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Dr. Pansave

General Physician, Mumbai

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Dr. Pansave General Physician, Mumbai
500 at clinic
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I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage....more
I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage.
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Dr. Pansave is a trusted General Physician in Mumbai, Mumbai. He is currently practising at Sanjeevani Medical Centre & Nursing Home in Mumbai, Mumbai. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Pansave on

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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

I am 42 years, getting pain at the bottom of the foot (toe) when get up in morning, please advise whats a remedy form your side, thanks.

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics
Orthopedist, Delhi
Kindly show me the x rays of the affected part.(foot & toes) rule out diabetes & vit. D deficiency or any other metabolic disorder. Sleep on a hard bed with soft bedding on it. Use no pillow under the head. Kindly take biod3 max 1 tab dailyx10 paracetamol 250mg od & sos x5days do back (spine)/shoulder/knee exercises make sure you are not allergic to any of the medicines you are going to take do not ignore it. It could be beginning of a serious problem. Contact me again, if needed.
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I feel myself totally alone. Thats why I feel lil depressed nd I do masturbate daily. I do not wanna keep my this habit for long term. As much I knw this is not gud for me. Whats I can do to leave this habit. please suggest me.

MBBS, MD Psychiatry, DNB Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Nagpur
Masturbation being a stress relieving activity, youngsters tend to become psychologically dependent on it over a period of time. This is evident in your case. This dependence may at times becomes obsessional, and may require treatment with medications and behaviour therapy. As a suggestion you may start finding healthier and safe alternatives to allay anxiety and stress like talking to friends, spending time with family, exercising, having a good sleep at night, spending time in your hobbies etc. If you still feel unable to control your urge to masturbate consult online fir treatment and counseling.
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How true is the suggestion of cutting lemon and clove for preventing dengue mosquito?

AUTLS, CCEDM, MD - Internal Medicine, MBBS
General Physician, Faridabad
No it has NO role in dengue prevention There is no specific medication for treatment of a dengue infection. Persons who think they have dengue should use analgesics (pain relievers) with acetaminophen (crocin or dolo -650 mg) and avoid those containing ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin or aspirin containing drugs. Take rest, drink plenty of fluids like coconut water, lime water etc. To prevent dehydration. Preventing dengue fever: the best way to prevent the disease is to prevent bites by infected mosquitoes.Avoid visiting heavily populated residential areas, if possible. Use mosquito repellents, even indoors. When outdoors, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants tucked into socks.
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Can you please suggest me the medicine for premature ejaculation that can cure it permanently. Also tell me the drug for instant time increasing.

Sexologist, Gurgaon
Tab viagra 50 mg once 40 minutes before sex for instant time increasing, and for long time treatment required investigation and physically complete history's ok
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I am 45 years old and I am male, from lat one year my hair is falling a lot, I did head message and also soak awla overnight and used the water inbthe morning for 20 min, I do get relief for only short period then again it start falling.Please suggest.

Yoga & Naturopathy Specialist, Delhi
Falling hair for males at this age is not unusual. If you are getting relief by using anwala continue with it for a longer period. You can try eating more proteins.
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Hi I am 18 year old but I recently at night masturbation so any problems it is I don't want to done this I want to a simple boy and please tell me How to become healthy and fatty?

Homeopath, Sindhudurg
Strictly avoiding that triggers which compel you to do masturbation like porn, friends and privacy etc. Doing regular yoga and aerobics will definitely help you. Healthy diet like fresh fruits dry fruits specially dates almonds anjeer etc avoiding fish egg n chieken strictly mutton can be taken. And last not least medicine. For this there are special medicine for this problem which reduces your urge to do masturbation with helping you to regain lost vigour and vitality plus boosting overall health. Homoeopathic treatment takes away the habit of masturbation and remove its bad effects. Do not ignore the necessity to consult the qualified homoeopaths to avoid sexual embarrassment at the time of marriage. Consult me for homoepathic treatment without side effects. Recommend me by clicking on recommend option and leave feedback.
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Who is a medicine and fever and pain relief ple tel me know if you are you can you have.

General Physician, Gurgaon
Take tablet paracetamol 500 mg after food (If No Drug Allergy) as and when required for fever more than 99 f and for pain(maximum 3 tablets with gap of 8 hr can be taken in a day) for 3 days
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Me and my wife did intercourse yesterday and I inserted sperm into her vai. Bt again we did today and I was nt able to get sperm so I did nt inserted tdy what vill be the problem.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Ayurveda
Sexologist, Pune
no problem, as first day you have sperms , & intercourse immediately on second day, some time is required for formation of new sperms, take healthy diet, fresh fruits,milk, some ayurvedic medicines...
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I am 27 years old. Now I recently face gas problem. please give me a permanent solution according this.

DNHE, MD - Alternate Medicine, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Rajkot
For gas troulble. Take more green leafy vegetables which are easy to digest. Do not take fast food, heavy food, junk food, potatoes, rice, etc which are heavy to digest. Take zinger accourding to your nature for digestion. Take three litres of water in a day. Manage the stress and anger. Regular walk for half an hour in a day. Do not supress natural urges like urine, stool etc. Do not eat opposite diet in nature like milk and lemon etc. For more details consult me.
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How can I stop masturbating. I am 18 ys old boy. Am a frequent masturbate. Is thr any prob.

