorders can affect kids in a number of ways, both socially and academically. Here are some examples.
* social skills: understanding what others are saying and expressing themselves through words helps children form relationships. When kids can’t communicate clearly, they may struggle to make friends and be part of a social group. They may prefer to be alone and become shy or distant. They might also become the target of bullies or act aggressively because they can’t resolve problems verbally.
* academic struggles: some research suggests that children with language disorders also have reading issues. Some kids also struggle with writing because of their limited vocabulary and poor grasp of grammar.

Here are some signs that your child might have a receptive language delay:

  • At 15 months, does not look or point at people or objects when they are named by a parent or caregiver
  • At 18 months, does not follow simple directions, such as “get your coat”
  • At 24 months, is not able to point to a picture or a part of the body when it is named
  • At 30 months, does not respond out loud or by nodding or shaking the head and asking questions
  • At 36 months, does not follow two-step directions, and does not understand action words

Here are some signs of expressive language delay:

  • At 15 months, is not using three words
  • At 18 months, is not saying, “mama,” “dada,” or other names
  • At 24 months, is not using at least 25 words
  • At 30 months, is not using two-word phrases, including phrases with both a noun and a verb
  • At 36 months, does not have at least a 200-word vocabulary, is not asking for items by name, repeats exactly questions asked by others, seems to have lost some language skills, or is not using complete sentences
  • At 48 months, often uses words incorrectly or uses a similar or related word instead of the correct word. 

The first step in evaluating the problem is by seeking an evaluation from a speech-language pathologist (also called a speech therapist). Only a speech therapist can help the kids as well as parents to overcome this problem.

I am suffering from stammering problem. Please suggest Is there any treatment to cure permanently.

MBBS, Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO)
ENT Specialist, Bangalore
Stammering and stuttering have an underlying psychological element that must be resolved. You need to meet a Clinical Psychologist, and a Speech Therapist to help you out. This is a long drawn out treatment over a few months.
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I am 21 years boy. My speaking speed is very fast, which is bit difficult to understand for many people and I have to articulate again with little more effort. Its from childhood no one noticed nor even me, but now in college, I have to attend and participate in various public speaking activities, I always try to escape from all these but I want a solution now. I had visited ENT and Speech Therapist, endoscopy was done and vocal chord was fine. Doctors suggested me to read everyday few pages alphabet by alphabet a bit louder for two years. This may be the solution, I followed this for a couple of week but its very embarrassing for me to do in front of friends and family members. This practice I cannot continue further. I don't stammer or stutter but I speak very fast and when recorded my voice even I can't understand full sentences of mine. Please suggest any fast method to overcome this problem, I am very depressed, shocked,unwilling to live life prosperously.

MBBS, MD Psychiatry, DNB Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Nagpur
You have learnt your speech over last many years. It’s a daunting task to unlearn the fast speech and re learn it the new way. Please be prepared to put in some time and lot of patience and hard work to get over it. Speech therapy is a way to reach your goals. Accompanying anxiety and impatience may be deterrents in your recovery. Consult a psychiatrist personally for a review. It would certainly help. Good luck.
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What is Stuttering( Stammering) and How Speech therapy can help?

BSC - Hearing and Speech
Speech Therapist, Salem

What is stuttering?
Stuttering affects the fluency of speech. It begins during childhood and, in some cases, lasts throughout life. The disorder is characterized by disruptions in the production of speech sounds, also called" disfluencies" most people produce brief disfluencies from time to time. For instance, some words are repeated and others are preceded by" um" or" uh" disfluencies are not necessarily a problem; however, they can impede communication when a person produces too many of them. 

Some examples of stuttering include:
*" w- w- w- where are you going" (part-word repetition: the person is having difficulty moving from the" w" in" where" to the remaining sounds in the word. On the fourth attempt, he successfully completes the word.)
*" ssss ave me a seat" (sound prolongation: the person is having difficulty moving from the" s" in" save" to the remaining sounds in the word. He continues to say the" s" sound until he is able to complete the word.)
*" i'll meet you - um um you know like - around six o'clock" (a series of interjections: the person expects to have difficulty smoothly joining the word" you" with the word" around" in response to the anticipated difficulty, he produces several interjections until he is able to say the word" around" smoothly.)
What causes stuttering?
The exact cause of stuttering is unknown. Recent studies suggest that genetics plays a role in the disorder. It is thought that many, if not most, individuals who stutter inherit traits that put them at risk to develop stuttering. The exact nature of these traits is presently unclear.

What treatments are available for stuttering?
Most treatment programs for people who stutter are" behavioral" they are designed to teach the person specific skills or behaviors that lead to improved oral communication. For instance, many slps teach people who stutter to control and/or monitor the rate at which they speak. In addition, people may learn to start saying words in a slightly slower and less physically tense manner. They may also learn to control or monitor their breathing. When learning to control speech rate, people often begin by practicing smooth, fluent speech at rates that are much slower than typical speech, using short phrases and sentences. Over time, people learn to produce smooth speech at faster rates, in longer sentences, and in more challenging situations until speech sounds both fluent and natural" follow-up" or" maintenance" sessions are often necessary after completion of formal intervention to prevent relapse.

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I am having problem of serious stammering. I want to go only in government hospital. please suggest which department I should go.

BSC - Hearing and Speech
Speech Therapist, Salem
Hi lybrate-user. For Stammering, only Speech therapy is helpful. I’m not sure whether Speech Therapists work at Govt hospital at your place. Check for Speech therapy department within the Govt hospital. Very few Govt hospitals have this dept at your place. My advise is go for quality based speech therapy whether given at Govt based or private. For more info, contact pls. Thanks.
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I have stammering issue due to which I have to face a lot of difficulties in my studies. I am dental student. Please help.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology, Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear Lybrate user. In many of the cases Stammering has two important reasons. Vocal chord misalignment or other problems are the primary reason. For this vocal chord complaint, you should consult an ENT specialist and get it corrected. Second reason is purely psychological. Stammer therapy can help you in psychological reasons. Take care.
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I have a visa interview on 22nd generally I stammer for few words. Can any one help me by giving few tips to control?

MASLP, Bachelor of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology (B.A.S.L.P)
Speech Therapist, Nashik
Hello, In case of short notice. Avoid using the words which cause stuttering. In case you have to use the words stop and try to elong the word. Regards.
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Best doctor to cure stammering in Amethi, Musafirkhana for patients age 24 years male.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology, Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear Lybrate user. In many of the cases Stammering has two important reasons. Vocal chord misalignment or other problems are the primary reason. For this vocal chord complaint, you should consult an ENT specialist and get it corrected. Second reason is purely psychological. Stammer therapy can help you in psychological reasons. Take care.
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