BAMS, MD Ayurveda
Sexologist, Lonavala
Try the following remedy it will surely help you 1. Take 2 tsp Indian asparagus powder 2. Add 1 cup milk 3. Boil the mixture for 10 min 4. Drink 2 times every day Causes: • Anxiety • Incorrect diet • Unhealthy lifestyle This will help with your concern.
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I cant sleep cause I don't have enough time can you tell me something to detox body ?

M B B S, M. D (Internal Medicine)
General Physician, Nellore
There is nothing to substitute for good adequate sleep. You are grossly mistaken if you think mechanical shortcuts can substitute natural methods of rest and healing. There is no such thing as a detox concept in modern allopathic medicine.
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I am a 49 year old woman and I have sleeping problem. Though I sleep for 7 hours, I get up frequently and get continuous dreams which I remember next morning. This makes me tired and I feel sleepy whole day. Please advise some help.

General Physician, Mumbai
Tip- I will suggest you to take a shower with warm water or just wash your face , forearms , legs with soap and water at bedtime for a peaceful sleep and I will suggest you to take injection vitcofol 2cc intramuscularly every alternate days for five pricks over the buttocks through a health professional
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I am suffering premature ejaculation within 10-20 seconds please suggest some good medicines.

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Nashik
. Hi, I had gone through your question and understand your concerns, Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual dysfunction in men, However very few ever Talk about it due to embarrassments. No one is born with the ability to control ejaculation. Men can learn to control ejaculation similar to the way bladder control (toilet training) is learned at young age. Male and female differ widely in terms of of sexual responses, male gets quickly aroused and female takes longer time to get aroused, male reaches climax quickly, its physiological and normal, but not ideal ,to prolong sex duration man has to work hard, he has to slow down mentally, by diverting mind from situation, and learn ways how to delay his reflexes. One idea is to stimulate the partner by foreplay to near orgasm sate and penetrate. Count number of strokes if it is less than 45plus minus 15. Means(30 to 60) Then seek medical advice. if satisfied ok otherwise consult privately.
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I am 26 years old, I get cold easily, at least three to four months I suffer from cold and I have allergic to dust, what should I do?

B.H.M.S., Senior Homeopath Consultant
Homeopath, Delhi
You have to take Kali bi. 0/3 three times a day for one month. Revert back after one month with feedback.
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I m suffering from chicken pox. Plzzz help me wat should I do? I have a lot of itching in my private parts. Give me a home remedy.

Hi lybrate-user, relax. The itching is one among the symptoms of chicken pox. Avoid itching. Make a bunch of neem leaves and you can use it in order to get rid of your itching. Beware. Do not touch any affected area or scratch with your nails. It just cause to spread if all over as well as the scar will remain for years. Get isolated, do not take any spicy food. Get back to me for more information. May god bless you. You will soon be alright.
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I am 3rd week pregnancy. I am going to urine 10to 12 times a day. Is it good or bad. N which side I should sleep. What should I take for healthy baby.

MBBS, DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Frequency of urine is common in pregnancy, but if there is any burning sensation it may be an infection. You can lie on anyside this early in pregnancy. Take plenty of water, proteins, carbohydrate, vitamins, fruits, green vegetables.
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Dear sir. I am suffering from fever from last week. So what can I do for become healthy again.

MBBS, MBA (Healthcare)
General Physician, Delhi
take dolo 650 mg one sos. do cold sponging in case of high fever. avoid outside food. if fever is not ok in 3 days., do cbc, typhidot, malarial antigen. consult again or consult physician.
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I play lawn tennis and it's a game physical exertion. I need protein based diet and I'm a vegetarian kindly help me with balanced diet supporting my game.

BSc - Food Science & Nutrition, PGD in Sports Nutrition and Dietitics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Hello, Include soy and its products ,low fat diary ,beans,dried fruits,pulses in the diet,ensure you are combining them with complex carbohydrates like jowar,nachni,oats for better results.
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Doctor: My kid, 6 years old, has dust accumulated in both ears. Paediatrician has advised to remove that. She is being administered with soliwax for the past 4 - 5 days. Would the procedure be painful? Thanks, Priya.

MBBS, Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO)
ENT Specialist, Bangalore
Please meet an ENT Specialist who will gently suction out all the debris out of your child's ears! Please disregard the advise given by the other doctors who are clearly not qualified to give you the right advise in this case! NEVER USE COTTON BUDS TO CLEAN YOUR/YOUR CHILD'S EARS! You will only end up pushing the debris further into the ear canal and may even damage the delicate skin of the ear canal or even perforate the eardrum! Use the soliwax ear drops every 2 waking hours for 2-3 days before visiting an ENT Specialist so that the softened debris can be sucked out gently by the ENT Specialist's microsuction tools.
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